I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 16


I got a call from Julian, he told me that he wanted to speak with our uncle for an important matter that was related to Joey. He asked if I could stay with Stella and I, of crouse, said yes. So here I was, making her some breakfast. She was still sleeping. The weary reflected on her beautiful face when I got here, so I didn’t bother to wake her up.

And she still didn’t talk to me about her situation, why and how was she here in the first place. I know that she was Julian’s mate and I was more than happy and delighted for him and her, but how did they meet? When I asked aunt Nancy, she told me that it was not her story to tell. I was just waiting for Stella to open up to me.

I was so focused on my chain of thoughts that I didn’t realize that I was not alone in the vast kitchen. I turned my head and saw Stella standing near the counter, rubbing the sleep away from her gray eyes. I smiled. ” Good morning sleepy head, did you enjoy your dreams? ” I asked her then I flipped the pancakes that were in the pan, and they landed perfectly on the big plate.” Nailed it ” I commented happily, then saw Stella with a wide smile on her face.

" That was awesome, I give you that, and good morning to you too.” she greeted back. ” Did Julian send you here ?” she asked as she sat on a chair that was near the fridge, she then put her elbows on the counter.

" Yeah and I missed my best girl, I want to spend some alone time with you.” I smiled then I turned serious. “Don’t ever think I forgot that you owe me some explanations, young lady.” I pointed the spoon at her face with a smirk. She sighed and whispered something very low, that my ears didn’t catch on, even though I was a werewolf with a high sense of hearing. Oh well, at least she’ll tell me.

" Okay, but I need to eat first, ” she said and I handed her some pancakes then I sat next to her while texting Cody. He asked where I was so I told him about the situation. After I put the phone down, I looked at Stella and saw her eating the last bite.

" I hope you liked it?! ” I asked with hopes that she didn’t hate it.

" Are you kidding? This is amazing, when did you learn to cook like that? You sucked at housewifing. ” She asked with a grin.

I rolled my eyes. ” Oh please, I always knew how to cook, I was just hiding my talent and gave other people the opportunity to cook... ” I reasoned with my eyes locked with her’s. A couple of seconds later, we burst out of laughing.

" Good one, but is it because of your new boyfriend? ” she asked and I felt my cheeks turn red. Darn, she was smart. Except, he was not just my boyfriend. He was my mate, my one, and only love. I can’t tell her that until Julian tells her the truth about him. Us.

" Yeah, I really love him ” I answered honestly as we got up and headed to her room. I really give credits for Julian on being patient with her. It was hard for mates not to come in physical contact with each other. Julian was strong but he can’t last more than a month without touching her, to be more precise, mark her, to let everyone knows that she was his and only his.

" Awe, I wish you all the best and to live happily ever after with him ” Stella commented and I giggled like a little girl.

" Thank you. Now, enough about me, let’s talk about you Stella” I said as we sat on the couch, facing each other.

She sighed then removed a stray hair from her eyes. ” Okay, what do you wanna know? ” she asked.

" Start with you being in my cousin’s house? I’m not being rude or anything but I need to know. ” I cleared.

She nodded.” Do you remember my brother Raymond? ” she asked me and I nodded.

" What about him? ”

" He’s not the ideal brother you think he is... Raymond is an abusive, mean jerk ” she spat and I froze in my spot.

" What do you mean abusive? Does he hit you? ” I asked getting a little angry.

She averted eye contact with me. ” Yes, and he can be really cruel. ” she admitted.

" I knew now I felt bad when I saw him once, his smile was hiding something, now I know what. How could he? that sick bastard. ” I raised my voice a bit but that made Stella a little surprised. ” Sorry... but since when? ” I asked again.

" A while after my parents died. It lasted 8 years or so, until the day I broke into Julian’s house, ” she said.

My eyes widened at her statement. ” 8 years? why didn’t you say anything? I’m your best friend, sister, since... Years. How can you not tell me? ” I asked her while squeezing her shaking hand.

" I g-got scared, he th-threatened me. ” She replied and I feel angry at myself for not noticing this. She was ALWAYS smiling. She ALWAYS gave the feeling that she was a strong and independent and a happy girl. I was such a terrible sister.

I didn’t realize that I was crying until she wiped my tears. ” Don’t cry ” she whispered in a soothing tone.

" I’m so sorry Stella, I should have known. I should have asked. I’m sorry, so sorry.” I apologized over and over again until she put her finger to my lips.

" Just shut up will ya? It’s not your fault. I’m glad to have you. You were one of the main reasons that I stayed happy at school. Thank you for that Skye ” she cleared and the sincerity was reflected in her eyes.

I suddenly remembered her saying something important.” Why did you break into Julian’s house? ” I asked.

" Raymond was chasing after me after I ran away when he wanted to sell my body to his friends. I ran into the woods until I saw lights, so I dashed towards it. It was Julian’s house, it was my escape from my so-called brother. ” She explained and I nodded in understanding.

I approached her, then embraced her real tight. ” Oh, I’m so gonna kill that bitch when I see him. How dare he?” I yelled in a frustrated tone.

She hugged me then rubbed my back. ” Thank you, Skye, I really needed a friend... No, a sister to talk to. What can I do without you? ” She looked at me with a small smile.

I smiled back then commented. ” I know I’m awesome, no need to note it. ” then we laughed our hearts out. Julian better tell her fast, because I can’t keep my secret from her after she told me her deepest ones. ′ Let’s just tell her ′ My wolf commented for the first time today.

No. It’s Julian’s job, and he better do it quick ′ I replied then turned on the tv.

We spent the whole day watching movies until Julian got back. When he entered the living room with 3 boxes of Pizza and it was 8:40 in the evening.

" Who’s hungry? ”

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