I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 25


" Ready for what? ”

I put my hand on Julian’s cheek then rubbed it with my right thumb. ” For you to mark me. I’m ready. ” I announced. My tone of the speech was laced with the sudden confidence that landed upon me. I never felt more confident than that moment. Call me crazy and an insane girl who liked to rush things, I honestly didn’t care. I was telling you, If you meet Julian, you’d know what I was talking about, you’d melt from his overload kindness. Even though he was a strong alpha who can kill without thinking much about it, he can be super sweet and caring.

Like they always say: It’s too good to be true. I was afraid. Afraid that at some point of this amazing fantasy that I was living in, would turn to be just a mere dream to escape from my bitter and cruel reality. The reality that didn’t care much about me, because of my ruthless, emotionless brother. If this was all a dream, I’d like to be asleep for eternity without any kind of disturbance.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I just asked Julian to bite me, I was scared. Yes, yet I hoped it will turn out to be a marvelous and splendid experience that I’ll never forget.

He gazed at me for a while to see if I were joking or making fun of him. He tried to read hints of humor in my face yet he found none of it at all.” Are you sure Stella? ” he asked in a calm tone yet the craze was evident in his beautiful honey eyes. Like he was fighting with his wolf, Peter.

I chuckled like a little school girl then nodded. ” Yes, Julian. I want you to mark me as your one and only girl. Mate. Partner, whatever you like to call it, just do it. ” I replied with a soft and sincere smile that made him smile wider in return.

He leaned in my touch and grabbed my hands with his, then he kissed my palms. His lips lingered on my hands and it didn’t bother me at all. ” Okay, love. I think it’s better if we wait until we get home. It will be more comfortable for you. ” he countered and I nodded then blushed at the love part. It was hard to get used to it.

" Then take me home already. ” I cleared with a grin. He smirked, then suddenly put one hand under my legs and the other behind my back and lifted me up. He carried me bridal style and got out of the room to see the doctor and his parents standing near the waiting room, talking with each other, most likely about me. When they saw us together, they smiled knowingly and waved us goodbyes. I quickly hid my face in Julian’s chest and clenched his shirt, because it was too embarrassing to be seen in this position by his mom and dad. He just kept on walking to the main entrance, while ignoring my anxiety.

" That was cringe-worthy indeed. ” I commented in a low tone as he placed me on the seat of his jeep.

" Nah, it was cute, ” he said and kissed my cheek. I, as usual, blushed thereafter he turned around the front of the jeep and sat in the driver’s seat. ” I can’t wait to get home, ” he added while looking straight at me. I nodded then gazed at the road.

The ride home was too quiet, but it wasn’t awkward or anything, it was a comfortable silence. ” Stella ” Julian opened the main door for me and led the way like a gentleman. He was a gentleman. There was no doubt in it.

" Thank you ” I uttered, afterward I entered the house to my bedroom floor. Julian followed me and tried to enter, but I locked the door behind me real quick. ” Sorry, but I need to change my clothes. ” I apologized loudly through the door.

" Fine ” he replied like a five-year-old boy. ” I’m waiting for you in the living room, don’t be late. ” He requested in a kind of an order.

" Okay. ” I replied with a roll of my eyes then headed to my wardrobe and pulled out another set of clothes and put them on after I removed the old, dirty ones.

" I can’t believe that I’m going to get marked in a bit. Breath Stella, breath. Nothing bad will happen. It will be good” I talked to myself to ease up a bit, then opened the door and headed to the living room downstairs. As I stepped foot in the room, I was engulfed in a warm hug. I raised my head and saw Julian’s smiling face.

" What took you so long? ” he asked then buried his face in my neck.

He sniffed it and sighed with delight. ” I wasn’t gone for like 5 minutes Julian, don’t be so dramatic. ” I teased and he huffed cutely. He lifted me up and headed towards the couch, and sat me on his lap, my head was on his chest. So basically, I was back facing him.

" I can’t imagine my life without you by my side. You complete me, ” he said then tightened his grip on me, I relaxed more knowing what was coming next after this. ” Can I... ” he trailed off and I hummed a yes, then closed my gray eyes. Waiting for him to do his special thing. Julian removed my black hair and placed it on one side, the other one. Then he trailed his hands around my neck, and his finger scrubbed for my weak spot. After a minute of rubbing his finger on the nape of my neck, he found my weak spot that I moaned softly at when he touched it. I could hear his smirk behind me because he was so close to my ear.

" So that’s your spot. Are you ready? If you don’t want to... You could tell me, Stella. I don’t want you to regret it. ” He cleared in a low tone that made me wince.

I turned my head and smiled widely and brightly at him. ” Julian... I will never regret doing this with you, you are my mate, that’s what you said. I have no one else but you in my life, you are my first and last love, I want you to mark me so I can brag about you. You are perfect in my eyes so I’d never ever regret. ” I answered honestly then pecked his lips real quick. He smiled then nodded at me. I turned my head so I can give him more access. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes once again.

After seconds, I felt his canes go into my skin, it felt painful but for a little time... Afterwards, I felt like I was in heaven soaring on the clouds with him. It felt absolutely amazing. I felt his love in me. I didn’t want the time to run. So that’s what it felt like to be bitten by your mate.


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