I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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It’s been a month since the last fight and everything was peaceful and quiet. I liked it. Nothing new happened, well... except for the fact that I was three weeks pregnant and Julian didn’t know about it yet. I was so nervous about telling him, I felt scared. Every time I tried to tell him, something comes up, like a Phone ringing, door ringing, Skye or Cody jump out of nowhere... Yeah.

I knew that he loved me and he showed me his love in different ways and words but what if he didn’t want a baby so soon? What if he rejects it? ′ Don’t worry Stella, he’ll be happy and if not I’ll kill him’ Dianna assured me with a hint of humor in her voice, maybe. She was joking, right?

I was sitting on our bed waiting for Julian to come home. When I was about to tell him about the pregnancy this morning, he got a call from Cody. So I had to wait. I grabbed the pregnancy test and stared at it. Positive. My stomach flipped when I thought of the baby in my belly, to be honest, I was super happy and delighted but at the same time afraid of Julian’s reaction. As I was looking at the test, my chain of thoughts was broken when the door cracked open to reveal a happy Julian. His smile reached his ears. Not creepy.

" Hello beautiful ” he came to me and kissed me on the forehead, gently. As a reflex, I quickly hid the test under the pillow and smiled.

" Hey ” I replied.

" I need to ask you something ” he countered and I looked at his eyes. I saw eagerness.

" Sure? ” I wasn’t sure where he was going with that but waited for him to speak.

He cleared his throat and breathed deeply. ” Stella, you are my life, my world, my love and my everything. I can’t imagine a life without you, never. I’d die if you weren’t with me all the time. I want to spend the rest of my life with you in my arms. I’ll protect you from all the harm in the world... So, will you marry me? ” he kneeled down on one knee and opened a small box revealing a shinning ring. I gasped and stared at Julian for more than a minute. I didn’t realize that I was crying until his thumb rubbed my cheek. Nodding and waiting for my reply. ” Yes, ” I answered then kissed him on his warm lips.

He put the ring on my finger then held me in his arms and turned us around. Laughing with joy. ” I can’t wait to have our own pup kids and raise them together ” he added and I smiled widely. That was a golden opportunity for me to tell him.

I cleared my throat after he put me on the ground. ” Well... You don’t have to wait ” I reasoned while looking at his sparkling eyes.

He arched his eyebrows, confused. ” What do you mean? ” he asked.

I walked to the pillow and pulled out the pregnancy test. ” I’m pregnant, Julian ” I announced in a nervous tone.

His eyes widened and his mouth went wide open, he grabbed the test with shivering hands. ” Are you serious? ” he asked with a smile, I looked closely at his eyes and saw tears. Awe. I nodded my head, with more tears in my eyes. ” Yeah ” I assured and he howled real loud.

" Yes, yes, yes this is the best day ever. I love you so much! ” he hugged me tightly but then let go of me like I stung him. ” I’m so sorry. Is the baby okay? Did I hurt you? ” he asked, frustrated and scared.

I giggled. ” No, Julian. I’m perfectly fine so is the baby. ” I cubbed his cheeks so he could calm down. And he did.

He showered me with kisses. ” Let’s tell my parents ” he announced then carried me bridal style to his parents’ house. I had a crazy mate. But I loved him anyway.


I couldn’t believe that my love was pregnant with my child. Two surprises in one day, that was fantastic. Beyond astonishing. ′ I agree, so that means I won’t be able to see Dianna for 9 months... Well for the sake of the baby, I can manage. ′ Peter breathed with content and I laughed. I was so happy with my life, I was very glad that she broke into my house that one fateful night.

My mate, Stella.

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