I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 29


Today was Stella’s and Skye’s graduation ceremony and we were getting ready because after the graduation there will be a small dance that will be held in the school’s gym. So, I was in my room, dressing up for her. For my beautiful mate. I talked with Cody and he informed me that he was done dressing up. Was I too slow? or he was just too fast?

′ Our werewolf mate... Did you expect it to happen? That she’d shift like that?′ Peter suddenly asked while I fixing my stupid black tie. I didn’t wear ties... it was hard.

′ No, never. I didn’t smell her wolf, the abuse must have been too tough that it made her hide away from us. But I’m glad that she shifted. Aren’t you? ′ I replied in an angry tone because of her bastard brother. Raymond will pay for everything he had done to Stella, the next time I see him, he’ll be dead.

Yeah, anyway... You suck at tying ties.′ he commented and I swear, I heard his grin in his tone. I just rolled my eyes with a small huff.

′ No shit. ′ I said then blocked him out. I got out of my room, I fixed my black suit and headed to Stella’s room. I knocked on the door and waited. I so was eager to see her and engulf her in a warm hug. Seconds later, I heard the softest voice that said ‘come in’ soon after, I did. I entered the room to see a beautiful angel standing before my eyes. Mine. I blinked twice to make sure that she was there. That I was not dreaming of this wonderful creature.

" Hey ” She greeted in a quiet tone that pulled me into her effortlessly. She was absolutely stunning and gorgeous. She was my perfect girl. I studied her outfit closely then growled uncontrollably. She wore a V neck crimson short dress that reached above her knees. It had sleeves that reached down her elbows, that dress was revealing, which showed a bit of her cleavage. She was too beautiful for the world. I didn’t mind seeing her like that at all. I just didn’t want any other guys to see her like this.

Before I could comment, she beat me to it. ” I know that the dress is too revealing, it wasn’t my choice I swear. It was Skye’s, she begged me to wear it. I’m so sorry. ” She reasoned and I couldn’t help but kiss her light pink lips. It was a sweet fast kiss that made me crave for more.

I looked into her dazzling eyes and smiled. ” I know, but can’t you wear something on it? Like a jacket maybe? ” I asked in hopes she’d say yes. I hugged her like she was a teddy bear that was so fluffy and warm and was about to run away.

” Julian, I can’t breath. ” she breathed out then gently slapped my back. I let go of her almost instantly. With worry eyes, I apologized and muttered a sorry.

" It’s okay, and yes I do have a jacket that can match up with my dress, just a second. ” she cleared and went to her wardrobe. I walked to her bed and sat on it. She came back a minute later with a black suede jacket that matched her black high heels. That was more like it. ′ I agree ′ Peter said.

" How is it? ” She asked while standing in front of me.

I nodded, feeling content. ” I love it, you look beautiful and covered. ” I replied then pulled her to bed with me and she was laying on top of me. My sudden action caused her cheeks to turn red and I couldn’t help but laugh. ” When we should be there? ” I asked then kissed her cheek.

She looked at the clock that was on the wall. ” Um-ah in about 30 minutes or so. Why you ask? ” she replied with arched eyebrows that made her look extra cute and adorable.

I smirked. ” Enough time for me to cuddle. ” I pointed out and flipped us over so I was laying on top of her, but not laying my full weight on her small body. ′ Yeah, she’d die.′ Peter pointed out sarcastically but I ignored him to let him enjoy the moment with Dianna - Stella’s wolf.

" Why is your tie like this? ” She asked with a giggle.

" Oh yeah, I forgot about it. Could you fix it for me when I finish cuddling with you? ” I asked with a grin.

" Sure, and Julian...” she trailed off and I nodded.

" Yeah, love? ”

" Thank you, ” she said out of the blue. It took me off guard so I raised my eyebrows, confused. ” For what? ” I asked.

" For being here, with me. For accepting me. For loving me. Thank you. ” She explained and I felt like the happiest man alive. I picked her lips slowly, which lasted for a long time then we had to part our lips from each other to catch our breaths.

" You’re welcome love, and thank you for accepting me and loving me as well. ” I replied and nuzzled my nose in her neck, I inhaled her scent. It was so good that I wanted to make her mine, fully mine. Yet I couldn’t push my boundaries. I had to wait for her. Whenever she was ready. She wrapped her arms around my neck and inhaled softly. It was soothing to hear her relief.

" Julian... We should go ” She said after I kissed her lips for the last time.

I sighed. ” Yeah, but I’d rather stay here, with you. ” I replied like a four-year-old who doesn’t want to get out of bed.

" Me too, but I kinda have to go,” she said then looked at my tie. ” But we need to fix that tie of yours first. ” She laughed and I nodded, then we got out of the bed. She did what I requested perfectly. Afterwards, I received a message from Cody letting us know that they were waiting for us to come and pick them up.

" Shall we go my lady? ” I pulled my hand and linked it with hers.

" We shall, ” she replied and we headed out of the door.

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