I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 32


Raymond’s face went pale as soon as he heard Julian’s name. He started shifting in his place and looking at anything that was near, anything but Julian. So he knew about him?

" Yes, I know about alphas and all. So what? I’m not afraid of you, you worthless piece of trash. You are worth nothing ” Raymond scoffed but the hint of worry was evident in his shaky tone. He was trying to act tough but failed epically. He was hiding his fear behind the gun that was in his hands.

When he insulted Julian, Dianna and I growled. No one talks about him like that. Not even Raymond. ” Just shut your dirty mouth and leave. Leave us, leave me” I yelled my heart out. My tone laced with confident and fury. Raymond’s eyes shot daggers at me and I didn’t care. For the first time, I found courage because of Julian.

” The little bitch has finally found the courage to speak up. That’s so adorable but I’m sorry to inform you that I will not leave until I kill you. Right here, right now ” he countered with the gun still aimed at me. My friends were triggered by his words. Skye was about to pounce on him when Julian did. I didn’t feel him leave my side until I saw him lifting Raymond by the neck. When did he...?

" Listen and listen carefully you fucker, you will not lay your filthy hands on her ever again because I’m going to kill you, or better yet, I’m going to torture you then kill you, you piece of shit,” Julian shouted in his face and Raymond was struggling to breathe. His grip was deadly and Raymond’s face turned a light shade of blue.

‘The good thing no one is here and the music is too loud for anyone to hear’ Dianna commented, obviously enjoying the show. ′ Not now ′ I said then focused back on them. Raymond raised his hand that was holding the gun and shot Julian. My eyes widened, I was too stunned by his action to actually analyze what just happened. He shot Julian before I could even warn him. I panicked when I heard Julian’s pained scream. His grip on Raymond loosened and that opened a chance for him to jerk away. Coughing to catch his breaths.

" Julian ” I called, angry and scared for his life. I started running towards him when he mind-linked me.

′ Don’t come any closer. I’m fine, he only shot my arm, I’m okay. ′ He reassured me in his strong alpha voice. Julian grew up to depend on himself at times like these, but I wanted to help. I looked carefully at him, to see his bleeding arm. He was holding it with his good hand. I tried to ignore his request but he warned ′ Don’t think about it. ′ And so I stopped in my place. His tone was too dominating in a way that made me paralyzed. I couldn’t defy his order.

′ Why can’t he or us shift? ′ Dianna asked in an annoyed tone. She wanted to get involved. But I couldn’t let her because I didn’t know the level of her strength yet. I didn’t know if she could even fight him.

′ We can’t risk anyone seeing us. That would be bad for us all. ′ I replied then looked at Raymond who was trying to attack Julian, again.

" Alpha ” Cody called and Julian gave him a small determined nod while he was tying his arm with a cloth. With that done, Cody was behind Raymond in seconds, with his arms around him. He caged Raymond in a position he couldn’t get out from. And since Cody was much bigger than him and well built, he looked like a small kid in his huge and long arms.

" Let go of me ” Raymond shouted at Cody while trying to release himself. He couldn’t. Then he tried to kick his legs but failed.

" He deserves what is coming next ” Skye whispered but I heard her loud and clear. So I snapped my head towards her, with questioning eyes. ” What do you mean by that? ” I asked then arched my eyebrows.

She smirked. ” Julian is going to snap his neck...I think, ” she replied and my eyes widened. I gazed back at Raymond and Cody to see Julian standing right in front of him with a livid expression on his sweaty face.

" Don’t ” I yelled at them. They looked at me, confused at my outburst. ” Don’t kill him” I ordered.

Julian raised his eyebrows. ” Why Stella? ” he asked with an angry tone.

" Because I want to do something ” I reasoned then began walking towards them. I stopped beside Julian and in front of Raymond.

" What? You’re the one who’s gonna kill me? ” he asked in a sarcastic tone. I rolled my eyes and shook my head no, then raised my hand into a fist shape... I smirked, then punched him in his nose, really hard. He groaned in pain as I felt a sting in my hand. Damn, that hurt. I raised my other hand and punched him again in his jaw. That really hurt, how can boys do that without hurting themselves?

" You are fucking stupid if you thought that I’d kill you. I’ll leave that to Julian, I don’t know what he might do to you and I don’t want to know because I don’t care. But you need to know one thing before I never see you again... You were so loved by our parents, I even envied you sometimes. You were loved Raymond by all of us. But now, you are a dead stranger to me. Goodbye, brother. ” I explained in a quiet tone that made me sound weary of this bullshit. And I was. The last word was like spit coming out of my mouth.

He didn’t say anything at all, he just stared at me with a complicated expression that was painted on his face. I believed that the envy part made him too puzzled to move a muscle. I wasn’t lying, I really did envy him. He was mother’s favorite. Julian just flashed me a wide smile that made me return the smile. He was proud of me and I was happy. ” She’s right, she won’t kill you and neither will I. I’ll just enjoy your suffering until God ends your pathetic life. ” Julian told him with a wicked smile that made me shudder.

′ He’s sexy alright ′ Dianna commented out of place and I blushed.

" Move ” Cody demanded still caging him and they started walking to the jeep. Skye and I followed suit. As we were about to get in, a shocking thing happened that left us speechless. Especially Raymond, because he was on the ground covered in a blood pool. His blood .

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