I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 19


I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Julian just turned into a wolf. A freaking wolf. Supernatural does exist. I eyed him very carefully, he was large, very large and beautiful. The gray fur was reflected glamorously under the moonlight. It was a breathtaking and an alluring view.

Julian turned and looked at me with his entrancing honey eyes that looked pained and hurt. I was scared... Yes. Maybe it was showing on my face but I wasn’t scared to the point of hating him like he said before. I had tears spilling from my eyes because I was overwhelmed by the events that were happening. Those tears held: confusion, sadness, and adoration. You may call me crazy, insane or even demented but that’s what I felt the most. Adoration.

As I was absorbing the real werewolf, I saw three wolves trying to bounce on Julian’s back. My hands were moving on their own. My mind wasn’t functioning properly, I opened the door and shouted for Julian to watch out. When he turned around, the three jumped on him and restricted his movements... but not for long. He was too strong. He was invincible but with a warm heart if I must say.

He didn’t kill anyone of them. He avoided killing them even though he could without even blinking. Julian was a kind-hearted werewolf. At least that’s what I saw. He was fighting them to protect me, he sacrificed his secret for me. I couldn’t hate him even if I wanted to.

As the time passed, he was the only one who remained standing. I saw him change back to his human form, he was naked for seconds, then he wore some clothes. When he entered the jeep, I looked at him and waited for him to speak until I felt darkness was taking over my field of vision.

I was out.

I felt like I was being carried in muscular arms, so I opened my weary eyes to be greeted by a soft and a beautiful smile. Julian’s smile. ” Hey, ” he said in almost a whisper that I barely heard but heard him nevertheless.

I smiled back. ” Hey ” I replied. ” Is it the time to talk to me about you? ” I asked while looking right into his dazzling eyes that I could be lost in for hours, or even days.

He nodded. ” Yes, it is. I’ll tell you everything as soon as we enter my home. ” he cleared and I looked around me to find a very large house right before my eyes. The garden was so long that I couldn’t see the main door until he got closer.

" This is your house? ” I asked bewildered by the scene.

" Yes and I live alone. We will stay here for a while, because it’s dangerous for you to be in an obvious place, like the pack’s house, ” he answered truthfully and I nodded. Pack’s house?

He opened the door but not with a key, he opened it with a fingerprint. His fingerprint. The house was well protected, the glass of the windows looked so strong and the door was reinforced. As he stepped foot into the house, I tried to stand on my feet, but he refused to let me go. ” Julian, I can walk. ” I stated and he rolled his eyes.

" I know, but I want you in my arms, ” he stated back and I had no reply to him. I just blushed. He walked to a big living room that was beautifully decorated. There was a large couch in the middle of the room and in front of it was an 80 inch or so flat screen TV and behind it was a lot of shelves that had on them: CDs and books and the big chandelier made me lost in its beauty.

Julian sat me on the couch and he sat next to me. He was too close, that our knees were touching and that small touch could send sparks like fireworks through my whole body. ” Okay, so I’ll start by saying that I’m a werewolf. ” He began and I wanted to comment on that statement but decided against it. ” I have a pack and it’s called The Graymod pack. ”

" What’s a pack? ” I asked. I had an idea of what a pack is but I wanted to make sure.

" It’s like a big family that has a lot of werewolf members. My pack has more over than 700 members. They are all considered family ” he looked at the wall for a second then back at me and continued. “So we have titles. My title is the alpha, well soon to be alpha which is the highest rank. My dad is currently the alpha and my mom is the luna. They are the leaders of the whole pack, they are the mother and father of all members and what they say is respected by all. Second, there is a Beta who is second in command and the alpha’s right hand-” as Julian wanted to continue, I cut him off.

" What’s a luna? ” I asked.

" Oh, a luna is the female leader of the pack, she’s hand in hand with my dad, her mate and before you ask about the mate thing, I’ll tell you. Stella, Mates are like soulmates to humans, we are bound by faith to be together since born. Mates are more powerful than husband and wife. Their bond, I mean. They can’t be separated from each other. Mates can’t and won’t survive without each other’s company. They could die.” he explained with a big smile. His eyes were dancing with happiness.

" So you have a mate? ” I asked a little disappointed and hoping for a no. I felt uneasy for some reason.

" Yes, and she is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She is the perfection in the shape of an angel” he described her with a bigger smile if that was even possible. I sighed. She was a lucky girl to have such a great man.

" Do I know her? ” I found myself asking this helpless question.

" Yes, better than you know. She was abused, but now protected by all and will be forever loved by me. That girl is you, Stella, you are my mate. The love of my life that I’ve been searching for. ” He announced and I looked at him with shock evident on my face. My eyes widened at his statement, I thought that he was bluffing but then again, I saw sincerity reflecting in his eyes. I felt that my heart melted and the smiles crept their way to my face. I was smiling from ear to ear.

" My one and only love ” he breathed near my ear and I sighed with delight. I couldn’t believe it. I was his mate. Was this a dream?

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