I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 21


It’s been a week and a half since I knew about the great secret. That Julian was a werewolf. And I was his mate. Who could have known that my life would turn upside down for me finding the pack’s house? It was like what Julian’s mom said: We do live in a small world, but Julian had been acting weird lately. Every time I’d sit or even stand by him, he gulps and averts any eye contact with me and we live in the same house, his house, under the same roof so he does that a lot in one day. Did I do something wrong?

I planned on asking him when he finishes his shower. He said that the morning showers could relax him, I agreed with him. It does make you feel refreshed and ready for the new day.

After Julian insisted that I should wait for him in his room, I laid my back on his king sized and comfy bed listening to some music from my new phone. The phone that Nancy and Skye bought for me. Which I was very grateful for, I could talk with Skye at any given time. Don’t laugh. I was new to this. Sam Smith new song Pray was amazing. The lyrics were too deep and the music itself was great, this song was dominating my thinking and mind. As I was daydreaming and soaring with the beautiful song, I heard the bathroom door open. I looked up and saw a half-naked Julian, with only a towel around his waist and water droplets on his muscular chest and hair, he looked handsome and beautiful indeed. I couldn’t look away.

I don’t know if they say beautiful to a man, but he looked absolutely beautiful, his looks were attracting and magnificent. Maybe it was the mate bond that was making me feel like that but I really didn’t care.

As I was admiring him with eagle eyes, he cleared his throat while looking like a tomato. His cheeks were a deep shade of red that made him look cute.” S-sorry, I forgot m-my pants. ” he cleared his throat while stuttering then he grabbed his pants like a hawk and dashed back to the bathroom. He closed it with so much force. Okay, he was mad at me for sure.

I sat properly on his bed and crossed one leg over the other and waited for 5 minutes. I was thinking of how I should start my speech, how can I open the subject. After some time, he opened the door looking the normal and usual Julian that I knew. That I was used to seeing. ” Hey, ” he said after he sat next to me. His hair was still wet from the shower, it covered his whole forehead and a part of his eyebrows.

" Hey ” I greeted back, then looked at his honey eyes that I’ve grown to love in the past days. They were so bright, brighter than usual. I guess that was a werewolf thing. Right? " So...” I trailed off to open the subject.

" So? ” he asked while looking straight at me with a questioning expression.

" I’ve been meaning to ask... Are you mad at me? ” I asked in a low tone then waited for his answer.

His eyes widened when my words crossed his mind and started shaking his head left and right. ” No! Absolutely not, why would I be mad at you? ” He arched his eyebrows and put his right hand on my left one.

" Well, you’ve been acting weird all week long. Whenever I’m with you, you gulp and avert eye contact with me, and a couple of minutes ago, you slammed the door with a lot of force. Did I do something to upset you? ” I asked again and this time I put my right hand on his cheek.

He closed his eyes and sighed like he understood what I meant. ” No Stella, I’d never been mad at you. You did nothing wrong. It’s just...” he responded but stopped and looked at the floor.

I rubbed his cheek ” It’s just what? tell me, Julian. ” I cleared, encouraging him to speak.

" Well, it’s about the mark thing and I have to do it soon but I can’t, ” he explained but not clearly and in a way that I could understand. Mark thing?

" What’s a mark? why can’t you do it? ” I asked.

He looked pained but happy at the same time if that was even possible. ” A mark is a bite that a werewolf does when he has to let other male werewolves know that his mate is only his. In other words, he marks her. I have to mark you Stella.” he whispered the last part but I heard him loud and clear. ” And don’t ever think that I see you as an object because I don’t and I won’t ever ” he added.

My eyes widened already forgetting what he added because I was sure that he was not that type of men. ” Mark me as in biting me? bite me where? ” I asked a little scared of that statement. What if it hurts?

He let go of my hand and placed it in the crook of my neck, he moved his finger along my neckline until he stopped at some point and I shivered at his action. ” Here ” he answered in a serious tone. ” And if I don’t do it, you’ll be in heat soon. All female mates go through that phase if they don’t get to be marked ” he added again.

" Heat? ”

" You’ll feel like your body is burning and you can’t endure it. It hurts a lot, I’ve seen many werewolves go through heat and it was not easy at all. So will you let me mark you when you are ready? ” he pointed out the asked and I thought.

" The mark, will it hurt? ” I asked.

He nodded. ” I’m not going to lie. But not as much as the heat, if you go through the heat, then you’ll feel like you’ve gone through hell, whereas the bite will hurt you in the first 5 seconds then you’ll feel delighted and happy and content ” he reasoned and I put my hand on my neck as a reflex. Where he had pointed the mark would be.

" Can you give me the time to think about it? Maybe I can talk with your mom or Skye, you know... I need a girl to talk to about this. ” I requested while feeling the embarrassment radiating from my now red cheeks.

He coughed with a blush. ” Sure, I can take you now if you want to” he stood and grabbed his keys. ” Let’s go ” With that, we headed to Nancy’s home as he decided.

I hoped she could help me decide.

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