I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 12


I was with dad when mom mind linked me, saying that some guy won’t leave my beautiful mate alone. She said that he was friends with her sick of a brother. I got furious and beyond mad when I replayed these words in my head, that’s why my wolf, Peter, took control and shifted with my permission, of course, then he headed to their location, after grabbing some clothes with his canes. ′ I’m gonna kill that bitch. He touches her, he dies ′ Peter growled, running at full speed without looking back.

′ I give you my okay to that, because if you won’t kill him... I will′ I commented, then we saw the restaurant and some passers-by, that’s why Peter shifted back, put some clothes on and he remained in control. We entered the restaurant to see a scene that made my blood boil with fury. I saw a man, swinging a chair at Stella, ready to throw it at her. She saw him and shielded herself holding her hands to her head waiting for the blow. I took control once again and dashed to her rescue.

Before I could talk with anyone, my fists found their way to his jaw and nose. I heard cracking sounds, that made me smile with satisfaction. No one hurts what’s mine and gets away with it. He looked at me with shock but then it was replaced with anger and loath. ′ Time for fun ′ Peter commented and I smirked.

The man tried to hit me but he was too slow, I held his hands and lifted him up in the air. I grinned, then tossed him to a nearby table that had cups of glass on it. It was all shattered into small pieces. The man hit his head and nose on his way down, and that caused blood to be painted all over his broken face. I breathed slowly, getting more calm by the moment. After a minute or two, I looked at mom and she smiled while nodding proudly. Then I turned my head to see my precious mate.

She looked puzzled by me, but I didn’t care. I just hugged her tightly. Then I breathed in her tasty, sweet scent that made my wolf howl with pleasure.

After we got home, I led Stella to my room to take a warm and long shower. ” Thank you for today, it’s my second day here and you already saved me twice. I’m a burden. ” She looked down with a pout.

She’s cute and innocent ′ Peter said and I nodded.

′ I absolutely agree with you ′ I replied, then my hand found it’s way to lift her chin up, gently. I smiled ” No, you are not a burden. You are my mate. I love helping you, you are sweet, innocent, shy. So no need to thank me. You are part of my family now. ” I told her my feelings genuinely while brushing her cheek.

You do realize that you just called her mate, right? ′ Peter pointed out and my eyes widened. Oh shit. As she wanted to speak, I pushed her to the bathroom. ” Now, go take a long shower, clear your mind so we can watch movies later, all night with some pizza ” I told her and I saw her eyes sparkle a little bit. Good, she forgot. Hopefully. I’ll just tell her when the time is right.

" Really? wait, but I just ate. ” She pouted looking as cute as ever.

" Doesn’t matter, now go ” I closed the door behind her, after handing her my shirt and sweatpants. Apparently, she forgot to buy pajamas.

" Okay, ” She said and I got out of my bedroom to the large living room. As I entered, I saw the male members shouting over the tv screen. “Guys! ” I yelled over the loud shouting.

They stopped and looked at me with respect. ” Alpha ” they replied.

" Guys, I hate to do this to you but... I need you to get out for a day or two. ” I countered and they whined. We have a good relationship. It was not just the alpha and his pack members, it was also me and my friends. They were all my friends here. My pack was so big, it had more than 700 members, but I memorized everyone’s name. I loved my pack and I was ready to be their alpha after I found my mate. ” Guys, please. I need some alone time with my mate, you know... to explain things to her. So can you leave and come back when I mind-link you?” I asked.

They looked at each other, then smiled. ” Yes, Julian ” They said. If they ever called me by my name, that meant that they were happy for me. They knew how much I waited for Stella and they understood that.

" Thank you guys” I replied with a bright smile.

" You have to introduce her to us, like officially ” Alexander, one of my closest friends, muttered and I nodded.

" Sure thing, just whenever she’s ready ” With that, they all left. Leaving me alone in the big house with her. ′ We gotta drop some hints that you are a werewolf ′ Peter commented and I rolled my eyes. That sassy wolf, why does he think that I want to be alone with her?

After some time, I heard Stella call my name. ” I’m in the living room, ” I said back, then waited for her. She showed up wearing my clothes, which looked hot on her.

” Hey ” She waved, then she sat on the bean back chair.

" Hi, so in about 10 minutes the pizza will be here. I’ll start a movie, is that okay with you? ” I asked grabbing the remote control and putting on Netflix. She nodded. ” What do you wanna watch? ” I asked her and she shrugged her shoulders. I looked through the movies, then found one that she might like. ” How about 10 things I hate about you? ” I asked and she nodded.

" Sounds cool ”

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