I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 26


It’s been two days since the mark and the bite tradition and Julian have become more possessive and overprotective. I mean, it was nice to have someone who cares about you all the time and love you like you love them but...It was not that fun when a werewolf alpha who can kill anyone without blinking gets overprotective. It can drive someone nuts.

" Stella, where are you? ” Speaking of my beloved mate, he yelled while running around the house with only blue jeans and no t-shirt on. I was not complaining about that, I didn’t mind seeing his perfect tuned body at all... I was complaining about the overprotective side of him. I was in the bathroom, washing my hands from the dinner that we just had. I swear I told him that, but he thinks being away for 3 minutes is a serious problem. Even worse, a disaster.

" I’m in the bathroom Julian, I’m coming. ” I replied as I dried my hands with the hung white towel. I got out of the bathroom to come face to face with his muscly chest. ” Ouph” I let out a small puff sound, and his arms instantly were around me. He lifted my chin up and looked into my eyes with his honey, beautiful ones.

” Are you hurt? I’m sorry, ” he asked and concern was evident on his attracting face.

I shook my head with a small smile. ” No, don’t worry. I’m perfectly fine. ” I assured him then walked to the living room and he was right behind me.

" So what do you want to do today? ” he asked and I shrugged.

" I don’t know, though I have a question! ” I countered after I sat on the couch, then he sat next to me and wrapped his hands around my waist.

" Ask anything ”

I fixed my position and looked at him. ” I know that you’re soon to be alpha....” I said and he nodded. “When is soon? Like, when are you going to become the alpha of the Graymod pack? ” I asked with curiosity consuming my mind.

He grinned at me and I arched my eyebrows. ” In about a week. Stella, I need to tell you something ” he cleared, suddenly looking uneasy

" Yeah? ”

" When I become the alpha, we have to complete the mating process. ” Julian replied and I stared at him, clueless as well.

" What’s the mating process? ” I asked, not wanting to actually know. I was scared of the next step. He had a complex expression on his face that I couldn’t read.

” Well, um” his cheeks turned red, heck... Even his ears were red. Was it that bad?

" What? ” I asked to encourage him to continue with his talking.

" Um ah, it’s something all mates have to do to be as one. Then we will be like a married couple in a human perspective, your perspective Stella, ” he explained and I thought of his vague words. Like a married couple? Be as one? Wait... Oh shit, that was not comfortable at all.

" Oh ” that’s all that came from my mouth. My cheeks turned a deeper shade of red. Redder than his cheeks. ” We have to... Make love ” I stated and he nodded while averting eye contact with me. Way to make me feel better.

" If you don’t want to... I completely understand. ” He pointed out and I snapped my head towards him. Here we go again.

" What? No, it’s not like that. It’s just... ” I began and he nudged my shoulder to continue what I’ve started. ” It would be my first time and I’m afraid of the fact that I might disappoint you, Julian. ” I lowered my head and stared at the gray carpet.

Seconds later, he jumped from the couch and kneeled down in front of me. ” Hey, that’s your problem? That you might disappoint me? Stop joking around Stella, you’d never make me feel disappointed. On the contrary, I’m the one who’s afraid of your rejection. ” He admitted and my eyes widened in surprise.

" I would never reject you. I love you so much, you were the first one to give me shelter from my brother. You always help me when I need the help, and you’re so kind, too kind at times and too overprotective at other times” I said in a proud and confident tone.

He automatically showed me his megawatt smile that I loved and adored.” I love you too ” he replied then kissed my forehead softly. I hoped that we could stay like this for a long time... And I spoke too soon because my phone rang. We parted from each other and I grabbed my phone to see Skye’s ID.

” Hey ” I greeted with a smile. Julian lifted me up and placed me on his lap then he nuzzled his nose into my neck. It felt warm but tickly.

" Hey Stella, are you ready for tomorrow? ” she asked in a happy and joyful tone.

I arched my eyebrows at her sudden question. ” Tomorrow? ” I asked. Did we have something tomorrow?

" You can’t be serious! ” She pointed out through the phone. ” Don’t tell me that you forgot? ” she said in a hopeful tone.

I sighed. ” What do we have tomorrow Skye? Wait... ” I said then remembered what we have tomorrow. Oh shit, no. Why did I forget?

I facepalmed myself then looked at Julian with horror. I was afraid of Skye’s reaction. ” What’s wrong love? ” Julian asked me and I shook my head then got back to Skye.

" Please don’t be mad. I forgot, okay? ” I tried to reason but she screamed and Cody’s voice was on the other end.

" Skye are you okay? ” He asked her and she said no. Of course, she was not okay. How can I forget such a thing? I was an idiot. " THE GRADUATION IS TOMORROW AND YOU FORGOT!? ” she yelled at me and I removed the phone from my ear due to her loud voice.

Julian growled at the phone in anger but I rubbed his cheek and he calmed down.” Yes, Skye. I forgot that we have our graduation tomorrow, sue me. ” I replied trying to sound the poor victim.

I heard her loud and long sigh then she said what made me feel more afraid of her. ” Do you have anything to wear other than the clothes that we brought you? ”

" No ” I replied and I swear I heard Cody’s yelling for help. Was she killing him?

" Prepare yourself, we’re going to the mall. I’ll come and get you, and if Julian won’t allow, he can come. You hear me, JoJo? ” Skye raised her voice at the last statement and I chuckled at his nickname. It was cute.

He huffed but nodded. ” Okay, I’ll come. Get Cody too, ” he added through the phone then ended the conversation. ” Let’s get ready, ” he said then we stood up and headed to wear our shoes.

" It’s going to be a long day ”

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