I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 11


" ...The Stella ” he said and I gagged at his touch. He touched my shoulder, the one that was free from Nancy’s grip. I suddenly tensed up and looked at Nancy’s eyes pleading for any kind of help she could provide. What were you thinking Stella? She’ll be in danger if she gets involved.

" Who are you?” Nancy asked in an intimidating calm tone, that made me think of her aura, she was a strong woman.

He looked at her frowning, then he smiled a fake forced smile. “Oh sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I’m Robin, her brother’s best friend. Nice to meet you, lovely lady ” he tried to grabbed her hand to kiss her knuckles but she removed it from his. Was he acting like a gentleman?

" Leave her.” She glared at him not fazed by his huge built.

Maybe she got the ′I’m her brother’s best friend′ as a sign of bad, which it was indeed a bad sign. He was a malignant, selfish, two-faced jerk. I used to get disgusted whenever Raymond mentioned him, he still disgusts me to the bones.

" Why should I? she knows me very well, isn’t that right Stella? And Raymond has been searching for you, he was worried sick.” he gazed at me with a blank face. Worried sick? yeah, right. He was sick alright, but he’ll never worry. Not in this life. I felt the fear rise inside of my tiny body when Robin grabbed my wrist by force, yanking me forward. I do know him too well. He was a monster, like my so-called brother. He used to abuse me whenever he visited Raymond.

One time, Raymond was at work when Robin decided to pay me a visit. I was all alone. Alone with him, in my room, screaming for help. Praying for the abuse to stop. I kept shouting with the tiny little hope that someone will hear me and give the helping hand that I sought for in a long time... back then... Just for a split second, I hoped for Raymond to come and help me, but the world was not fair, my life was not fair. Raymond came indeed, to my room, saw his best friend abuse and beat the crap out of me, yet... He said nothing. He just kept on watching him playing his sadistic game. Torture.

" Not a chance dude she’s going with you, now get the hell out of here ” Skye’s voice interrupted my train of thoughts, my bitter thoughts. I guess she took the hint that I was scared shitless of him.

Well, anyone could have noticed when you had a panicked expression on your pale face. ” I want to go back ” I whispered to Nancy and she nodded with a firm look on her beautiful face.

" If you don’t want to leave, then we will ” Nancy countered then grabbed my hands and we headed to the entrance, after paying for the food that was half eaten. It will go to waste because of Robin.

" Oh no, she’s coming with me " Robin replied, approaching for my elbow but Skye blocked him by shoving him aside.

" Don’t touch her ever again ” She raised her voice, catching some customers’ attention along with the kind waiter. They looked worried.

Robin’s face as red with anger. ” Move, you bitch ” As he wanted to slap her on the face, a man’s arm stopped him by grabbing his hand at the last moment. I looked at him, then realized that I saw him in Julian’s house. I think his name was Cody, Julian’s best friend. He had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. He was good-looking, but not as much as Julian...

" Don’t you dare touch what’s MINE ” Cody yelled at him in a loud voice, then twisted his arm and finally he fell to the ground, groaning. Was he Skye’s boyfriend? Cody turned his gaze to Skye, he looked mad and anxious. ” Are you okay, cupcake? ” He asked then hugged her protectively. They looked nice together. They suited each other.

" Yeah, I’m alright. I could have handled him alone, you know that, right? ” Skye commented with a grin then hugged him back.

Cody raised his eyebrows then laughed. “Sure. What helps you sleep at night... in my arms. ” he winked at her and she turned red like a tomato.

" Awe” I cooed uncontrollably, and that made the couple look at me.

" Oh, Lun- Stella are you okay? ” Cody asked me as he stepped closer to me. I nodded with a smile. I guess I was known after that break-in. " I believe we haven’t met just yet, I’m Cody, Julian’s best friend, and Skye’s ma- boyfriend. ” he held his hand for me to shake. As I was about to do that, I saw Robin from the corner of my eye, holding a chair aiming it at me. I shielded my head with my fragile arms, embracing for the impact, but nothing came. I just heard glass shattering and chairs breaking. I opened my eyes to be greeted by a large figure standing in front of me, like before.

Julian was here.

I looked at the floor and saw Robin laying, unconscious with a bloodied face and broken arms. ” You’ll think twice before hurting my mate, what’s mine” he yelled and I arched my eyebrows in confusion. Mate? As in a friend? Was I his? He turned to look at me, checking for any injuries, and when he saw none, he let out a soft breath. ” Thank God ” He put his head on my shoulder, inhaling my scent. I loved it when he does that.

I sighed in content ” Don’t worry, I’m okay ” I whispered.

He raised his head and looked at me with his dazzling honey eyes. ” I got scared when I saw that he was about to hit you with the damn chair ” he countered and I put my hand in his. Squeezing it. What was this pull? Was it normal to feel like that? for a stranger that I met just yesterday. I was feeling things I can’t quite describe. But they were good feelings.

" What are you doing here? ” I asked as we exited the restaurant and entered his jeep. Cody took Robin away - who was unconscious - to I don’t know where. Julian said not to worry about him anymore.

" I’m here because mom called me, saying that your brother’s friend was here, so here I am,” he explained with a small smile.

" Rather too fast, how did you make it in time? ” I asked feeling more comfortable with him by the minute. It was like I’ve known him for years. Like we were meant to be. What was I talking about? I was probably losing it after all the abuse.

I rode with him, Nancy took Skye home after saying goodbye in her car and she handed me all the bags from today. He looked at me for a second then he turned his gaze to the road. ” ...I was nearby ” he reasoned and I nodded feeling tired and exhausted from today’s events. Can’t just one day be normal for me? Was that too much to ask for?

As I was thinking of my messed up life, I felt my eyelids become heavy and it was hard keeping them open. So darkness took over and I was in nightmare land. My past horrible life with Raymond...

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