The Virtuous Husband

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It was only me and the said victim who believed in my innocence, for the rest I was a monster in sheep's clothing. Torn apart like a shrewd cloth was my heart. Left alone with accusations tearing me apart. "Never do us apart" was our vows and All it took was a moment for her, to crush them. One wrong turn destroyed our love so strong... One wrong turn made me a liar in every form ..... One wrong move shattered our love..... One wrong step broke us apart..... She left me as a broken man and empty shell All I was left was with accusations so bold That even killing myself won't even make her come back to my home....... Now I am all alone, sitting on my billions throne drinking to the past drowned in the dark.......

Romance / Mystery
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An Innocent Ex-wife.

Three years ago, my life came tumbling down until it hit rock bottom. I never saw it coming.

I was living a happy life alongside my husband, even though we came from worlds apart. I mean I was merely a graduate when our paths collided, and he was a businessman, building a empire from of his family’s wealth. When I fell in love with him, he became my everything to the point that I saw him in everything. He had possessed my mind and soul, made me an addict of his kisses and a slave to his love. And with him, I neglected the world around me. I trusted him with my life, yet he never trusted me, or the love we shared. Inevitably, he invested his faith in the wrong people and so did I, but it came with a cost. It stripped me of my pride and my dignity. Ever since, I’ve been on my own through hell and back, solely because of my ex-husband, Eric Blake. He made certain I was worthless in the eyes of others, and in the eyes of his victim... me.

This is how I went from my highest to my lowest, only to wind up here, in this unforeseen future. This is why I’m left with nothing, not even a clue as to what the future has in store for me. However, I’m certain of one thing that I will never give up on my life.

I’m Lana Winston, and this is my story.

This book can be read alone too as both the parts has one interconnecting charcater.

Thank You and Happy Reading

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