I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 27


After we got to the mall and bought for Stella a new dress for her graduation ceremony, we headed to a small park, surrounded by trees, that had no one but us in it. It was too quiet yet nice and calming. Skye was so annoying with her requests, she loved to shop to the point of insanity, we stayed at the mall for the whole freaking day, literally, it was 10 pm when we got out of the mall. I couldn’t understand her sometimes and thank God Stella was not like her.

Sometimes? I don’t understand her all the time. I don’t know how Cody can handle her ′ Peter commented as usual and I had to agree with him. He was not telling lies, it was 100 percent true. ′ So, when are you planning to complete the mating process? ′ he asked in an excited tone. He was a perverted wolf and I got stuck with him.

I don’t know. Whenever she’s ready. I don’t want Stella to run away from us, just because we didn’t let her think about it carefully. It’s a serious matter, you know? ′ I replied then waited for his reply.

He rolled his eyes then sighed. ′ I guess you’re right and I hate it when you’re right so I will just go and leave you be for some time, you know why. ′ he cleared then disappeared into my head. Cody and I sat on the benches across from the swings. Skye grabbed Stella’s hand and dragged her to the swing that was placed in front of me. She locked eyes with me and started to swing like a free beautiful angel. My angel.

She looked absolutely stunning and the dress that she got for tomorrow fit her perfectly, that’s why I’ll go with her for the ceremony. She was too beautiful to be out there alone, there will be boys. I couldn’t leave her, and I didn’t want to risk her safety. Joey or Raymond might show up. The idea of them made me growl a bit but then I looked at my mate and calmed down. I smiled widely at her and admired her staggering smile. ” What do you want to do guys? ” I asked and they all shrugged.

Skye tilted her head back in the air and stared at the stars. I looked at the moon and thanked God because today was a full moon night and most werewolves shift. We, on the other hand, don’t. We were taught to control our shifting at times like this. We went through a rough training. Our pack was one of the oldest packs of all times so our bodies knew what to do when it was a full moon night. It would seem like we have taken a drug because we won’t shift tonight. We couldn’t because Peter was already in deep slumber for the next 12 hours, so were Skye’s and Cody’s wolves.

" Can I say a short poem and you tell me if it’s good or not? ” Stella asked all of the sudden and we nodded with happy smiles. She fixed her position and cleared her throat. ” we are all made of stars

But wait, that’s not how it starts

Not knowing where to go,

or what time,

How do I know?

Should I ask, should I cry

I still don’t know

I fall but I rise, I make mistakes

but in the end, we are all gonna change

So you can wait until the moon is a wake

Stare at the sky and pray

that you will not break.

Stay strong, spread your wings

But if you fall that will be the end ...

wait, who said that this will be the end

that’s not it cause you’re human after all.

You’re not perfect, you fall, you rise

But that proves that you are alive.

We are all made of stars ” she delivered this amazing poem in a soft tone and eyes that were filled with truth and love. Cody, Skye and I stood up, lined next to each other in front of her and clapped for her. ” That was beautiful ” I commented and she smiled brightly at me. ” Yes, absolutely. It was great. ” Cody said. ” Where and when did you create that? It was so dazzling. Stella ” Skye asked with a wide smile.

Stella stood up but didn’t move. ” Thank you, guys. It just came to me, when I looked at the stars. ” Stella answered. ” They inspired me to- ” she didn’t continue her sentence because she suddenly ran to us, with a frightening expression on her angry face.

" Stella ” We called for her but the next thing that happened, in split seconds, made us gasp and open our eyes with disbelief and fear. We heard bone cracking sounds and wincing coming from her small mouth, we looked carefully at her and saw a gray wolf. Did she turn? Stella jumped over our heads and landed on a black wolf, that was probably a rogue. The astonishment made us freeze in our spot. We couldn’t move one inch. I saw my human mate in her wolf form fighting a black rogue. And she won, then the rogue ran back to the woods.

" What just happened? ” Skye and Cody asked at the same time. I approached her then kneeled down in front of her shivering body.

I pulled my hand and placed it on her head then I rubbed her soft fur. ” Stella? ” I trailed off and she nodded her head. Then she started sniffing my clothes and buried her head in my chest. That was really her. What in the world just happened? As I was thinking of the possibilities, Peter howled and made me shift.

I guessed he smelled her wolf. He didn’t care about the full moon night.

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