I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 20

Third person

“My one and only love ” Julian breathed near Stella’s ear and she sighed with delight. She felt alive with him.

" So all of your family members are werewolves. Does that mean Skye is one too? ” Stella asked in a quiet tone after she remembered that Skye and Julian are cousins. I was not the only one who’s keeping secrets, huh? She thought.

He glanced at the family photo that was hanged on the wall. It had Skye and Cody in it.” Yes, she is and Cody is her mate like you are mine ” he replied with a soft tone that made her heart melt and flatter. She shuddered at the sensational, lovely feeling she had. Now that Stella knew about the mate matter, Julian allowed himself to touch her cheek, her warm soft cheek. He was not afraid anymore that she might hate him. She didn’t and she won’t.

Stella looked at him with love and affection, enjoying the moment to the fullest. Savoring it, to be more accurate. They both loved each other with or without the mate bond. They’ve grown to love and cherish each other with no boundaries, even on such a short notice. Love had no age. Love had no time. Love was distinctively charming.

Julian cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead. Everything was moving in slow motion. He trailed his lips to her small nose until he reached her pale pink full lips that he craved since the fire. As a fast reflex, She wrapped her hands around his neck. As she became more confident with their closeness, her hands traveled slowly from his neck down to his lower back. He quivered at her touch and it excited her. He felt like home and all of her senses became alive with him. His breathing deepened in time with hers.

She felt dizzy but dizzy good. His lips began to move against her skin along her jaw line, words sung softly by her ear. “All I want is the taste that your lips allow…” he breathed with a moan.

Stella smiled widely and rather apprehensively, joined in. “Give me your love and affection, cause lately, I’ve been craving for more, for your presence around me. I don’t care about the werewolf thing, I don’t care that you’re not human. All I care about is you. You saved me, Julian, you pulled me out from my dull life that was filled with abuse and darkness. You returned the light to my life. I saw glimmers of hope radiating from your massive body.” She explained in a sweet voice that made Julian’s eyes turn to a darker shade of honey. They became almost black filled with lust.

The room was filled with a sensual intensity, both wholly intoxicated by the other. She knew that this was her new beginning. Her new life with him, she put all of her trust and faith in and with him. The mate bond made her feel confident and not alone. She saw his good in a short time. She saw that he’s not like any other man she had met. She saw that he was special and one of a kind.

The sound of owls calls that were standing on the branches of the trees outside, began to fade and she felt him reluctantly begin to pull away, but she held his hand not fully prepared to let him go. ” I found myself drowned to your kindness, I fell hard for you without me noticing Julian. And I met you just yesterday ” She stated confidently, but then again, she felt embarrassed that she was actually sharing her deepest feelings and emotions. With Julian. For the very first time.

He smiled a wide joyful smile. ” I too found myself drowned to your sweet, soothing and calming voice. To your calmness. I love the look in your eyes when you see something you like, I love your eyes. I love the black hair that falls on your small back. I love you, Stella. I want you to stay in my arms forever.” he confessed his sincere desires for her. She couldn’t do anything but to peck his cheek, his dimple that she couldn’t resist.

They felt complete. Together, that is.

" So about that kiss, when the garden was on fire... ” Stella began and Julian looked like she took him off guard with this question. He thought that she forgot, oh but how much he thought wrong.

" Oh that kiss, well... I just wanted to do it. You looked so cute while talking fast, not that you are not cute all the time but um, ah, ugh. I just wanted to, okay ?” he answered feeling frustrated and nervous. She giggled at his foolishness. His cute foolishness. He never felt nervous before, well not until he met her. She made him feel things like never before.

She was a rose that didn’t wither, in his eyes. She was the most beautiful and gorgeous rose ever.

As Julian was drowned in his own thoughts, Stella fell asleep in his arm, feeling the warmth and safety. He tucked his nose into her neck, inhaling her delicious scent that made his wolf lose his scenes. He was demanding Julian to mark her, right there, on spot. Yet Julian was so thoughtful and selfless. He didn’t want to take advantage of her while she was asleep. He wanted to ask for her permission first. Peter growled at him but then he felt defeated because Julian had a point there, and he loved Stella too much to make her sad or even angry.

They only wanted her to keep smiling. For them.

They wanted her to feel that she was perfect, at least for them because she was. She deserved all the best that they could provide for her innocent soul. The soul that didn’t ask for too much. She was abused, indeed. But now... She’s protected by her powerful mate. She’s and will always be loved by him and his wolf.

Till death do them apart.

Julian thought that his life was ‘worry free’ for just mere seconds, then he remembered what made him wince in disgust, that he has a cousin to take care of, and a ‘brother’ to be careful from. Stella’s brother. He knew that her brother won’t just leave her alone. He was sure about that because he made his friend - Robbin - spill the beans. He told Julian that her brother was planning a revenge.

For him and her.

Julian was hoping that they catch them as soon as possible. For Stella’s safety. Both of them were evil who were after his vulnerable and beautiful mate. One to destroy her and the other to destroy him.He’d rather die than to see his mate sad and scared again.

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