I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 36


I was in our bedroom with Skye, she was putting the final touch to my hair when Nancy came into the room while screaming at the top of her lungs. ′ What in the world? ′ Dianna asked, forewarned.

Skye and I stood up, alerted. ” What’s wrong? ” We asked in unison. Looking around us for any kind of danger.

Nancy smiled and crushed me with a bear hug. ” I’m so excited for tonight ” she replied and we let out a breath we didn’t know that we were holding.

" God. You scared us, we almost pooped in our undies” Skye put her hand on her heart trying to calm herself down then she sat on the bed.

" Yeah, we thought something bad was happening. A fire, a fight, something bad ” I agreed with Skye then hugged Nancy back. The night didn’t begin and I was already tired. She let go of me and looked at my eyes with twinkles in hers.

” I’m sorry, I can’t hide my excitement very well...Stella ” She stopped in her tracks and looked at me, she scanned me from head to toe with a huge grin.

" Is it good? ” I shifted in my place while playing with my fingers. Unsure of what to say.

" Are you kidding me? You look absolutely wonderful ” she walked around me to see my curled hair, Skye was a miracle worker. ” And your hair looks great, you are so cute. Oh, my God, I’m so happy for Julian. He found an amazing mate. ” She ranted. Skye and I laughed at her cuteness. She sounded like a teenage girl who just discovered love. ′ No, she sounded like a teenage girl who just discovered Starbucks ′ Dianna said and I chuckled.

" Thank you Nancy ” I replied politely with a cheerful smile. ” When do we have to go to the backyard? ” I asked after I sat on a chair that was near the door. The ceremony will be held in the backyard since it was so big and vast it could fit for more than 700 pack members. Just the thought of standing up in front of them, made my stomach flip. I was so nervous. ‘Man up ’ Dianna said, suddenly.

′ But I’m a woman ′ I replied.

She rolled her eyes. ′ Woman up... Happy? ′ she repeated and I laughed with a nod.

" When Julian comes to get you, which is going to be- ” Skye looked at her wristwatch then back at me. ” In a minute or two, you’ll wake slowly on the grass ” she stated and I felt like puking. Oh, my God.

′ Relax ′ Dianna muttered and I tried to.

′ It’s easier said than done ′ I replied.

" So, we will see you down there. Wait for him to come. ” Nancy hugged me real quick and got out of the room with Skye. Skye turned and mouthed Good luck, then she was out of my sight. I stood up and started pacing around the room while looking at the floor. The door cracked open. I looked up and saw my handsome mate staring at me with awe, he looked charming while wearing his black suit, his hair was messy but messy good. Words couldn’t describe how good looking he was.

We kept the eye contact for a long time until he broke it with one single breathless word. ” Wow... ” he breathed out then ran his hand through his hair. That explains why it was so messy. I looked down, feeling nervous. He began walking towards me with small steps. Evey one made my heart jump from its place, wishing that time should stop.

When he reached me, he tilted my chin up with his finger gently and made me look at him. ” You look beautiful ” he cleared. ”Your beauty is so ravishing and it will be the death of me, I must be the luckiest man on earth to have you as my mate, my girl, and my world, ” he added with a wide smile that showed his perfect white teeth. His dimple was so adorable. He brought his lips to mine in a gentle kiss that made me sown in his love. I didn’t know what to say. I was left speechless at his genuine words. ” Shall we go? ” he asked after he broke the kiss and rubbed my hair without ruining it.

I nodded. ” We shall, my dear mate. ” I replied with a grin.

As we began walking down the stairs, my heart raced faster than a horse and stronger than a thor. I gulped when Julian was about to open the door to the backyard. From the noises, it sounded like a wedding gathering or something. ” Are you ready? ” he asked me before opening the door. He rubbed my cheek and held my hand.

I looked at his dazzling honey eyes. ” No, but let’s go ” I replied honestly. ” I can’t be scared ” I added. He nodded and opened the door. I glanced at the big crowd then looked at the floor while walking with Julian to meet up with his parents. Eyes were on us.

" Hello dear, ” His dad greeted me with a smile and a handshake.

" I’ll say that again... You look so adorable ” Nancy embraced me. ” The dress fits you perfectly ”

" Thank you, ” I said then looked at Julian, alluded for him to start the ceremony.

He understood and nodded. ” Dad, let’s begin, ” He said and we stood in front of the 700 pack members. They looked at me with adoration and excitement. ′ You’re lucky they don’t hate you, ′ Dianna, once again commented at the wrong time in the wrong place.

His dad cleared his throat and clapped his hands. ” All of the Graymod pack members, we have gathered here today to meet your new alpha, my son Julian and his Luna, Stella ” he announced and the cheers went wild. Julian stepped forward and the ceremony began.

After we did what we were supposed to do, Julian was officially the Alpha and I was the Luna. ′ You’ll look after 700 pack members ′ Dianna cleared and I rolled my eyes.

