I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 18


I stopped the jeep and Stella jerked forward. I looked at the wolves in front of it with rage. ′ They are not rogues ′ Peter stated and I felt him enter the attacking mood. ′ We have to protect Stella ′ I exclaimed and Peter howled. They will not touch her.

" What should we do? ” Stella’s question broke my chain of thoughts that I was so engrossed with Peter in. I looked at her worried eyes, then I cupped her small face with my big hands.

” Don’t worry. But, I’ll tell you this... if you see me acting weird and in a not normal or human kinda way, don’t panic. I’ll protect you. Please don’t hate me for it, okay? ” I rubbed her cheeks with my thumbs and she was so confused nevertheless nodded without saying any word. How much I adored her!

As I wanted to get out of the jeep and attack, she grabbed my shirt tightly with her small hand. ” Can’t we just turn back?” she asked in a hushed tone that shivered. She was afraid but I’d protect her with my life.

I shook my head at her with a pained smile. ” No, there are a lot of them out here and they’ll follow us for sure. I don’t want to put anyone else in danger, so I’ll just handle them all. Have faith in me and I’ll protect you ” I explained in a firm tone and with pleading eyes.

" I believe in you Julian but please stay safe. ” She said then planted a quick kiss on my cheek. It sent sparks through my whole body and made me excited to fight whoever wanted to fight.I smiled then got out of the jeep.

Let me do the talking ′ Peter requested and I nodded. Wolves could contact each other even if I was in my human form, which was very good because I was trying my best not to shift in front of Stella. I’ll scare the shit out of her. ′Who are you? And what do you want?′ Peter asked them and one of the big black wolves stepped forward. He had the leader vibes but he was not an alpha. He was more like the warriors’ leader.

′ You don’t have to know who we are, but we need your mate over there′ he responded and I growled with fury at the mention of my beloved Stella. No one and I meant no one will touch a single hair from her’s.

You will not lay a finger on her. I’ll ask you again... Who are you? ′ Peter spatted at them, I felt like I was on fire from the madness and rage. I wanted to beat and kill them.

′ I’ll say that again. You don’t need to know, we just came here in order to take her with us. Now move ′ the black wolf replied and started walking towards Stella’s side. I looked at her through the glass and saw fear, trepidation, and fright. Over my dead body.

I stepped in front of him and blocked his way, then he tried to pass me but I didn’t let him. ′We need to shift ′ Peter suggested and I thought for a second. Stella would hate me for sure, but I couldn’t risk her safety. She was my angel that I couldn’t afford to lose. She was my soul, my everything and I wouldn’t let anyone lay a hand on her fragile body. She was mine and no one will take her away from me.

Shift ′ That all it took for Peter to shift. Bone cracks were heard and loud howls became more audible, it was not painful at all because I got used to it. I looked at Stella from the corner of my eye and saw her jaw dropped and her eyes were wide opened. Her hands went to her forehead to check if she had a fever or something, I supposed. Then her tears started to fall out of her glassy gray eyes. My heart was aching from the agony of seeing her cry, because of me. She was scared... No, she was terrified. I couldn’t look at her more than that, so I turned my gaze to the now average sized wolves.

Being an alpha, meant to have a larger body shape and more authority. And we, alphas were much stronger than the averagely sized wolves. I was stronger than the strongest warrior. I had a rough training during the two years without my mate and it was all worth it because I got to defend her. I growled really loud, that caused most of the wolves to back down a little and whimper.

Stay back ′ I yelled then they found the missing courage and growled back at me. But I didn’t budge. The black wolf decided to be the pioneer and attack first. He aimed for my neck but I dodged him, due to that he fell on the ground behind me, with a loud thud. He must have broken a leg. Before he could stand on all four, I heard Stella’s shouting.

" Julian, behind you ” she pointed out and I looked behind me to see three wolves jumping on my back. They were heavy, but that didn’t stop me from taking them down. I rolled with them until two out of the three released me, but the last one was so stubborn and young. I think he was 15 or so, that’s why I didn’t want to hurt him. I just shoved him off of me.

I looked around me and saw 6 to 7 more wolves preparing to attack. I just kept on beating them up, without killing anyone. They were young and forced to fight because of their alpha’s commands, they couldn’t go against them and I know better. They weren’t that strong, so I took them down after an hour of fighting them all. I looked around me and found no wolf standing, they were either on the floor or they ran to their pack.

I shifted back and grabbed clothes that were in the trunk. I got into the Jeep, started the engine without saying any word to Stella, who was staring at me like I was some creep. ′ Well, you just shifted in front of her. Of course, she’d find you a creep′ Peter found that it was the perfect time to comment this unnecessary comment. I ignored him and drove off, to my house. Not the pack’s house. All that time Stella was staying in the pack’s house, not mine. I just stayed with her to adjust and it was time for me to speak with her properly about our kind. I hoped she could handle the facts because from the looks of it, she looked like she was about to faint at any second.

Wait... She fainted.

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