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"Whatever happens, I am not to get them together, or else bad stuff will come for them." Valentine isn't an average high schooler. He can see the Red Strings. He either gives love, or breaks them, Who remembers the stories and tales of Saint Valentine of Terni's doings that got him executed? What about the Red String of Fate the Chinese and Japanese are so fond of believing? Kids with ESP? Magic and stuff? Uhm... anything? Then, if you're just looking for a little sprinkle of romance, Valentine will provide. You may think Valentine Santiago is just your stereotypical high school boy you can find in many anime today, but one thing about him is what makes his story worthwhile: he has the ability to see the Red String of Fate of others and even see who's tied to the other side. The only thing about it is... his String is cut in half. Along the way, he will meet many new friends, while being joined by his own siblings, with their own quirks, and Valentine's old friends. Will Valentine ever get close to a high school romance, or will he be the one working the magic for his classmates? (Cover Photo by Ben White on Unsplash)

Romance / Humor
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Special Chapter: Red Strings of Fate

They say red strings link those who are destined to be soulmates, however only a few can see them. Some are bright and clear as day, some are as thin as a hair strand, some are tangled and some are broken, which were the most unfortunate ones. Evelyn can see these strings.

She began seeing these rather charming strings in her late childhood. The first strings she saw were the strings that joined her parents together. The child asked her mother when she had those strings around her finger. The fair mom simply giggled at the lass.

She never asked her mother again after she was laughed at as it was quite embarrassing. Whenever she went, she couldn’t help but to look at them with awe, trying to follow with her eyes to who they may connect to. However, one thing she wants to do was to follow her own red thread which was quite dull

She never seemed to be interested in her own string until she hit her teenage years. At first, she began to worry like any other teen out there. What if he’s a humongous Hulk? What if he’s a good-for-nothing delinquent?! Even so, those worries came to pass as she became more and more interested in romance.

Luckily for Evelyn, her summer vacation had just begun and she barely had anything to do. All her friends were out of town and her parents would be working late like usual. She woke up early and packed herself some food and drink before heading out.

She chose to stroll around. After all, she’d die of boredom. After a while, her simple Samsung phone vibrated. Turning on its screen revealed a phone number. It had no name, so the caller might’ve called the wrong person. Even so, she answered. “Hello?”

“Um, is this Calli?” The voice asked, slightly concerned.

“Nope, you got the wrong number!” She responded with a small giggle as she continued to walk. He then gave a sigh.

“She gave me a fake number then.” He sounded a little upset.

“...Eh, whatever. So what’s up?” asked the boy on the other side of the call. Evelyn stayed silent for a while, thinking whether to talk to a mere stranger or not. But this simple mistake turned out to be an opportunity for the two to get to know each other.

Evelyn couldn’t deny the chance of getting another friend on her list.

“Nothing really, I’m just out on a walk.” She replied as she started to get further into the centre of town.

“Following my fate I guess.”

She gave a small giggle. “I’m Evelyn by the way, and you are?” She questioned as she kept her eyes on her string.

The boy simply laughed. “The name’s Valentine. Yeah, strange name for a boy, right?”

“Not really. Your parents must love Valentine’s Day, huh.”

“Heh, extremely. My old folks keep blabbering about Red Strings, the signs, fate, and the like...” he replied with a sigh.

“I’m guessing you don’t really believe in them?” She questioned, stopping for a few seconds to get a bottle of water out her bag.

“I believe in them, well, I don’t have a choice to. I can see them.”

She continued walking as her string started to get brighter.

“You can see them?” she questioned, curiously.

‘It’s not what I think it is... right?’

Valentine simply replied, “I can see the strings. The strings of love around our fingers.”

‘He can see the Red Strings too?!’ shouted Evelyn at the back of her mind.

She stopped for a few seconds to recollect herself.

“I’m trying to find the person on the other side of my string.“She explained to him as she looked around.

“It’s gotten brighter which I think is good. That means I’m getting closer to them.”

