I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 24


When I saw Julian enter the house, I felt relieved, but not too relieved because when you have hands around your neck, choking you to death, you’ll understand what I was talking about. As it cliché as it can get... I saw my own life flashes before my weary eyes. The sad thing was that most of this life, was me being beaten up by my own flesh and blood. Sadly, the happy memories were in the background, they were not even clear. Everything was blurry. Like my vision.

I barely saw Julian approach me with livid eyes, his face was so red from the anger and fury. I almost didn’t recognize him. He was not his usual calm self. He was not the Julian that I’ve grown to love. He was different. Danger different. ” You fucking bastard, let go of her, ” he shouted at Joey with a very high tone that made my ears ring, then he kicked his cousin real hard. He kicked him in the middle of his back. Luckily for me, Joey let go of me. Julian’s blow caused Joey to back down to catch his breaths. Joey looked at Julian with so much hatred and loath. He almost looked like the vicious Raymond.

" What a nice way to greet your cousin, Julian. ” Joey said in a sarcastic tone. I felt like my legs went numb and once I tried to catch my heavy breath, I coughed loudly, then looked at the floor, trying to keep my eyes open. I was fighting with all my might but it was useless.

Julian bent down and cupped my cheeks with his big warm hands. ” Stella, look at me. Are you okay? ” He asked me in a scared tone, but I shook my head ‘no’ unable to speak. Seconds later, I felt like darkness was consuming my vision.


Everything went black and cold.

I was hearing a lot of noises when I felt like I was being placed on a soft mattress. I focused on the voices and heard Julian’s worried voice. I focused more and heard another male voice, their chat started to clear out more for me to understand. ” Please doc, help her. She won’t wake up, I tried to call her but she didn’t move at all. ” I heard Julian explain to the doctor in a rush tone.

" I see, let me examine her and I’ll talk with you in a bit. Leave please.” the doctor replied, but then I heard a loud bang. Someone might have slammed something on a table. And I guessed Julian.

" I will not leave her alone with you, she’s my mate and you can’t touch her alone. I’m the only one who can do that, not you not anyone else. You’ll check her right in front of me. Here and now” Julian yelled at the poor doctor. I wanted to scold him. I could sense that he was wroth. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. It felt like I was buried under a big pile of rocks, I couldn’t even move a muscle. I wanted to calm him, to hold his hands, to hug him and kiss his lips. I wanted to wake up.... but I simply couldn’t.

I was withering away from the voices.

Then I heard a female voice, so I listened closely. ” Julian please, let the doctor do his job, listen to me honey. ” the woman said, then another voice joined the conversation. ” Julian listen to your mother and the doctor.” the man ordered in a firm tone. Those were his parents. They were here.

" No, I’ll stay here with her. ” Julian stubbornly refused to leave. To leave me alone. I didn’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing man, who was not normal. Who was abnormal, who was a werewolf. A kind, protective and possessive werewolf.

" Okay then, I’ll inject her with a medicine that will help her wake up. Will you let me do that at least? Please alpha. It will help her for sure.” The doctor asked more like begged and Julian sighed then I felt someone place their hands on my arm. Seconds later, I felt the needle into my arm. It stung a little but I couldn’t wince or anything.

" Stella, please wake up, love. I promise that I’ll find Joey and kill him, then I’ll find Raymond and I’ll make him pay for what he had done to you all these years. I’m sorry that you had to go through that again because of my sinister cousin. Just wake up... I love you, Stella. ” Julian confessed and I felt happy to have him around. I tried to open my eyes again and again and again until I started seeing the light, my vision started to brighten by the passing second.

" Julian look ” Nancy pointed out to Julian then he started shaking me lightly.

" Yes, Stella. Open your eyes love, open them for me. ” he encouraged and I doubled my efforts and opened my eyes then I closed them to adjust my vision. ” Yes, thank you doc and I’m sorry for my outburst... ” Julian thanked the doctor.

" My duty, alpha. Now if you’ll excuse me so you can have your privacy with the luna. ” The doctor replied then I heard the door open then close. I opened my eyes to see my restless Julian with a huge smile on his face.

” Hey. ” He greeted.

I smiled then looked around me. I was in a hospital bed - probably the pack’s hospital - then I saw Nancy and Julian’s father standing behind their son with smiles on their faces. ” Hey ” I greeted back in a raspy tone. I tried to sit but couldn’t so I just laid there with Julian next to me.

" How are you feeling? ” He asked then squeezed my hand.

" I’m great now, thanks for the injection I believe. ” I replied and Julian arched his eyebrows.

" You heard? Everything? ” He asked with wide eyes.

I chuckled then nodded. ” Yup, every single word. From the threats to the I love you part, by the way, those last three words gave me the power to open my eyes. Thank you. ” I cleared in a soft tone that laced with sincerity, that made him blush and his parents laughed at him.

" Well Stella, it’s good to know that you’re okay so we will leave you two alone. ” His father said then they left the room. The silence filled the room.

I wanted to break it so bad because I wanted to tell him.” Julian... ” I trailed off to grab his attention.

He looked into my gray eyes and smiled. ” Yes? ” he replied.

" I’m ready. ”

He raised his eyebrows confused. ” Ready for what? ” he asked.

I put my hand on his cheek then rubbed it with my thumb. ” For you to mark me. I’m ready. ” I announced in a confident tone. I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I just asked him to bite me.

I hope it will turn out good.

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