I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 2


I rushed home. After the last bell rang, I said goodbye to Skye, I felt like it was the last time that I might ever see her. Yes, we do have our graduation ceremony in a month but I felt like the guests of Raymond’s are bad news. I just felt it in my bones.

And the graduation was so far away because we had a student who was hospitalized because he will have a kidney transplant tomorrow, and it will take him a month to get released and heal perfectly.

I let go of my bike and entered the house. Raymond was not there so I had the time to breath and take a cold shower to cool down my nerves.

After that shower, I began cooking dinner. I always had fun while cooking because it reminded me of my deceased mother. She was the one who taught me how to cook since a young age. She would always say with a bright smile ′ The way to a man’s heart is through his tummy’ and I was still waiting for that man to come. I looked at the clock and it was 15 minutes past 5, so I had 15 minutes to put the last touch on the dinner table. The dessert.

After I finished my job, I went back to my room. ” I just want to go far, far away ” I whispered my agony then sat on my small bed. I hoped that Raymond won’t call out for me to meet his ‘guests’ because last time he did, I got beaten over and over again by all of them. They were vicious, had rotten minds and malicious smiles. They were distasteful, unpleasant, appalling, macabre, frightening, dreadful... You name it. Their punches hurt so much.

I felt tears threatening their way out of my weary gray eyes. The eyes that I was so proud to own because they were my dad’s eyes. I see him in me everytime I look in a mirror.

As I laid my head on my pillow and was enjoying the soft contact, I heard the voice that I was praying not to hear. Raymond’s voice was too loud to ignore. ” Stella, get down here right this instant. ” He yelled and I gulped with fear and fright. Why? What does he want?

" Stella! ” he yelled again, but this time was louder. Scarer.

" I-I’m coming brother ” I stuttered then got out of my comfy bed and opened my safe bedroom door, to face the evil. I made my way down the stairs_slowly if I must add. And that wasn’t a pretty good idea.

" Get your ass over here right now ”

When he saw me, he glared at me.

" Yes, brother? ” I muttered with my head down as I stood near him, in the living room. I looked up and saw, 5 pairs of male eyes staring at me... Well, at my body to be more accurate. I shifted in my place feeling less comfortable by the passing second. They were the same guys who beat me the first time. They enjoyed hitting me and I was sure they won’t mind doing it again.

Suddenly I felt like a bucket full of iced water poured on top of me because I was frozen in my place. I was remembering the agony and the sorrow, the pain, and the ache.They caused me physical and mental pain.

The males smirked their ugly infamous smirks when my eyes met theirs. Their eyes were full of sick lust and iniquity. I immediately broke the eye contact and looked at Raymond. He was also smirking but in a way that I’ve never seen before. In a more malady and malignant way.

" Stella, because of you and your body, I was able to gain, plenty of money. I want you to make them feel the pleasure, to make them feel happy... With your own body ” he stated with a sly wink and I went pale. He wanted me to give up my innocence for those mongrels?

Never in hell, I’ll not allow that to happen.

As long as I was alive and still breathing, I will not give them the only clean thing in my body. I’m cherishing it for the one, for my lover, for my future husband. Not for a piece of scum like them, never. I shook my head with trepidation dominating my essence and the tears were falling like waterfalls on my cheeks. ” N-no ” I whispered in a low tone but he heard me loud and clear.

Raymond closed the distance between us and grabbed me by the hair. And for a girl to be pulled by her hair, it was so damn hard because it hurt like a bitch. ” What did you say to me? No? ” He whispered-yelled at me, in my face. His spit was all over my scared face.

I breathed deeply. ” I said no! ” I finally found the courage to raise my head and voice at him but that was a big mistake. His fist made contact with my belly and I gasped for air because he knocked out my lungs. His palm made contact with my cheek, and I felt my head spinning real fast.

" Well ain’t you some brave sister, huh? ” He spat and I frowned at the word sister coming out of his mouth, his dirty mouth that was covered with alcohol and his saliva that was mixed with smoke. He smoked, drank, did drugs and all the terrible things one might think of.

I arched my eyebrows at him and glared. ” I’m not your sister, you lost that title 8 years ago when you were 20 and I was just 10, a mere child. When you started beating the shit out of me ” I yelled but he tightened his grip on my hair and I winced in pain. Why was I still suffering from him?

" You will obey me and strip off your clothes right now, and give these gentlemen the show they wanted ” he countered with an angry tone. Oh, they were anything but gentlemen.

I spat on his face and yelled at him once again ” I will not. Not now. Not ever ”

The fury was reflecting in his green eyes, that weren’t so green anymore, they were almost dark green to black. He grabbed my thin T-shirt and tore the sleeves from it. I tried to get out of his grip but he was stronger, way stronger than me. ” You will ” he shouted and I whimpered. I wanted to get out of here... no, I needed to get out of here and fast.

I looked at the ‘guests ’ in hopes they would help, but they were too busy scanning my body with their dirty minds and perverted eyes. Raymond’s hand reached my pants and pulled them down, I tried and then I tried to release myself but I was too weak. I was left in my torn T-shirt and my dark pink panties they weren’t too revealing but that fact didn’t help me at all, because the guys who were just watching, decided to join in and Raymond help. Oh, God please no.

" Let us see that beautiful body of yours ” one of them bit his bottom lip as he stared at my bare thighs. I tugged my torn shirt down in hopes it will cover more of my bruised skin.

I glared at them and tried once again wiggling my way out of Raymond’s filthy hands. ” Mom and dad would be so disappointed in you if they were alive, ” I countered and he looked at me like I hit a nerve. He hated talking about them.

As he raised his hand to slap me, I ducked then pulled my knee up and hit his private area. Once he let go of me out of pain, I turned around opened the main door and dashed out of the house. My feet were running on their own, I had no idea where I was going until I looked behind me and saw Raymond chasing after me.I sped up and ran into the woods that was near my house. I kept on running and running while hearing his yelling and swearing. He called my name to stop several times but I was not stupid.

I just kept on running.

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