I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 3


I kept on running like my life depended on it, which in this case, was. I felt the adrenaline rush through my veins, I felt so warm but I didn’t feel tired or weary from running. But I was exhausted from my life. I want to get away from this dull world, my ‘brother’s world’.

“Stella if don’t stop right now I’ll -” Raymond started yelling but I cut him off but didn’t stop running and I didn’t look behind because I don’t want to trip and fall into his grip again.

" You will what? Tell me, Raymond, slap me, you’ve done that. Kick me, you’ve done that. Punch me and knock me out, you’ve done that too. What else Raymond, huh? what else? You were planning on using my body for your benefits, only.” I was shouting at the top of my lungs. It hurts to talk while running but I’m done with this crap.

I didn’t get a reply but I saw from the back of my eye, Raymond increasing his pace. So I did the same. While I was desperately trying to make my way through this dark woods, I saw a house, a big house. The lights were turned on.

And I saw hope with those lights.

I looked behind me for just seconds and saw him trip over a big rock. My chance. I reached the front door and yanked the doorknob open with my full force. As I stepped inside, panting from the running, I saw more than 20 males watching a football game. They snapped their gazes and looked at me amused and alarmed. I closed the door while panting heavily.

Before anyone of them could say anything, I just countered these two weak words that came out as whispers.

" Please help ”

They all stood up and walked towards me. Conflict emotions were visible on their faces. You know, their living room was wide open. Like if you open the main door and you’re in the living room. It was a large house, probably 3 times bigger than mine.

" What’s wrong? Who are you? ” One of them asked, concern was reflecting in his dark brown eyes. As I wanted to speak, the door was swung open by an angry Raymond.

He was holding a big rock, the rock that he tripped over. ” Stella you fucking bitch! ” He approached me with hate in his emotionless green eyes. He raised the rock to hit me with it, and I quickly closed my eyes. I was preparing for the dreadful blow but nothing happened, so I opened my eyes once again to see a tall muscular man standing in front of me. Protecting me with a bronze tray that shoved the rock away.

" What do you think you’re doing? ” The tall man asked and fury was obvious in his tone of speech.

Raymond looked at him then at me and I glared at him.” She’s my sister, I want her home ” Raymond replied and I gagged at his disgusting untruthful words.

I let out a laugh but it was not humorous at all. ” Sister? Home? You never considered me as your sister, you were about to sell me. I never and will never consider that building that I’ve lived in for 18 years as my ‘home’ now go away ” I yelled, feeling the rage raise inside of me. This was the actual first time that I found the courage to step up for myself. I usually take his beatings without saying any word. I used to scream in my head but never out loud. He looked at me with so much hatred and aversion.

" You heard her, now move. ” The tall guy spat and pushed Raymond out of the house, but Raymond swung his fist wanting to punch the tall guy yet he was stopped, then shoved roughly to the ground. The tall guy punched his face and I couldn’t and won’t ever feel sorry for my brother. Never. I just stood there, watching them.

A couple of seconds later, I looked behind me and saw the rest of the young men looking uneasy and embarrassed? They had little blush on their cheeks. I arched my eyebrows in confusion but then the sudden realization hit me hard like a baseball ball. I was in a torn shirt and no pants, just underwear. I was sort of naked in front of a lot of strangers. ” Well... That’s awkward ” I pointed out in a whisper, and all of the men suddenly turned around facing the wall.

As I wanted to turn and see Raymond plus the tall guy again, I felt two arms wrap around my waist. I felt the sudden warmth. I raised my head to be met with a pair of charming bright honey eyes. They were shining like the sun orbs, his dark blond hair was trimmed perfectly that made him look beautiful, matching his handsome face and sharp jawline and his tanned skin. He smiled at me and shown me the adorable dimple on his left cheek. He was too perfect and I was weak to dimples. As I was checking him out, I felt a pull towards him. I didn’t want to push him away from me, on the contrary, I wanted him to hold me tighter.

What was wrong with you? You just met the guy. Literally.

His honey eyes turned to dark-brown, almost pitch black. I raised my eyebrows in confusion and I wanted to ask but he beat me to it. “Mine ” He growled, like an actual loud growl. Could people do that? Humans to be precise.

I shifted in his arms then darted my eyes to his hands. ” Um-no, I...don’t think so... ” I stated in a low tone and tried to free myself from his grip but it was of no use. I was grateful that he saved me but I didn’t want to be caged like a hopeless bird again. He was too strong for me, but the funny thing was that I didn’t feel the threat. I felt safe in his muscular arms and I didn’t want to be separated from him. Okay, something was wrong here and I knew it.

He smiled at me and his adorable dimple just enchanted me and captured my senses to no return. ” You’re mine and no one else’s ” he looked at the males with a glare. “ So all of you men, go do your business and don’t you dare spare another glance on what’s mine.” He demanded in a firm tone and they bowed their heads walking away to I don’t know where. He got so much authority. Maybe he was the owner of the house or something.

I looked at him bewildered by his speech, I couldn’t deny what he said. I just couldn’t. ” I’m yours? ” I asked being careful with my words. I couldn’t trust him yet. Men can be cruel like my brother. I don’t want to end up raped or dead after all that trouble of escaping my old life. I’m never turning back to Raymond. Which reminded me... I glanced at the ground out of the house and saw no sign to Raymond. Where did he go? I was super sure that he will come after me.

As I was panicking from the inside, ” You’re all mine ” The tall guy said with a nod.

" What’s your name? ” I found myself lost in his eyes. His fascinating honey eyes.

" Julian Woods, what’s yours? ” He asked with a smile showing me his perfect white teeth.

" I’m Stella ”

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