I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 22


It’s been two hours since Julian dropped me off at his parents’ house. His father was not home. I was sitting with Nancy in her Yoga room, and she asked me if I do or did yoga before, I said no, but when she knew that I know how to dance ballet and I want to be a ballet teacher when I grow up for little girls, she got too excited. I thought she’d be sad that I won’t be a doctor or a scientist, I always had this perspective that most parents want from their kids to be successful and earn a lot of money. Well, that was what I saw in my school, at least.

I used to see parents reprehend their kids for getting a bad grade or for misbehaving. One of the parents once yelled at his son and I quote ′ This awful grade ruined your chance on becoming a doctor like us, you’ll be lazy like other brats ′ the dad scolded with a harsh tone, in front of the whole class. It made me flinch because that day I remembered Raymond and his abuse. I felt bad for my classmate, he wanted to become a famous actor that will steal the girls’ hearts and he was great at acting.

What I was trying to say was that Nancy surprised me in a good way. Julian was lucky to have her as a mom. I missed mom, I missed dad. I surely didn’t miss Raymond and never will.

" So Stella, what do you want to ask me? I know I can’t replace your mother’s position but at least consider me as a close friend or even a sister, a young sister. You can tell me anything you want. ” Nancy said in her motherly tone then she grabbed both of my hands and squeezed them gently. I felt her motherly warmth. Well...I could see her as a mother figure because I was her son’s mate. Mates get married at some point in life and that was distended to happen. That’s what Skye had told me the other night. So Nancy would be my mother in law, someday.

I nodded with a tight smile.” Um, I know that you’ll listen but please don’t laugh. ” I requested with pleading eyes.

Her eyes widened and she shook her head.” I would never do such a thing, come on sweetheart, you can tell me what’s on your mind. ” She smiled a genuine smile that made me relax and feel less worried or careworn.

I sat like her and crossed my legs, on the brown long mattress.” Well, Julian explained the mark thing earlier today, he said that he has to do it so I won’t be in heat, he also said that heat is so hard and painful. He told me to tell him whenever I was ready. ” I explained then took deep breathes. “I got scared, I mean... Does the bite hurts?” I asked her while looking down.

" Honey, I won’t lie to you. The bite will hurt you but for a bit amount of time, it will hurt you for less than 5 seconds then you’ll feel happy and one with Julian. You’ll get closer to each other, your bond will get stronger. He’ll be more attached to you than now, and he’ll be a pain in the butt sometimes, believe me... I know.” She explained with a humorous tone at the end that made me giggle.

" So, there’s nothing to regret? ” I asked.

She shook her head. ” No, dear. You’ll only earn his full and annoying attention. Like his father did to me, he’s still doing it.” she replied with a sigh and I laughed.

" Thank you, Nancy, talking with you does help. I feel relaxed and ready now. ” I assured with a wide smile.

And she showed me her full and gorgeous smile in return. ” That’s wonderful, let’s take you to him now. I’m sure he misses you ” She stood up and helped me stand. We exited the room and headed to the living room to get her car keys.

" He’s home now right? ” She asked me as we sat in the car.

" Yes, that’s what he said. ” I replied.

" Well, Nancy. Thank you so much, I really needed the talking. Bye, see you later. ” I bid her goodbye and headed to the main door. Julian had entered my fingerprints as a lock for the door. He said that his house is my house and I have to act normal and feel free to use whatever I want. I said okay, but I still couldn’t act like I owned the place, because I didn’t. As I was opening the door, I called for Julian but got no response. ” Julian are you there? ” I asked again but in a higher tone.

While I was closing the main door, it got stopped halfway by an unknown man, I screamed from the surprise. ” Your Julian is not here. ” The man cleared and pinned me to the wall before I get the chance to even glance at his face. I felt scared and panicked. I was going to die.

I blinked rapidly.” W-who are you? ” I tried to ask since his grip was tightening around my neck. I was paranoid. He smirked with a huff. I examined his face up close to make sure that he was not Raymond. He was not. The man was taller, with thicker brown hair and a short beard. His eyes were pitch black and they had evilness and cruelness in them.

" I’m Joey. ” He introduced himself with a smirk and I felt like the time had stopped for a second or two. Joey? Julian’s cousin and enemy?

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