I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 33


As we were about to get in, a shocking thing happened that left us speechless. Especially Raymond, because he was on the ground covered in blood. His blood. Our eyes widened at the sudden sight. I just stood there, frozen in the spot while Julian and Cody got alerted and looked around us to see who did it. They ran towards the source of the shooting. It was a sniper’s shot. Skye bent down to Raymond’s level and checked his pulse. She raised her gaze and shook her head with a blank expression displayed on her face. I didn’t do anything because I was paralyzed. I forgot how to move my legs. For a second, I forgot how to catch my breath.

′ Stella ′ Dianna called to gain my attention, sensing my apprehension. I blinked rapidly and stared at the little-blooded hole in Raymond’s chest. The bullet was perforated through his chest, where the heart was positioned. The amount of blood that drenched his white shirt didn’t need Skye to tell me that ′ He was dead ′ I stated, more to myself than Dianna. I shook my head and gazed at Julian who was running back towards us. His face was crunched and his eyes held fury and confusion.

" They got away, whoever they were ” he pointed out in his normal tone. After that, Cody came running from the little forest that was near the school’s building.

" No use ” he reported to his alpha then stood next to Skye and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Julian came to me and hugged me. I buried my face into his chest and sighed loudly. I didn’t know if it was wrong for me not to cry because I didn’t feel like I’ve lost an important person to me. I felt like I’ve lost an acquaintances that I knew since the day I was born. I felt nothing, my heart was blank. I had no emotions towards him. I was not happy to see him dead, but I was not sad too... Was that wrong?

′ You lost him when he raised his hand and hit you. It’s not wrong to feel that way towards your abuser. ′ Dianna countered and I hummed a yes, not wanting to speak about it.

" Are you okay? ” Julian asked me while rubbing his palms through my hair. His touch relaxed me. I nodded then looked at his face.

” Yeah... Let’s just go back home, I feel tired. Can you take care of his body? ” I asked in a whisper.

" Of course love. I’ll have my warriors bury him in the cemetery. Don’t worry. ” He assured me with a kiss on my cheek. Raymond was gone, forever.

" Bye Stella, see you tomorrow. ” Skye hugged me goodbye then went to the car that was occupied by Cody. He was waiting for his mate.

" See you later ” I bid her goodbye then we got into the house. Julian and I entered his room because it was closer.

” What time is it? ” I asked as I sat on his big bed. He looked at his phone and sat next to me.

“10 pm, are you sleepy? ” he asked me back while looking at my gray eyes. Like, he was searching for something in them.

" No, just tired of today’s even-” I stopped talking because I remembered something that slipped my mind completely. ” Let me see your arm! ” I grabbed his arm with mine and checked for his injury, I removed the cloth from his arm and inspected it... I didn’t find anything. His skin was dirty with blood but the wound wasn’t there. ” How? ” I asked, overwhelmed.

He smirked. ” Werewolves heal faster than a mere human, besides I have alpha blood in my veins. I heal faster than a normal werewolf babe, ” he explained, then wrapped his arms around my small body and laid back on the bed, so we were facing the ceiling. I wrapped my arms around his chest and kissed his jawline. We enjoyed the silence that involved us.

" Julian, ”

" Hmmm? ” he hummed.

" I want to fight ” I blurted out. He raised his head so he can look at me with his arched eyebrows. Confusion was evident on his handsome face.

" What? ” He asked.

I rolled my eyes. ” I want to become stronger, I want to fight so I can protect myself if not you. I felt useless today, I couldn’t do anything. ” I said in a sad tone. Then I played with the hem of his jacket. ” You said I could ” I added the waited for his reply. I waited long.

" ...Fine, but I’ll be the one to teach you how to fight. No other male will touch you. You are mine alone. ” He growled in my neck. I chuckled because I was so ticklish.

” Thank you, ” I breathed then kissed his cheek when he lifted his head to face me.

" On the cheek? I need more than that to feel the gratitude, love. ” His grin grew wider as his face came closer to mine. I shifted nervously and knowingly. I felt my cheeks heat up, but I didn’t move away. I closed my eyes waiting for the moment to happen. ” Stella... I love you ” he said then crashed his lips on mine before I could reply. I kissed him back. The kiss was gentle and soft, it made me lost in his touch. He held me closer, if that was possible, and made me lay on top of him. My hands found their way to his hair and started running through it. He groaned pleasantly and I moaned softly.

After some time, he noticed my struggle to breathe, so he parted his lips and kissed my nose. ” I’ll give you a clean hoodie, you don’t have to go to your room to change ” he suggested and I nodded. We stood up and waited for him to hand me his hoodie. He went to his wardrobe and searched for one. ” Here, wear this and I’ll go to the bathroom for a minute. You can change, I won’t peak ” he winked at me and throw it for me to catch with new boxers.

" Thanks, ” I said with a blush, then stripped down from my dress after he entered the bathroom. I pulled the boxers then the hoodie over my head and his scent hit my nose. ′ Delicious, can I bite him? ′ Dianna asked out of nowhere, but that made me stunned.

′ N-no way ′ I stuttered. She was a pervert wolf.

′ Oh come on. He marked you, so it’s only fair for me to mark him. ′ She reasoned. ′ Besides, you will have to do that sooner or later... Let’s make it sooner. ′ She suggested.

I rolled my eyes. ′ I prefer later, bye Dianna. ′ I replied then ignored her protests. I was not ready. I sat on the bed and waited for him. I looked at my legs to see that the hoodie covered my thighs well. Minutes later, the bathroom door was opened to reveal a half-naked Julian. He only wore sweatpants.

′ Damn those abs ′ Dianna commented and I couldn’t agree more. Julian smirked as like he knew what I was thinking.

” Sorry for the wait, let’s sleep. I’m tired, ” he said then jumped on his bed while dragging me down with him. After he pulled the covers on us, my eyes felt heavy. ” Good night love, ” he said and kissed my forehead, then pulled me closer to him.

" Good night JoJo ” I replied, half asleep.

He sighed. ” Not you too ” he commented, then darkness took over.

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