“Wait, you can see the Strings too?! So you really are following your fate. Good luck. My own String is cut in half bu-- Whaaaaaaaaat...?”

Alas, Valentine stayed silent. He stared at his own cut String. It was growing longer and longer.

“Sweet desert beetles! What the?!”

“Hm, what’s wrong?” She asked as she walked into a park, her thread getting brighter and brighter in colour causing her to get excited.

“I’m really close now!” She exclaimed happily as a small smile came across her face.

“U-Uh... n-nothing! C-carry on!” Meanwhile, Valentine stared at his String in horror. It kept growing and growing, reaching out the window.

“What the hell?! Am I in some cheesy Adam Sandler movie?! After meeting a fellow String seer, I suddenly see my own String’s other half?!”

She soon decided to take a break and sat down on a bench as she slowly ate a cookie. “Are you sure nothing’s wrong?” She questioned through her cookie.

“You sound quite stressed. Has something happened?”

She stayed sat for a few minutes, watching the ducks.

The boy began to leave his house. He was quite curious of his own String. “Hey, tell me... have you tried following your own String?”

Evelyn followed up. “I did, but I was scared back then. What if I won’t love the person I’m wrapped with...? But then...”

She paused for a few seconds. “But then I got curious. It seemed to go on forever. it was bright, then it was tangled and then it became dull. Now it’s brighter than I’ve ever seen it before.” She added as she got up from the bench she was sat on.

‘Through the park? Interesting,’ thought the young hopeless romantic Valentine as he passed the various people on the park. He later replied with optimism, “Don’t worry, you’ll find that lucky bastard someday...”

And with a murmur, he spoke, “Maybe I can find mine too.”

“I hope I do.” She responded as she continued to stroll through the park, smiling as children giggled and played together with couples having days out together. “And I hope you find your soulmate soon too.” She then walked into the neatly kept gardens.

Valentine stared at the whirl he created on the lake. He didn’t really care for romance, but he always had the itch to help people in their romantic lives. He had never thought of finding the other side of the string. With that, he continued to the gardens.

Evelyn gave a sigh of contempt as she sat down on a patch of grass, pulling out her lunch from the bag she carried around with her. She’d postpone her searching for a little while so she could eat. She happily ate as she stared at an oddly coloured lily.

Meanwhile, young Valentine hummed about, knowing that he’s coming close to the other side of the string. He wondered if his soulmate would be a pretty and down-to-earth character like in the manga he reads. Then, he spotted someone. A girl. She was sitting on the grass as she ate an apple peacefully. She had strawberry blonde curls, bright green eyes and fair skin. She looked down at her hand which held her string and gave a smile before looking up at Valentine, her eyes widening. They were attached.

C’mon Valentine, speak up.

“B-but...” The boy scratched his head. She really was a cute girl, and it made his heart skip a beat... And he began blushing.

“U-uhm... h-hello there...”

“H-hi there...” spoke the curly-haired girl.

“M-may I know your name?”

She smiled and nodded her head as a soft pink blush came to her cheeks. “I-I’m Evelyn. Y-You are?” She shyly asked as she stood up, smoothing her baby blue dress out. She gave the unaware Valentine a small polite smile as she waited for his response, playing with her hair.

The boy’s eyes shrunk. The cute girl in front of him was the stranger he talked to over the phone.

He began to blush.

He finally found the cure to his hopeless romantic heart.

The boy spoke, with crimson cheeks. “E-Evelyn...”

And it was then that the girl realized...

“...I’m Valentine.”

This is not really an update. It’s just an excerpt I made with someone named ~Angel~ on the TaleAStory app. Seriously, if it weren’t for this strange collaboration, I wouldn’t have had the courage to upload “Valentine’s Strings”’s first chapter. Well, anyhow, check out Angel on her Wattpad. Simply search for her username CrazedAlice. Well, I guess I’ll see you guys in the next chapter.

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