Billionaire's Hidden Love -- BOOK 3

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Aaron Mathews & Angela White * Angela White seems a normal twenty two years old girl, but nothing is normal in her life. She was thrown to the clutches of heartless and spineless monsters which scarred her for life. On the top of that, her manipulative mother marries a billionaire, which makes Aaron Mathews her step-brother. But her mother blackmails her to marry Aaron. Angela's first impression on Aaron is not nice! He despises her. She is trapped in a scheming web of lies and her past is ready to haunt her once again. ====== Aaron is heartless and he is not known for showing mercy. He has trust issues and he has paid for trusting others, and he still carries the burden of something bad happened several years ago. He has been finding answers ever since that day, and he only meets dead ends. And these dead ends are only fueling the hatred he has inside him. And in this mess, he has to marry his step-sister and the picture her mother painted of his bride's is nothing more than a gold digger. And Aaron hates gold diggers with a passion! ======== What happens when these two broken people are bound together with the thread of hatred and misunderstandings? How are they going to make the other person believe that they need each other in their life to help them to heal?

Romance / Mystery
Eilish Rose
4.7 41 reviews
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Book 1 -- Billionaire's Forced Love (Jasper & Kara)

Available on Amazon Kindle

Book 2 -- Billionaire's Silent Love (Ethan & Crystal)

Available on Amazon Kindle

Book 3 -- Billionaire's Hidden Love (Aaron & Angela)

hey readers,

I know some of you have read first few chapters of this book, but I have made some minor changes in these chapters as some parts didn't match the references given in Forced Love and Silent Love.

for example:

Previously, this book stated that the season is Spring, but in Forced Love and Silent Love it was NOVEMBER when Aaron talk about his father's marriage when he met Jasper over the weekend, and this wedding took place shortly after Ethan shared his past in their respective books.

also, as Chris's wife's name is Sarah in Billionaire's Cinderella, so to avoid the confusion I have changed Aaron's Sister's name from Sara to Skyler.

Rest of the things are the same...........!!!!

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