I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 35


Last night was the best night of my life. Stella was officially mine. She looked absolutely stunning and beautiful, the look that she gave me when she agreed to mate, made me lose it. She was so adorable and cute yet hot and sexy. It almost killed me when I had to leave her this morning, I had to talk with dad about the alpha title and all that stuff, but I left her a note saying I’ll be back soon with breakfast near it, and that Skye will come to stay with her until I come back.

Since Stella and I mated, she was officially the Luna of the Graymod pack and with that, I fulfilled the only condition to become the alpha in our family. I will claim the title of the alpha tomorrow night, in front of all the pack’s members. ” Julian... Julian... JoJo! ” Mom’s yelling brought me back to reality. I looked at her and saw her smiling.

" Yeah? ” I said.

Dad patted my back. ” I asked you how’s Stella and you began daydreaming. ” He said and I smiled proudly at him.

" She’s great. And, well... We mated. ” I cleared my throat and mom clapped her hands.

" Finally, and you didn’t have to tell us though. Her mark and scent are all over you. ” Mom cleared with a grin which made me blush a bit. ′ Then why did she ask? ′ Peter commented and I nodded. ′ I know, right? ′ I replied.

" So I’m assuming that you came here to talk about the title, am I, right son? ” Dad asked with a smirk.

I sat across from him on the couch and nodded. ” Yes, the ceremony will be held tomorrow, right? ” I asked.

" Yes, I’ll arrange everything. All you need to do now is stay with your mate, and tell her what to do when she stands next to you. ” Dad replied with a smile.

" I will, thanks, dad. ” I smiled.

" And I’ll give you the traditional gown for the ceremony. Wait here ” Mom demanded then she jumped out of the couch and went to get it.

Dad chuckled.” Women ” he commented with a look of adoration. He loved mom just like I loved Stella.

" Stella, I’m back. ” I called as soon as I opened the main door. I walked into the living room to see both Skye and Stella eating marshmallows while watching a movie, they were so engrossed to notice me at first.

" Hey ” Stella raised her head and looked at me. ” Welcome back,” she said with a soft smile. I walked towards her. Skye didn’t acknowledge my existence and kept on watching the movie. She was sitting in a beanbag chair while Stella on the small couch that fitted only for one person.

I lifted her up and sat in her place after that I placed her in my lap, and cuddled with her. ” Why did you do that? I was comfortable ” she whined, never leaving her eyes off of the movie. Stupid movie.

" I want to hold you ” I replied then snuggled my nose into her neck, making her chuckle. She finally put the marshmallows down and looked at me.

” How are your parents? ” She asked with a warm smile.

" They’re good. ” I replied then kissed her pale soft lips.

" Uhm guys... I’m still here ” Skye decided to ruin the moment, I groaned then parted away from Stella’s lips.

" You didn’t acknowledge me when I got in and now you notice me? ” I asked with disbelief.

She grinned. ” You’re welcome ” she replied and Stella laughed. I ignored Skye and her wiggling eyebrows and looked back at Stella. ” I need to tell you something ” I countered.

" Sure ” She replied then fixed her position so she was facing me with her legs on both sides of my hips. ′ I like this position ′ Peter purred like a creep but I ignored him.

" So, since we were fully mated and you marked me last night... I’ll claim the alpha’s title tomorrow night. And you’ll be the official Luna. ” I explained and she nodded. ” I got you a gown from mom so you could wear it tomorrow, okay? ” I asked, waiting for her reply.

" Of course, I’ll get Skye to help me with it. I’m happy for you. ” She said then pecked my cheeks in a gentle kiss. ” Did you hear that Skye? ” she asked her when she turned her head and looked at her.

Skye turned her gaze at us and smiled. ” Loud and clear, let’s go and prepare you, Luna. Julian hand over the gown and Stella ” Skye stood up and walked towards us.

" A please would be nice, you know? ” I pointed out with a playful glare.

" No, now give me your love and I’ll make her the best luna ever, ” she said and I rolled my eyes.

" She is the best luna ever without your help, thank you very much. ” I countered then hugged Stella tightly in a protective way.

" I’d aww but we don’t have much time, now move it. ” She snatched my Stella away from my arms and stuck her tongue at me. ′ Amateur ′ Peter commented which I had to agree with him. ′ Tell me about it ′

" I’ll be right back, ” Stella said then she kissed my cheek once again. I looked at her with pure love.

" Lovebirds, later. ” Skye yet again ruined the moment. How can Cody stand her?

" The dress was amazing, I’m in love with it. And strangely, it fitted me ” Stella said after she sat on my bed that became our bed. Skye finally went home because Cody missed her and I thanked him for that.

" I’m sure it will look stunning on you, everything you wear looks good on you ” I replied then dragged her down with me on the bed. Her head hit the pillows that were under us.

" Thanks, ” she said with a blush.

" I didn’t ask you... How are you feeling? ” I asked while looking straight at her gray eyes. ” You know, after the... ” I trailed off knowing that it’s embarrassing for her to hear it.

Her cheeks immediately became red, which made her look extra cute. ” Um fine, you? ” she asked back.

" I’m great, let’s sleep. We have a big day tomorrow waiting for us ” I said and she nodded. I pulled out the covers over us and cuddled with her in my arms.

" Goodnight, ” She said.

" Goodnight love ”

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