Until Dawn

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She never meant to be away for long. She never meant to hurt him. She wondered "After 3 years, does he still love me? Armani Grit was no ordinary girl. Born death brought lots of circumstances in her life. While being the only death girl in class during her first year in elementary she got bullied until a boy named Archie Selvester saved her after some kids tricked her. Since then they've stick together, they became best friends, he learned sign language just for her A language only them two can understand. When high school is about to start Armani has to move away with her family because of some problems, they never thought they would be separated, a friendship so strong, a love so thick they thought nothing can break them apart, but fate had other plans three years later Armani comes back to her old town. Armani being the same death girl but with daddy issues, and Archie being the Bad Boy of Seide High. They never thought they would see each again, they never thought that the feelings they had when young were still there but stronger than ever Join Armani and Archie as they learn how to forgive, forget, and learn what it is to be in love. A BWWM Story

Romance / Poetry
Abigael E.
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Prologue~ °ıη тнє вєgıηηıηg°



•°• ✾ •°•

In the beginning there were restless nights at the Crits house.

Shouting each night, screaming, sobs escaping Mrs. Crit.

But there was a little girl who knew nothing of what was happening, she was oblivious to the things around her and so she went on with her life.

It wasn't until she turned 13 that she knew what was happening. Her parents had been fighting and she had no idea of why they did so, until they had to move, effortlessly asking her parents why she got nothing except that it was family problems.

Crying herself to sleep thinking about the boy she was going to leave behind, her best friend, her childhood sweetheart, Archie Selvester.

The boy had her hooked, drunked in love with him, and he too felt as if they were meant to be together, he thought nothing can brake them apart.

There's a saying Fate works in different ways, there is the right way and there is the nasty way

In their life fate had no mercy and separated the two sweethearts

Both heartbroken Shut themselves in saving themselves from another heart break

Armani changing how others see her in their eyes, letting thoughts that were never supposed to be there in through her head.

Archie becoming something he never thought he would be. A troubled boy. Causing chaos for people in his small town, making himself unapproachable. Making people know exactly who he is. And to not mess with him.

Love change people whether for their own good or worst.

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