I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 23


I dropped Stella at my parents’ house and headed to the pack’s prison. To pay a little visit to Robin - Stella’s brother’s best friend. I was going to make him talk. Yeah and if he doesn’t, just let me do the talking ′ Peter said and I nodded, not feeling like arguing with him. I will have to find both Raymond and Joey. They will cause problems if I don’t deal with them soon. I just felt it.

I opened the cellar’s door and entered to see more than 30 rogues, but I kept on looking for Robin. 2 minutes later, I spotted him sitting on a chair while staring at the sky through the chained small window. I almost didn’t recognize him from his disfigured face. He received a lot of beating from my fighters. When they knew that he tried to hurt their future Luna, I only saw murder and anger in their eyes. They were furious and agitated, but I didn’t let them kill him. I couldn’t let them do that, I still wanted to know where was Raymond and what was his next move. I will protect Stella with all my might, even if I had to sacrifice my life for her. She was my everything.

" So you finally decided to show up? ” Robin’s hoarse voice brought me back to reality. I didn’t answer him, I just closed the cellar’s door and brought a chair then placed it in front of him.

” Are you enjoying your stay? ” I asked with a knowing smirk.

He huffed then glared at me. ” Let me out of here, ” he demanded in a low tone.

" Tsk, tsk, tsk, no can do. ” I crossed my arms and leaned back in the chair. ” ...On second thought, you can get out of here...but of course, on one condition” I replied.

He shifted in his place and looked at me. ” What’s the condition? ” he asked with narrowed eyes. He was finding it difficult to believe me but I dropped the doubt in him or should I say, hope.

" Tell me, where was Raymond and you may leave. For good.” I cleared half honest and half lying. ′ Are you out of your freaking mind?′ Peter yelled in my head and I nodded. ′ Yes and no′ I replied then blocked him out.

Robin’s eyes widened for a second, then he calmed down. ” But I don’t know where he is ” he exclaimed not looking at my eyes.

I rolled my eyes at his obvious and bad lie. ” Come on Robin, we both know that you’re lying. Now spill before I use my fists to make you speak. ” I threatened and the worry was evident on his face. He had had enough torture.

" You wouldn’t... ” he dared me with narrow eyes and I snickered.

" Oh, I will, now tell me. ” I demanded in a more intimidating tone. I used the alpha’s voice on him.

He sighed. ” He’s now living in a cottage near the river. In the south,” he answered and I raised my eyebrows. The river? That river? It was the only river in that area. For some reason, it was hard for me to believe him, but I’ll go with the flow.

Cody, take Alexander and another pack warrior and go to the south area, near the river. I want you to search for Raymond. Stella’s brother, you remember him, right? ′ I mind linked my beta and waited for his reply.

Yes, alpha. Right away. ′ he replied and I turned back to Robin. ” Okay then, I’ll set you free like I promised. But not now, tomorrow. ” I announced then got out of the cellar before he could object to anything. I know he was lying, but there was no harm in checking. I got into my jeep and headed to the woods. I and Peter wanted to run for a bit. I parked the jeep in my usual spot and grabbed some clothes with me, then I shifted and let Peter take control. ′ Finally, I can run. ′ Peter said and I smiled. ′ I miss Stella.′ he commented and I sighed.

Me too buddy, me too.′ I replied then he dashed through the woods.

2 hours of running, Peter stopped to take a break. ′ I’m tired. ′ Peter laid on his stomach and closed his eyes. ′ You think? You’ve been running for 2 hours straight.′ I said and he laughed. A minute of silence had passed until Peter sudden jump, it surprised me, to be honest. ′ What happened?′ I asked, feeling uneasy and anxious.

Mate. Stella’s in danger. Grave danger ′ he countered then started running without stopping.

Where?′ I got angry and worried for her. No one will hurt her while we are alive. No one. ′ Home ′ he replied and I made him stop. ′ Shift back, I’ll wear my clothes. If the door was locked, I’ll have to put on my fingerprint. ′ I explained and Peter did as I said. We dashed towards my home in my alpha’s speed and smelled Stella’s scent and someone else’s. I sniffed the air as I approached the house, I smelled him. I smelled Joey.

I opened the main door to see what made me livid and furious and lose all senses. I saw Stella pinned to the wall by Joey, his hands were on her neck. He was choking her to death. Peter whimpered because he felt her pain and I growled. ” You fucking bastard, let go of her. ” I shouted at him then kicked him real hard. I kicked him in his back with my full force knocking out his lungs, he couldn’t react.

My hit caused him to back down and catch his breaths. ” What a nice way to greet your cousin. Julian. ” Joey said and I saw Stella fall on the floor, trying to catch her breaths. She was coughing too much. I bent down and cupped her cheeks without thinking much about the prick.

" Stella, look at me. Are you okay? ” I asked her, she shook her head unable to speak. Seconds later, she fainted in my arms. I was so concentrated on her, that I didn’t pay attention to Joey. He looked at me with a sly smirk.

" Too bad we didn’t get the time to speak normally, but there is always a second time.” With that, he dashed outside to the woods. Like he said, there is always a second time. And it won’t be pretty for him. I promise.

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