I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 34


It’s been three weeks since Raymond’s death. We didn’t know who shot him yet but Julian was suspecting Joey, his cousin because, after the incident, we went back home to find a letter on the door frame, and it said " You got lucky this time ”

So, I was in the backyard with Julian in my workout clothes. He was teaching me how to fight, he has been doing that since his death. After all the running I did for the last two weeks, I became faster than ever. And my senses heightened, I was able to smell good and hear the smallest noises. When I ran, I felt like the time stopped and everything became clear for my vision to see. ′ That’s right Stella, we are awesome ′ Dianna commented which made me giggle.

" So you have to raise your elbow like this and open your eyes fully. ” Julian explained while showing me how should I stand and position myself. I did what he said and breathed deeply. Then focused only on him. ” Good, now punch me ” he pointed out and I shook my head, to a halt.

" No, why? Your handsome face... ” I commented with worry. But I didn’t finish what I was going to say. ′ Why?′ Dianna asked then wiggled her eyebrows. ′ Shut up ′ I replied then felt my cheeks heat up.

Julian chuckled then cupped my cheeks. ” Don’t worry, you’re not strong enough to harm me yet, I’ll just see how you punch and help you improve, ” he assured and I nodded feeling more confident. He kissed the tip of my nose and stood back. I raised my fist and threw it at his face. Julian stumbled back a bit and I felt like my hand stung but not the same way when I punched Raymond. It was like my fist grew rougher and stronger. ” How was it? ” I asked as he put his palm on his red cheek.

" It was good, but not good enough to make someone fall to the ground without hurting yourself. We have a lot of work to do, ” he announced and I sighed.

After 4 hours of training, I was so exhausted to the point of me sleeping on the grass. I woke up to feel strong arms around me. I saw Julian sleeping beside me on my bed. I tried to wiggle my way out of his grip, but it was too tight and I was too tired. ” I’m just stuck here until he wakes up” I whispered to myself, then closed my eyes to enjoy his warmth.

′ Don’t act like you don’t love it. ′ Dianna suddenly said. I opened my eyes once again to stare at him.

′ Why do you always comment unnecessary stuff? ′ I asked her, then I placed my hand on his cheek.

′ It’s not unnecessary and you know it, now kiss him’ she ordered which made my eyes widened.

′ What? Why? ′ I asked again while looking at his lips. They looked too soft. I just wanted to make contact with them.

′ Kiss him now, kiss, kiss, kiss, come on Stella, you know you want to ′ she teased and I had to agree with her, I wanted to kiss him so bad.

′ Fine, fine just shut up for a moment, please. ′ I replied then blocked her away. I began closing the distance between our lips until I was inches away from them. The urge to kiss him beat me and made me do it. My lips were placed on his soft ones, it was a sweet gentle kiss. I didn’t want to wake him up... But that was impossible. As I ran my fingers through his hair, his eyes shot wide open. I felt embarrassed and wanted to withdraw from the kiss, but he didn’t let me. He grabbed the back of my head and deepened the kiss until it turned into a lustful and needed kiss that was filled with desperate and love. The sparks from touching him made our wolves go crazy.

" Way to wake me up, love ” he whispered then kissed me back. Saying that my face was red was an understatement. I was like a tomato. Julian moved us so he was on top of me, never leaving my lips. I wrapped my hands around his neck and our legs tangled together. Our moans filled the air and I felt like the room was on fire.

It was so hot I couldn’t bare my clothes on me, so I started taking off my shirt. I was left in my sports bra. ” It’s so hot ” I commented then crashed my lips back to his. It was the first time that I felt horny and needed my mate. ” Julian, it’s too hot in here. I feel like I’m burning. ” I told him and he stopped kissing me to look at my face.

His eyes grew with realization, then he placed his palms on both of my cheeks. ” You’re in heat ” he stated and my eyes grew bigger.

I breathed deeply. ” What? What should I do? It feels like fire in my body that I can’t bare. Please help, make it stop. ” I begged him. His eyebrows knitted together, looking so handsome and cute.

" There... Is a way, to stop your heat... ” he trailed off, avoiding eye contact. His cheeks were pink.

I thought about what he just said and then it clicked. ” We have to mate? ” I asked, kind of feeling nervous about the idea.

His lustful eyes met mine again, he nodded. ” It’s the only way to fully stop it and it won’t come back ” he replied and I thought. I’d die from the heat if we didn’t do it. Besides, I thought it was time we become as one. I pecked his lips real fast, then nodded. ” Okay ” I said and waited for him to say something.

" Are you sure? ” he asked, worry was evident in his tone.

" Yes Julian, and I want my first time to be with you. I’ll always be with you, I love you and I trust you. You saved me. ” I replied with a bright smile. The sweat was covering my body. He smiled back then removed his shirt revealing his hot abs. ” I love you too... ”

With that, in that night, we became one.

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