I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 31


Raymond looked furious and mad. He was not happy to see Julian, heck he was angry at me too, and it was not a new thing though. I shifted in my place, feeling the fear raise inside of me when he tried to take a closer step. I started remembering the abuse. The suffering that I went through for years. He broke me but Julian fixed me, so I will not allow him to destroy me again. I was not the same old weak Stella who had no one to help her. I was The Werewolf Stella, who had a powerful mate and great friends.

I looked beside me to see Skye and Cody in an alerted position. They were glaring Raymond with killer draggers. Then, I looked at Julian’s face, I had to raise my head to see his livid honey eyes that were filled with dangerous emotions. I gazed back at Raymond to see him aiming a gun at me. Where did he get that? ′ Not the best time to ask that Stella dear. ′ Dianna jumped in my head and commented. ′ He is going to kill you, us. You have to shift. ′ she suggested and I thought.

Should I shift?

" So you were with him the whole fucking time. With your plaything, I knew you were a whore who sought only sex, you disgust me. I can’t believe I didn’t kill you sooner. You are a pathetic bitch. ” he ranted and I felt like my blood was boiling with rage. I saw Julian’s face from the corner of my eye and it was not a pretty sight. For Raymond, that is.

I breathed, finding the courage that abandoned me as soon as the abuse began. I squeezed Julian’s hand that was wrapped around my waist. ” Why Raymond? ” I swallowed my shaky breath and went on. ” Why did you abuse me? What have I ever done to make you hate me that much? All I remember was me being kicked and hit by you. You were supposed to be my brother, my family. You were the only blood-related family to me when our parents died. You became a lunatic stranger when your fist made contact with my jaw for the first time ever. So why? What did I do to you?” I threw my questions at him in one breath.

I waited to see his facial expression. I waited to hear his supposed to be a good reason to abuse me. I waited for the truth to be shown to the light in the dark night. Everyone else was still silent. Even Julian. he also wanted to know. I was surprised he didn’t lunch at him yet.

Raymond took another step towards us, with a smirk that showed no emotions. ” Your brother? Your family? Your only blood-related? Our parents Stella? Are you fucking kidding me? We have never been a family. I never considered you as family Stella, you were nothing to me. You were and still are a bitch. I’m not your brother Stella, I have never been. ” He replied with a cold tone that sent shivers down my spine, but not the good shivers that Julian can manage to do to me. It was icy shivers that made my stomach flip from the confusion and hurt.

" Meaning? ” Skye growled at him.

Raymond looked at Skye for a second then he fixed his gaze back at me. ” I’m not your brother Stella, I was adopted by your parents. I never belonged to that family. And frankly, I felt happy when they died. They irritated me every day. ” He spilled the bitter truth and to say that I was stunned was an understatement.

" Why? ” I asked in a whisper that was loud enough for him to hear. I felt drained.

" They loved you more than me, since the day you were born. They loved you better, took care of you better and gave you something that I couldn’t and won’t ever have. ” He countered in an angry and loud tone that made me flinch a bit.

I tried to walk forward to him but Julian didn’t let that happen. ” That’s not true, they loved you too much and you know that, but what did they gave me and didn’t give you? Tell me, Raymond, is it a good reason to abuse a teenage weak girl for years? Is it? ” I was so infuriated by the way he said it. He knew how much our parents loved him. If I knew that he was adopted, I’d still be happy. It wouldn’t have made a difference, but now it would. He was a monster in the shape of a human.

He scoffed at me.” They gave you the ability to shift into a damn wolf. You are a werewolf. That’s why I hated yo- no, I loathed you. I was born into a werewolf family too but I couldn’t shift because I took after my mother’s genes. My human mother, while my father was a werewolf. Why couldn’t I just have his genes? If I did, I wouldn’t get kicked out of my old pack, and I wouldn’t get adopted by your parents who felt pity for me. I hated that. I hated them, I hated you and I’ll end you. ” He shouted the hurtful verity. His face turned red form the rage. Was I hearing right?

He was born in a pack and he couldn’t shift because he was not a werewolf. He got angry at me because I could. How in the fucking world was that a good enough reason to abuse me? What a messed up mind he had. ′ Can I just kill his ugly ass? ′ Dianna shouted. I ignored her because I was too flabbergasted by the new information.

" You won’t end her ” Julian jumped in front of me and I was surprised by that. ” I’ll make sure you won’t ” He spat.

Raymond looked at him with the same loath that he looked at me with. ” Who are you to speak? ” he asked.

" I’m her mate, Julian Woods. I’m sure you know about alphas because I’m about to be one. ”

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