An Innocent Ex-wife

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I’m Lana Winston, and this is my story. Love is dangerous and no one knew it better than Lana. Lana: I loved him with my everything, trusted in our love I gave him myself but All he did was accuse me He hurt me and left me Took away my everything And ravaged me He embraced another woman...... He did it all just to break me and torture me... Was this true love? Lana Winston went through a lot when she got divorced and her husband made her suffer. There was no chance for her to explain the misunderstandings. She was thrown out of her world to the streets. She ran far away to never see all the people who hurt her again. What happens when her past shows back? Will her world crumble down again? What happens when the bitter truth is revealed? Will things be forgotten and forgiven? Will she survive the truth or not? Will she make people pay for her sufferings or will she run far away again? Come and find out. A story filled with twists and turns. Romance and love, Betrayal and hurt and it surely had made many people cry.

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A look in the past


Eric and I came across each other a year before turning into one. I was in the last semester of my uni when one day I bumped into him in the park. One look at him and I felt like I was under a spell. He looked like a god in his black shirt and blue jeans and his deep blue eyes mesmerized me. I was completely transfixed by every single one of his gorgeous features that, I didn’t notice that I was staring, causing me to accidentally trip over a stone and lose my balance. However, just before I hit the ground, I felt a pair of strong arms winding around me, saving me from an embarrassing fate. He had this smile on his lips which only got bigger when he caught me staring at him.

I was so embarrassed that my cheeks flushed hot and I desperately tried hiding my face from his gaze whilst trying to escape from his arms, this only resulted in him to tighten his hold on me. I gasped at the action.

“Don’t you think I deserve thanks for saving you from embarrassing yourself, Miss?” He said in his deep, husky voice that sent shivers down my spine.

“Um, thank you for saving me... And sorry for bumping into you... Mr...” I stuttered badly. It was the first time when I struggled to form the words.

“Eric Blake and you are...?”

“Um... I’m Lana Winston.” I answered, looking into his electric blue eyes staring back at me. In that moment, I never would have thought that I would eventually marry this man and end up being Mrs. Lana Blake.

I didn’t know that after that day, my life would never be the same again.

Eric was a man with social status and money. His own business in the software world alongside his family’s business in construction. From the day, I became Mrs. Eric Blake I was surrounded by the spotlight and of higher society. Big parties, glamor, and fame were never my cup of tea. I loved the company of few that made me more of an introvert than an extrovert from the start.

Being Mrs. Eric Blake never allowed me to be the same person I was. I was dragged to events with Eric, to meet so many “fake” people and that I felt too out of place. At the start, it was hard for me to socialize. Eventually, I warmed up to some and made friends, which were very few but they all knew Eric very well. They were good friends then and I trusted them a lot.

I was happy to have someone like Eric in my life, he loved me and I loved too. I never had a need to worry about him going to some another woman because I knew he only had eyes for me. My life came to a point where I couldn’t think of a life without him, his presence made my days happier. We were a happy married couple and those were the happiest days of my life, little did I know good things were not going to stay good for long.

I never thought that those words that made my heart flutter, will turn into something so harsh which stabbed knives to my heart. The one who stole my heart and soul crushed it like they were dried leaves and left me broken on the streets to suffer.

I didn’t know the friends, whom I trusted would also betray me. They left me alone when I needed them. He along with others made me suffer even when I was innocent. He crushed my heart into pieces which can never be mended.

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