I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 17


" Who’s hungry? ” Julian asked as he put the pizza boxes on the wide table.

Skye moved closer to the table then eyed her cousin. ” We just ate but who could say no to pizza? Isn’t that right, Stella? ” She winked at me then I nodded. I’ll eat more. Not because I was hungry or that I liked pizza, it was because I didn’t want to make Julian sad. He was too sweet to say no to, and I needed to talk with him about the kiss.

Was it just to shut me up? Was he making fun of me? Was I a toy in his eyes or what? I was confusing myself to the frustration point.

" Good, now dig in ladies. I’ll take a quick shower then I’ll take you Skye to Cody’s house, he wants to see you” Julian cleared with a smirk then he headed upstairs with big strides. I took a slice of pizza and watched Skye put on a mix of spices on the pizza slice. They were not even meant to be on pizzas.

" Stella, are you okay? ” Skye’s sudden question took me off guard and brought me back to reality. I looked into her eyes and saw concern, worry, and sadness.

I nodded. ” Yeah, why? ” I asked in a soft whisper then waited for her reply.

She sighed. ” I don’t know... I mean your life was hard and I didn’t know. How are you feeling? leave your physical status aside, tell me about your mental status, are you tired? ” she asked but I felt like an arrow stroke through my heart because she hit a nerve. She was right. I was exhausted. Not just tired.

I nodded. ” Yeah, but everything will be alright. I have you, I have Julian and his parents’ support. I’ll survive. ” I said in a humorous tone at the end to lift up the mood a bit and she smiled.

" I love you Stella and you are my sister. If Julian treats you wrong... Just tell me. You have my number. ” She warned with dead eyes and I chuckled at her but was so greatful to have her with me, by my side.

" Don’t worry, he’s too sweet to do that, I hope... ” I said with a small smile but she frowned at me.

" If only you’d know, ” She pointed out in a low tone but I heard her and got confused.

" What do you mea-” As I wanted to ask why did she say that, I was cut off by Julian sudden appearance. He glanced at Skye with a glare and I arched my eyebrows... Did she say something wrong?

” Okay, let’s go ladies. Stella, we will drop her at Cody’s house, come, I’m not leaving you alone.” He said in a gentle tone and grabbed me by the hand, his touch automatically sent shivers and sparks down my spine. It felt amazing. As always, but why?

" Come on, I missed him so much ” Skye jumped from her seat and got excited to see her boyfriend again. She really loved him. I envied her but felt happy for her. Apparently, she was living with him.

After we got into Julian’s jeep, Skye started singing what was playing on the radio. I sat next to Julian and Skye sat from the back. It was Skye’s idea to sit me next to him.

5 minutes later, Julian went mad. ” Skye, would you just shut up? You can NOT sing, and whoever told you that you have a lovely voice. He or she was lying to make you feel better, but I’m family so...You suck at singing. ” Julian burst his nerves while clinching to the steering wheel and I felt sorry for her. Yet... She had a terrible voice.

" I know that my voice sounds like a dying cat, but I can’t help it. I love singing, so suck it up and drive quietly cousin” She replied with a sly smile that reflected her joy in teasing him. Way to go Julian.

We have arrived. Cody was waiting for us outside with a tapping foot. ” Hey guys ” he greeted as we got out of the vehicle and I shook his hand that was pulled out for me to shake.

" Good evening Cody, I hope you take good care of my best friend. Don’t make her sad ” I said with a smile and he returned a bigger one. I saw the sincerity in his brown eyes.

" I will ” he simply replied and I felt the honesty in his tone. He was a great man, who was perfect for Skye.

" Okay man, we’ll be off. Bye for now and good night ” Julian said and wanted to get into the jeep when he stopped. “oh, and Cody?” He added.

" Yeah? ”

" Tell your girl not to sing because she has an awful voice ” Julian pleaded with his eyes and Cody stiffened then looked at her then back at us.

" Oh... Um, yeah... I know what you’re talking about, man ” Cody sighed deeply and Skye hit his back.

" What? you’re supposed to be on my side, not his. I’m your ma- girlfriend ” She yelled with glare and I chuckled. They were so cute. But what always grabbed my attention was that they always say ‘Ma’ before they change it to ′Boyfriend or girlfriend’. What were they hiding? Well, it was not my place to ask.

" Sorry babe, I love you ” Cody kissed her nose and I melted at the sight. Skye’s cheeks turned red.

" Okay bye guys, we need to go ” Julian said then put his arm around my shoulders. We started walking to the jeep to get back home. It felt normal for me to say ‘Home’ I don’t know why, but I did and I haven’t been here for so long, it was less than two days.

" What do you want to listen to? ” Julian asked me after we drove off and headed home.

I shrugged my shoulders not really caring about the music choice. ” Whatever you like ” I replied with a smile.

He grinned.” Okay then, you’ll love this song ” he turned on the radio and the song ’ If you told me to’ for Hunter Hayes was on. I loved this song. " Hope you enjoy my singing ” He cleared and I looked at him.

" Don’t tell me you sing like Skye! ” I pointed out with worry. He might have sounded like Skye for all I knew.

" Oh no, I have a good voice actually,” he replied with a confident smirk and I sighed with relief. He cleared his throat and began singing.

" Well, I’ve been searching for something true.My heart says it must be you. I’d love to fall and see it threw. But only if you told me to... " he sang the whole song with a warm tone in his lovely voice. He could sing very well.

When he took a turn to the lift after the junction, he abruptly stopped the jeep and I thanked God for putting on the seat belt. ” Oh shit, not now” Julian whispered under his breath. I looked at him confused, but then I looked at the road and my eyes widened at the sight.


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