′ Yeah, no pressure ′ I replied sarcastically then looked at Julian who was talking with his uncle, Joey’s dad. He was a good and a kind man. I couldn’t believe that Joey was his son. The night was perfect and peaceful until someone let out an evil laugh like in horror movies. We all turned our gazes to the source of the sound and my eyes widened.

′ What is he doing here? ′ Dianna asked then she growled.

′ I don’t know what is Joey doing here, but I know he’s not planning well. ′

Everyone turned and saw Joey near me. ” What are you doing here? ” Julian growled at Joey who wore a smug look on his face. Julian was near me in seconds, standing protectively. He squeezed my shoulders and I felt the anger rise inside of him.

" Is that a way to welcome your cousin? ” Joey asked with a smirk. ” I came here to congratulate you new Alpha of the Graymod pack, ” he said but his tone was laced with sarcasm.

" I don’t want you here, and no one else wants you here. Now leave before I make you ” Julian yelled at him in a very loud voice. Cody and some other warriors stood near us, preparing for anything. It was going to happen.

" Awe I can’t leave now. I have to see your precious mate first, she looks absolutely stunning in that dress ” he pointed out and I hid behind Julian’s back. Julian let out a growl that made even the warriors flinch. As Joey made a stupid step forward, we heard loud growls coming from Julian’s parents and Joey’s dad. Their faces showed no mercy.

" Don’t you dare ” his dad threatened him but Joey laughed shrugging his dad off.

" Oh dear father, what a pleasant surprise to see you here. How are you? Are you mentally stable now? You know after mom’s death? ” He asked with a sly grin that made him look disgusting and his father’s face fell and paled. What happened?

As I wanted to ask, Joey laughed. ” You fucking killed her ” Julian spat at him with a livid expression on his face making him look scarier. I gasped at what I just heard and my eyes widened.

” What? ” I found myself asking in a whisper.

Nancy looked at me with sad eyes. Apparently, she heard me. ” Not just he rebelled against us, he also killed his own poor mother that did nothing to him ” she answered me, the bitterness was evident in her tone.

I glanced back at Joey and glared. ” That’s so sick ” I commented and Joey chuckled, finding me funny. Like I amused him.

" Yeah, just like I killed your brother. I’m a psychopath ” he admitted without any shame and I, surprisingly, wasn’t surprised at his words. I felt mad and wanted to hit him so bad.

I glared harder at him. ” You are a shame to all humanity. Who kills their own mother? The one that held you in her stomach for 9 months and raised you to be a great man. She obviously didn’t expect her son to be a total dick and better yet, to kill her. You are a disgrace to all werewolves. Get the hell out of my pack before I kill you myself. And just so you know, I’m not the same weak girl who first broke into the alpha’s house, I grew stronger than you’ll ever be able to imagine. ” I yelled at him with my loudest voice ever, feeling fearless and powerful for the first time. I felt like a real Luna.

I felt the responsibility for my pack, I was the Luna and I had to protect it at all costs. Julian looked at me like he was proud and Skye raised her thumbs up. Joey smirked. ” That was so cute... But I’m not leaving before I destroy your pack, ” he said then he put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. Seconds later, a great number of werewolves stood before us. Looking scary and ruthless. But I was not afraid.

It happened real quick, I blinked my eyes to see our pack members and warriors shift into their wolves form and began attacking the other wolves. ′ Shift ′ Dianna ordered and I went behind a tree and took off the dress, and I shifted. It was less painful and faster than the last time I did it.

" No, you’ll stay here ” Julian demanded when he saw me coming out from behind the tree but I ignored him and started running towards a wolf that was about to pounce on a little boy. I jumped off the wolf and bit his back, then he fell on the ground.

′ Or not ′ Peter said after Julian shifted and stood next to me. I smirked in victory then helped other pack members fight. It was all good and in our favor, until Julian began fighting Joey, it was an ugly sight. Yet, Julian was much stronger, he was bigger than him so he bit Joey in the neck that caused him to wince. Seconds later, Joey didn’t move because Julian killed him. All the fighting stopped when Joey fell on the grass. His blood was covering the green grass, that it wasn’t so green anymore.

Julian shifted back and quickly put some clothes on. We waited for him to speak. ” Listen up ” he started. ”Your leader is dead, so it’s up to you if you want to continue fighting and die one by one, or you could leave our land in peace. ” He offered in his alpha voice, it rung all over the place. It was so powerful to disobey. No one could do that. The wolves all withdrew from the fight and ran towards the woods. With that, it was all over. We won without anyone of us dying. All of the pack members howled, feeling happy at the victory.

Suddenly, Julian tugged my fur and dragged me to the house before I could shift. ” No one sees you naked, but me ” he growled in my ears and I nodded then shifted back when we were in the bedroom. He quickly handed me some clothes and I wore them. ” You were awesome out there, ” he said then hugged me real tight. Like his life depended on it.

" I know ” I teased then hugged him back. ” You were awesome too ” I whispered in his neck. ” I’m glad I broke into your house Julian ” I added and he chuckled.

" Trust me, me too. ”

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