I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 15


When I saw her running towards me, I lost it. I felt that I have to protect her innocent soul. ′ What is she doing here?′ Peter asked me then I saw a paper in her hand.

I have no idea ′ I replied then I opened my arms for her. I felt sparks from her warm delicate touch. Peter howled feeling content and satisfied. ” What the hell are you doing here? I told you to run to safety, Stella. ” I yelled at her feeling angry that she didn’t do as I said.

She looked at me and I saw the determination in her beautiful gray eyes. They looked like fire due to the reflection of the actual fire.” I know, but there was an arrow on the door frame. I found this letter attached to it.” She handed me it and I started reading it. The words got me so mad that I wanted to shift into my wolf form and start running into the woods.

He’s Joey for sure ′ Peter commented.

Yes, I know that it was him. I’ll have to talk with his dad and my dad, first thing tomorrow. ′ I said then blacked Peter out. I gazed back at Stella.” Did you see anyone suspicious? ” I asked as I put the letter in my pocket. I needed to show it to his dad. Plus Stella was in danger now. I couldn’t risk her safety.

She shook her head. ” No, and even if there was any, it would be hard to see him or her or them through the smoke and the dark night. ” she reasoned.

I nodded, then started leading her to safety but she suddenly stopped and looked at me. ” Why did you stop? “I asked her confused and eager to move again.

" I want to help ” she stated stubbornly.

I huffed annoyed and tired of all this shit, I just wanted to sleep with her in my arms. I grabbed her arm gently. ” No, you are not. Now come with me, you can’t stay here ” I ordered in a firm tone but she didn’t move. ′ She will be a perfect Luna because she can make you restless ′ Peter commented and I ignored him. Like seriously, now?

" Come on Stella, let’s go” I demanded in a higher tone to make her feel a little bit intimidated. Yet she didn’t move an inch.

I glared at her, as I wanted to carry her on my shoulders, she started talking.” No, I won’t move. I want to help, I can’t just stand there without doing anything, I can’t just hide from the fire, I want to be useful. You have been kind to me, to accept me here, with you and everyone else. I want to at least repay you, and you know that I can’t with money but I can with this. Let me hel-” I got irritated from her long speech so I did the only thing that came to my mind. I kissed her so she could shut her pretty little mouth.

Yeah JUST to shut her up ′ Peter popped into my head and I rolled my eyes. She blinked, then looked at my eyes. I stared at her beautiful ones with such adoration then closed them. She was mine and mine only.

You need to tell her about us ′ Peter pointed out and I thought about it. ′ When the time is right ′ I replied. I swear that her touches were like a magnet. The sparks were amazing. I craved for more, but sadly, she pushed me away gently when she heard the sirens. Perfect timing...Note the sarcasm, please.

I looked at her with a genuine smile. ” Guess you don’t have to help after all. The firefighters are here now, so relax. The fire will be put down in no time. Let’s get you to clean your face, you have a lot of smoke on it. ” I said trying to change the subject. If I talked to her about the kiss, it will be awkward for me to look into her eyes. That was my first kiss, the only woman that kissed me and on the cheeks was my mom.

I was afraid that she will hate me after this and I didn’t want that. I couldn’t live without her. I looked up to see Cody, standing there, smirking like a freak. ” Stella? ” I nudged her shoulder gently to grab her attention.

" Y-yeah? ” She said then looked at Cody and her cheeks turned red. ” What? ” she asked him with arched eyebrows. He saw us for sure.

" You had a moment there ” Cody stated with humor filling his tone.

I rolled my eyes at him.” Come on Stella, let’s go ” I held her hand and led her to the house. she looked behind for a second then turned back with a relieved smile. She was worried about my pack members.

We entered the house to see a big chaos. The house was a mess. A big mess that needed to be cleaned. Blankets were everywhere, pillows on the floor, even food. Who was eating at this hour? Not that I really care but come on, it was 2 am or so when the fire began. " Looks like we got some cleaning to do ” she stated and I sighed. I hated cleaning, but I also hated the mess so I had no other choice...

I woke up the next morning to see myself sleeping on the couch with Stella in my arms. She was so cute sleeping like a little kitten. We must have fallen asleep. We were so tired that I didn’t see where I slept. I kissed her forehead, then got up. I took a quick shower then ate my breakfast. After that, I wrote her a letter that said that I went to talk to dad and I’ll be sending Skye to keep her company. I will not leave her alone.

I called my uncle - Joey’s dad - and told him to meet me at dad’s house. My uncle hated Joey after what he did to us, that’s why he will help me find him to deal with him. I hope we find him fast so I can kill him for even thinking of hurting Stella.

He will pay.

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