I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 13


The pizza arrived after 15 minutes of starting the movie. I didn’t object to the movie because I actually didn’t know it. I haven’t watched movies since the abuse started. I wasn’t allowed to. I used to see and hear a lot of my classmates talking about famous movies and series, and when they would ask me if I’ve watched any of them, I’d say ‘I’m not a fan’, and that was a total lie because I had no other choice.

So I found my escape through books, old ones that my parents used to own, I wasn’t allowed to buy new books either. I learned to love them. To find my peace while drowning in the world of fantasy and love. I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to experience true love. Was I to die alone? Right, Mom? Dad?

" How are you liking the movie so far Stella? ” Julian asked bringing me back to reality.

I looked at his calm eyes. ” Huh? ” I raised my eyebrows in confusion because I didn’t hear him. I wasn’t paying any attention and I felt ashamed.

" I said, how are you liking the movie so far? ” He asked again with a small smile.

" Oh, it’s cool. ” I replied not knowing what to say next. He stared at the tv with a slice of pizza in his hand. I wanted to ask why did his eye color change when he hugged me a while back but I didn’t know if it was okay for me to ask. ” Um... Julian ” I trailed off grabbing back his attention to me.

" Yes? ” he said waiting for me to speak.

Here goes nothing. ” Why did your eye color change? ” I asked in a whisper.

" What do you mean? ” He asked. I was not buying that look.

" Your eye color, they changed from honey to dark brown and almost black, I know you know ” I crossed my arms feeling very curious. I wanted to know at least one thing about him, last time I checked...He knew a lot about me. In details too.

" Oh that... Ha ” he rubbed the nape of his neck, averting eye contact with me.

" Yeah? ”

" Well, it’s complicated. I think it’s not the best time to tell you why ” he reasoned looking scared and I nodded in understanding. Okay, that got me more curious.

" Okay, what about your growling? why do you always growl when you’re angry?” I crossed my legs, making myself more comfortable.

He sat the same way, facing me with a complicated expression on his handsome face. ” And that I can’t tell you right now, but I promise that I’ll tell you when the time is right because I don’t want you to freak out and leave ” he explained but the last thing came out as a whisper and I arched my eyebrows.

" Why would I freak out and leave? Wait... You are not a vampire, are you? ” I asked being dead serious. I read a lot of vampire books to the point of me believing that they exist. You can’t judge me because if you were me, in my terrible situation, you will want to believe in them.

Julian looked at me like I grew two heads. ” What?... No, I’m not a vampire ” he chuckled a bit at that. ” Anyway, let’s continue the movie, ” he said while handing me another slice of pizza.

After we finished the movie...actually two movies, he insisted that we should watch ′ The last song ′ saying that I’ll love it, and I did. After it, I felt really tired and wanted to sleep. ” Julian, I think I’ll go and sleep ” I announced as I stood up really fast. And that was a bad idea, cause I felt so dizzy to the point of losing my balance and fall. Well, I didn’t exactly fall. Julian had his muscular arms around me, supporting me with my weak legs.

" Hey, are you okay? ” he asked, the worry was reflecting all over his handsome face.

I stood up with much more balanced legs and composed myself. ” Yes, I just felt a little dizzy. Don’t worry ” I reassured him with a smile. As I wanted to walk away, he scooped me into his arms and carried me bridal style to the room that he said I could sleep in.

" W-what are you doing? P-put me down ” I stuttered, feeling my cheeks get warm by the minute. Curse this mysterious pull.

" Nope, I’ll take you there myself. Who knows, you might fall on your way up the stairs. ” he cleared in a strict tone and I felt defeated. Or I wanted to feel defeated? To carry me? I sighed while resting my arms on his chest. I looked up at his face, and he was so focused on the way ahead.

His serious face gave him the mature adult vibe, you know since he’s just 20 years old. ” What? ” He suddenly asked looking at me confused.

" What what? ” I returned the question with a question.

" What are you staring at? I can feel your gaze on me ” he pointed out and I blushed a deep shade of red. Oh God, that was so embarrassing.

" I wasn’t staring ” I lied through my teeth.

" Mmm, ” he muttered, not believing what I was saying.

" Anyway, put me down. I can walk. ” I changed the subject.

He looked at me with his beautiful eyes and a ” Nope ” Is all I got. As we entered the room, he put me on the bed and made his way out of the big room. ” goodnight ” I didn’t deserve all this. It was too good, Julian was too nice... Or was that just a mask?

I decided to call it off for the day, and sleep.

I shifted on the bed as I sniffed the air and smelled smoke. I rose from the bed and looked around me to see nothing, no fire, no smoke but I saw a red light reflecting through the window on the bedroom wall. I neared the window and saw that the garden was on fire. The fire was so big that it was making it’s way to the house. I ran outside of the room and started yelling ” Fire!” But not just me, Julian was yelling too.

Everyone who was in their rooms, got out with panicked expressions. I saw Julian running towards the back door, where the fire was. ” Guys, come on. I smelled the smoke and it’s getting closer to the house. Someone call the firefighters. ” Julian ordered in a firm tone.

I ran behind him, wanting to help. ” Julian, what should I do ?”

He stopped in his tracks and turned to face me. ” Nothing, you stay at the front door until the firefighters get here. Outside where the fire could not reach. And don’t say no ” he replied almost yelling because of the noise and I nodded, leaving me no space to object. But I wanted to help. I ran in the opposite direction, I saw the all the males running to the fire.

I didn’t want them to get hurt.

I looked at the clock and it was 2:56 am. As I opened the main door, I was greeted by an arrow that stopped near my head and got stuck in the door frame. I gulped then looked at the arrow in shock. It had a letter attached to it.

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