I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 30


We got to school on time, parents and friends were gathering in the parking lot and heading to the school’s building. They looked so happy and cheerful. I mean, who wouldn’t when you are going to be officially a free human? And don’t get me wrong, I used to love school, but now that I have someone who I love more, school seemed an obstacle in my life. It seemed so dull. I had someone who taught me how to breathe peacefully, without worrying about Raymond. Julian was the light in me that my parents took with them when they died. He loved me, and I loved him and I hoped that nothing gets in the way of our lives and mine and Skye’s graduation and by nothing, I meant: Raymond or Joey.

′ Great, you jinxed it ′ a sudden voice said in my head. Before I could panic and start screaming, I remembered Dianna. She was my wolf, and I was a werewolf. It was hard to comprehend.

′ No, I didn’t. And you can appear like that? ′ I asked in a serious yet shocked tone.

′ Like what? ′ she asked back, with a confused hint in her tone of speak.

′ Like a ghost, so sudden. ′ I replied then looked at Julian to see him fixing his suit. He looked handsome and charming. His honey eyes were twinkling because of the sinking sun’s rays. I felt like I didn’t deserve him. He was too good for me. I was not beautiful like the other girls. I was no special.

′ Stella ′ Dianna’s shout broke my chain of thoughts and got me to focus on her. ′ First, I’m always in you, so my appearance wasn’t so sudden, you gotta get used to it because I’m not leaving. Second, you are beautiful and sweet. Don’t compare yourself to any other girl, they are different from you, you are different for them. Julian loves you for you, for who you are. Just the way you are. You deserve him, and he deserves you. Got it? Believe it ′ her outburst startled me for a second, I got flabbergasted at that. But then, it made me smile a bit and have that tingling sensation in my stomach where I felt worthwhile. I was very blessed to have her.

I nodded my head and let out a small yeah that made Julian look at me with raised eyebrows. Questioningly. I just shook my head with a grin that made him grin too. He let it go and linked his arm with mine like the father when he walks his daughter down the aisle in her wedding day, and Cody linked his arm with Skye’s then we headed to where the graduation ceremony was held.

While we were walking, a couple of old friends greeted me with smiles and handshakes. I even saw Mr. Jon, my music teacher. He was so delighted when he knew that Julian was my boyfriend and Skye’s cousin. He acted like a father when he meets his daughters’ boyfriend for the first time. He gave me his blessings. Then he took Julian for a minute and talked with him in private. I wonder what they were talking about? Apparently, Mr. Jon met Cody before, so he was good to go, he was good for Skye. I was seriously going to miss this amazing teacher.

" Stella ” Skye called. ” Let’s hurry, it’s about to begin. Come on ” she said and we quickened our strides. Julian unlinked my arm and grabbed my hand instead. His hand felt so warm in mine. It felt so right.

" MJ Wesley ” the principal called out to my fellow classmate to receive his diploma. We all clapped for him until he grabbed it from our homeroom teacher. He looked nervous nevertheless happy. I breathed slowly when I realized that it was my turn, next. I looked at Julian to see him staring at me with a heartwarming smile. ” What? ” I laughed quietly not knowing what to say next.

" You look beautiful, ” he confessed, which made me blush. ” I love you ” he came closer to me and kissed my left cheek. And before I could react, we heard Awe-ing coming from Cody and Skye mouths, then they clapped quietly.

" You looked absolutely adorable. ” Skye commented and Cody grinned.

" You did. ” He added with his hand wrapped around Skye’s shoulders. I hid my face in Julian’s chest, to hide away my embarrassment.

" Sto- ” I was interrupted by the principal’s talking.

“...And now, Stella Woods, ” he said and my eyes widened.

Stella Woods? But that was Julian’s last name and I was pretty sure that there was no other Stella in the seniors. Was he calling for me?

" Is Stella here? ” the principal called again and Julian tugged my shoulder to stand up. Was it his doing? I looked at his eyes and saw happiness. Yup, it was his doing.

I was going to have to talk with him, but after I receive my diploma. ” Yes, I’m here. Sorry. ” I walked to the stage with a nervous smile. Now I knew what MJ felt. I shook hands with all of the teachers then grabbed my diploma from my homeroom teacher. I said thank you, then got down off of the stage and walked back to my seat, next to Julian.

" Stella Woods? ” I asked, bewildered by that sudden change. I didn’t mind it though. I liked the sound of it.

" Yeah, since when? ” Skye asked, and Cody just listened. He knew.

" Since the moment I laid eyes on you. Someday, you’ll be Ms. Woods and Luna on the pack. I know I’m not letting you go, ever. So I’ve talked with Mr. Jon about it. ” Julian explained and I smiled. I brought my face close to his and cupped his cheeks.

" For a big bad alpha, you can be so cute most of the times ” I cleared then kissed his lips real quick. His eyes widened.

" I’m not cute ” he disagreed but Cody had other plans for him.

" Oh yes, you are. Julian Woods is sooo cute ” he raised his voice enough for the students to hear. They chuckled.

" Just shut up ” Julian low-growled at Cody and me and Skye laughed so hard at that.

" Skye Woods ” the principal called to her and she stood up.

" Break a leg ” Julian encouraged and she smiled then walked to the stage, but as she was about to climb the stairs, she almost tripped. Over nothing. At all.” Not literally ” Julian face palmed himself and Cody laughed. I smiled when she grabbed her diploma with a wide smile. We were free.

After we threw the caps in the air, we started walking to the hall dance. I was behind everyone else, Julian was in front of me. As we were about to enter the enter the hall, someone grabbed my wrist and dragged me outside the school, to the parking lot. I looked up to see who I was afraid to see or face. What was he doing here?

Before he could do anything, ” Stella ” Julian’s voice rang in my ears and I screamed to grab his attention. ” Leave her alone ” he growled and came running towards me. In split seconds, I was once again in Julian’s arms and out of Raymond’s grip.

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