I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 28


On the way home, no one talked. We stayed silent until Dianna, out of nowhere, started singing in my head. Like literally singing in my head. What in the world? Was that legal for wolves? I know it is, but why know?

Dianna... ′ I trailed off to grab her soaring attention. She was so into the song that she was singing. The Greatest by Sia... And to tell you the truth, her voice sucked like Skye’s. They will get along for sure.

Yes, Stella. ′ she replied.

Why are you singing? I mean what’s the occasion? ′ I asked with raised eyebrows.

Oh that... I do that when I get nervous. I sing.′ she reasoned and I thought. She was nervous, but from what exactly?

Of what?′ I asked again, eager to know.

Why do you think? In a matter of time, I will have to explain stuff to you that I never said before. Think Stella. ′ she said and rolled her eyes. I just nodded. She got a point there.

I didn’t realize that I zoned out until someone’s hand was in front of my face, waving to grab my attention.” Stella, are you okay? ” I turned my head and saw Julian with a worried expression on his handsome face. He was sitting beside me from the passengers’ seats. Cody was the one driving and Skye sat next to him.

I smiled. ” Yeah, don’t worry about it,” I replied then grabbed his hand with mine. It felt warm. I felt the sparks with so much power than the last time I held Julian’s hand. Does Dianna have anything to do with it?

" Are you sure? It looked like you were debating with Dianna, ” he smirked and I nodded. He knew better. He rubbed my palm with his thumb and it tickled me a bit. I let out a quiet giggle. ” What? ” He asked with a smile.

" It tickled. But I loved the sparks that went through my body, they were filled with love and affection more than last time. I love you Julian, and I think that Dianna has some serious stuff to tell.” I said and he kissed my cheek. His tender kiss made my insides go crazy. I wanted to kiss him on the lips but decided against it, I didn’t want Cody and Skye to tease me about it later. I knew Skye and I was getting to know Cody day by day... They will laugh at me but not in a mean way, in an annoying way to be more accurate.

" It will be okay” Julian cleared in a soft tone for the big bad alpha.

" I hope so ”

I let Dianna take control over my body after we got home and sat in the living room. I let her do that, so the rest could hear what she had to say. ” Dianna, tell us everything you know about Stella and you. ” Julian requested at he sat across from me on the couch, next to Cody and Skye. I sat in front of them on a chair.

" I’m just talking about Stella today, no one else. Her family, for example, that would be for another day. ” Dianna explained. They nodded. ′ Tell me ′ I encouraged her, knowing that she was nervous about the whole thing. ′ You can do it.

She sighed before she began talking.” So, it all started when Stella came to this world. As we know, the moon goddess made us, wolves, a partner each. When Stella was born, I was inside of her soul. We were meant for each other and I was her partner. We were great together for years, until your first shift, which came earlier than usual. You shifted on your 7th birthday and no one knew why Stella... After that first shift, things turned upside down for us. I just wanna say that it was all Raymond’s fault. He went crazy after your parents’ death, but I won’t go into too many details right now. ” She said and gone quiet for a while.

How come I didn’t remember you? ′ I asked.

" Well, Stella. You didn’t remember me because of the abuse. It was too much for your little body to handle, so I just drifted away in the back of your mind and soul. You lost your memory of me when you got older, but I couldn’t forget you. I tried to shift and help you with your life, and to stay away from Raymond, but I couldn’t. Until today. The danger that threatened our mate and friends triggered me to go wild and release my anger. It’s like I got activated ” she explained and I was blown away by that. So it was all Raymond’s fault after all.

" Wow... ” Skye said then came and hugged us real tight. ” I’m so sorry both, you had it rough. Now everything will be alright. Don’t worry ” she rubbed my back and we smiled.

" Thank you, ” Dianna said with a smile since I couldn’t reply.

Do you want me to take over again? ′ I asked her and she said yes.

Cody got up and walked towards me.” Like Skye said, it will be more than alright. Don’t worry. ” he rubbed my shoulder but we heard low growls.

I looked at Julian who was right in front of me. ” Mine. ” he hissed and we rolled our eyes. ” Stella, we will be with you until the last day we are destined for to be together. I will train you so you can defend yourself if you ever had to, Skye can teach you a few tricks and I’ll teach you fully. You won’t feel alone, ever. ” he said then kissed my lips in a slow pattern. Who cared about what Cody and Skye would say?

I kissed him back then pulled away with a smile. ” Thank you all. ” I pointed out and then smiled. I was a werewolf, cool.

And tomorrow... was the graduation ceremony... I forgot. Again.

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