Simply Charming

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Chapter Two

My Father paces the hospital corridor, his arms crossed over his chest. If you didn’t know the background of the situation, you might think he were angry. But he was heartbroken. His son was lying on a metal table while doctors cut him open. Me and my mom sat in the chairs that lined the wall, shaking with the tears that rocked our body.

The day felt longer than usual. It was dragged on between ambulance rides and tears. Everything had just been fine only hours ago. We were two perfectly healthy kids, bickering over ones use of the bathroom for too long. Then everything changed the moment he lost consciousness.

I had a feeling we’d never be those two kids again.

My brothers coughs rose me from my slumber. I shot up, panicked and confused, the dream slipping away. The sun was already shining through the window. I was usually up before the sun rose. I scrambled for my phone, turning it on and seeing the big fat missed alarm notification.

I tossed my phone back onto the side table and stood up, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. My brother looks at me, setting his DS aside and giving me his full attention.

“Miles Boon, huh?” He grins, and I shoot him a look that says how do you know him.

“What are you talking about?” I ask, walking towards my closet, sifting through my color-cordinated shirts.

“You said his name while you were asleep,” he raises an eyebrow. “Someone important?”

I shake my head, “definitely not. ”

I settle on a silky pink shirt and denim pants. My brother continues to watch me, his eyes following me as I gather the stuff for my morning routine. I can tell his eleven year old mind wants to ask me more questions, but he says nothing.

I slide into the bathroom and quickly change, applying some quick mascara, throwing my hair into a sloppy side braid, and slipping into my brown ankle boots.

Nothing about today changes anything. They are still the Boon brothers. Only, I was more worried about one brother in particular.

I step from the bathroom and my brothers smiles are what greet me. He has this look. Like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Someone is here for you.” He says, holding back a laugh.

Immediately, I freeze. He wouldn’t just show up here, right? Not after last night. Or the last eleven years of silence.

“Who, Micah?” I say slowly, hoping the hair on the back of neck isn’t standing because of one extremely handsome Boon brother. God forbid.

“Miles Boon,” he sing songs. All bets are off, and he lets out a thunderous, wheezing laugh.

I curse him and shove what I need into my backpack, kiss my brother on the head and make my way downstairs. Micah’s caregiver, Miranda, sits at the island, typing away on her lap top.

“A young man is here to take you to school, Hope!” She calls from the kitchen. “A fine young man,” she adds.

“Bye Miranda!” I roll my eyes and step out of the door, my eyes landing on a polished blue pick up truck.

Why the hell was Miles Boon parked outside my house, starring at me like this thing between us was normal? Like him being here was normal.

“What the heck are you doing here?” I snap, stalking up to his truck.

“I’m taking you to school, get in.” He orders, pushing open the passenger door from the drivers seat. I stare at him, bewildered by his order.

Why would he ever think I would agree to this?

“No,” I stand my ground.

His eyes snap to mine, “stop being so stubborn, Hope. You’re late and I’m offering you a ride. Unless some of your nonexistent friends are going to come and pick you up?”

My features harden, ready to fire off an insult when my phone vibrates in my back pocket. I check my phone and my brothers contact appears, along with the text just take the ride hope, you’re not getting anywhere by just standing there arguing with the guy.

I turn around and see my brother waving at me from a drawn curtain. Embarrassment heats my cheeks. He’s been watching us this entire time.

I turn around, and for a second, I could swear Miles had been smiling. I pull myself into his truck and slam the door. “This is a one time thing, don’t think that this means we’re friends now.”

He starts the truck and pulls away from my house. “Trust me, I won't.”

I notice the sadness in his voice but I dismiss it and stare out the window of his truck. The thought hits me like a ton of bricks; everyone is about to see me roll up to school with Miles Boon.

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