I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 14


I took the letter from the arrow and tore it open to read words that were written in... Blood? People still do that? I started reading it, but felt scared and confused at the same time.

" Julian, I know you loathe me and I can’t blame you for that because I detest you in every possible way too. You may become the alpha after you’ve found your mate, whom so beautifully weak by the way, I will destroy you. Destroy your family. Destroy your pack. The Graymod pack will sink in the darkness of the evil world. My world. Ps. I hope that the fire has lightened up your dark night a bit.”

When I finished reading it, I was shaking so hard to the point of dropping the letter on the floor. I grabbed it once again and headed back to Julian. I had to warn him. I ran at full speed, and since I was naturally fast, I got there in no time. I looked around me and saw all the males trying to put down the fire, or at least, clam the flames until the firefighters get here. Where were they?

I searched for Julian through the big crowd, then I spotted him standing near the long hoses. Thank God he was tall. I dashed towards him and when he saw me running, he let go of the hoses and opened his arms for me. I wasted no time and embraced him... Well, he embraced me. I looked at his hands and face and saw scratches and a small amount of blood on his forehead.

He was hurt.

" What the hell are you doing here? I told you to run to safety, Stella, ” he yelled at me through the loud noise.

I felt intimidated by him but shook the feeling and gazed at him with so much confidence. ” I know, but there was an arrow on the door frame. I found this letter attached to it.” I showed it to him. He started reading it but with every word that passed, he growled more and more. Okay, he was scary at that moment and I decided to not piss him off.

" Did you see anyone suspicious? ” he asked me as he put the letter in his pocket.

I shook my head. ” No, and even if there was any, it would be hard to see him or her or them through the smoke and the dark night ” I reasoned. He nodded, then started leading me to safety. I stopped and he looked at me confused.

” Why did you stop? ”

" I want to help ” I stated.

He huffed then grabbed my arm gently. ” No, you are not. Now come with me, ” he ordered but I didn’t move. ” Come on Stella, let’s go” he demanded in a higher tone. Yet I didn’t move.

" No, I won’t move. I want to help, I can’t just stand there without doing anything, I can’t just hide from the fire, I want to be useful. You have been kind to me, to accept me here, with you and everyone else. I want to at least repay you, and you know that I can’t with money but I can with this. Let me hel-” I didn’t get to finish my sentence, because Julian’s lips landed on mine, with so much force. I blinked, then looked at Julian’s eyes, he was boring into my gray ones.

I saw the demand, need, and affection.

I didn’t dare to push him away, my hands and legs were weak. I thank God that he was holding my hand, or else I’d fall. Then he closed his eyes while savoring the moment. I felt great sparks light my body, I felt the warmth that was radiating from his massive body. I didn’t want to move but I had to because I heard the car sirens.

I tapped his shoulder and Julian looked at me with a genuine smile. ” Guess you don’t have to help after all. The firefighters are here now, so relax. The fire will be put it down in no time. Let’s get you to clean your face, you have a lot of smoke on it. ” He said and I felt dumbfounded by him. Was he ignoring the fact that he just kissed me?

That was my ever true first kiss. I once was forced to kiss Robin - Raymond’s best friend - and I felt abhorrent for days. ” Stella? ” Julian nudged my shoulder gently.

" Y-yeah? ” I was too distracted by the kiss that I didn’t notice Cody, who was standing in front of us, with a smirk on his face. ” What? ” I asked him with arched eyebrows. Oh my God... Did he witness the kiss?

" You had a moment there ” He stated with humor filling his tone. I rolled my eyes but felt my cheeks get warmer by the minute. This was so embarrassing. Why did he kiss me? I was not special, I had nothing. I literally broke into his house and caused a scene. I was a magnet for trouble and danger. So, why kiss me?

" Come on Stella, let’s go ” Julian held my hand and led me to the house. I looked behind me and saw that the fire almost subsided. Good. And no one was badly injured. I fastened my steps to match Julian’s. He walked too fast, plus he was tall so... Not much of a help. We entered the house to see a big chaos. The house was a mess. Blankets everywhere, pillows on the floor.

" Looks like we got some cleaning to do, ” I said and Julian sighed. Time to clean.

Let me ask again... Why did he kiss me?

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