I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Special ch.1


The house was in a state of chaos. Everyone was running around the house cleaning and getting ready for our wedding that would be on Friday and we were on a Monday morning. I saw Skye running towards the kitchen with a huge basket full of fruit. I just ignored her and walked to the living room where it was the least packed place.

When she knew that I was pregnant and Julian had proposed to me, she turned... well, she became a control freak who wanted everything to be perfect whilst I wanted our wedding to be simple and nice. She didn’t even let me lift my keys from the floor when I had dropped them. She thought that I might ‘hurt’ the baby that was growing inside of me. I just rolled my eyes and absorbed the situation.

I sat on a couch when I remembered Julian, I missed him and he was with his dad and Cody buying the groom’s suit. Since yesterday. Turned out that Julian was picky and wanted a suit that was perfect in his eyes so his dad, Cody and him stayed the night trying clothes and suits. Lucky for him the owner of the shop was one of our pack. He was a patient member to tell you the least.

‘He has to be if he didn’t want to be killed by his very own alpha!’ Dianna commented in my head and she did have a point. “Skye... You know that we didn’t choose my wedding dress yet, right?” I asked her as she entered the living room and fell on a chair next to the couch that I was comfortable on. Once as I said that her eyes widened and I caused under my breathe. She forgot.

“Shit! Move Stella, we gotta go to find you the perfect dress! I’ll call aunt Nancy and tell her to meet us there. Now, wear your shoes, Stella, we don’t have the whole day.” She practically yelled everywhere and the pack members just closed their ears. Her voice was too loud for the werewolves’ liking. And for my liking.

I sighed and stood up from my very comfortable seat. “Okay, but please calm down Skye. We have time and I’m the bride for God’s sake! I’m not worried like you. Just breath” I advised in a very calm tone and she did calm down. The other wolves gave me big smiles. Appreciation smiles. I just returned the smile and shrugged my shoulders.

The pack members liked me and respected me as their Luna. It made Julian and me very happy and delighted. We had no drama that you usually see in the movies, such as, a girl who tries to flirt with the alpha, or an angry pack member who didn’t get what he wanted. It was all perfect because the Graymod pack was a big, happy family that welcomed me with open arms. “I’m sorry” I heard Skye apologize in a quiet tone. I waved my hand and grinned.

“Who’s ready to shop?” I asked her and she gave me her big smile. She nodded and we got out of our house. We were staying in the pack’s house because Julian and Cody thought that it was not safe for us to be alone in their big homes. Our actual homes. We just agreed without making a scene out of it.

As we entered the shop, we saw Nancy -Julian’s mom- sitting on a chair while talking to the shop owner which happened to be a werewolf too but from another neighbor pack. She looked nice and she was about 60 years old. “Hello girls, this is my friend Brooklyn and she’ll help us with your dress fitting. I just hope you’re not picky like my JoJo,” Nancy hoped and we laughed.

“Nope, I’m not picky at all. And I know what I want, I want a... Can you show me the catalog and I’ll tell you what I want?” I asked Brooklyn and she nodded with a smile. After I flipped through the pages, my eyes landed on a very beautiful one. It was a beige dress with long sleeves.

I couldn’t help but admire the dress, the girls saw my face and got it for me without asking. “We have this dress in white and I think it will suit you on your wedding day, just go to the fitting room and try it,” the old lady said and I just grabbed it and rushed to the fitting room. I was eager to try it on.

After a lot of attempts, I succeed in wearing it and it fitted perfectly on my body. I got out of the room and stepped in front of my girls. Once they saw me, they gasped and then jumped up and down. I just laughed and made a twirl. “What do you think?” I asked, hoping that they liked it. I looked around me and saw the two guards who came with us with wide eyes. “Do I look okay?” I asked them too and they almost instantly nodded their heads.

“You look beautiful Luna,” one of them stated and the other smiled brightly. “Say yes to the dress Stella, this is the one because it looks perfect on you,” Skye said and I looked at Nancy to see what she had to say. Her eyes were watery and her hand was covering her mouth.

“I’ve waited for this day my whole life,” she sniffed and hugged me tightly. “You look absolutely beautiful, Julian will be too delighted,” she added with a smirk. I just blushed.

“This is it?” Brooklyn asked to confirm and I smiled.

“This is it” I confirmed and hugged her. “Thank you and I hope I could see you at our wedding on Friday,” I pointed out and she beamed at me. “Of course, Luna. I’d be happy to.” She replied and we finished what we came here for.

“There is my beautiful Luna,” Julian entered the Packhouse, followed by Cody and Julian’s dad. As he saw me, he ran to me and embraced me as his life depended on it. “I missed you so much, baby. It was hard being there without you,” he breathed in my neck and I wrapped my arms around him. I missed him too. “Hey, my handsome alpha. I hope you got your suit!” I mentioned with hope. He lifted his head and looked at me with adoration.

“Yes, I did. How was your day?” He asked and sighed. “Stressful but I chose a dress for the big day. I hope you like it when you see it on me,” I countered and he stood up then put one hand under my neck and one under my thighs. He carried me bridal style and started walking out of the house.

“I know that you’ll look magnificent, let’s go to our home and relax,” he replied and I nodded without complaint. “I want to cuddle with my one and only girl,” he added and I nodded with a smile. “I could use that, and I might not be the only girl that you love,” I responded and he arched his eyebrows while walking through the woods and me in his arms.

“What do you mean?” He asked and I chuckled and pointed at my stomach. “I’m pregnant Julian so I might be carrying the second girl in your life,” I said and he nodded as the sudden realization hit him on his head. “You’re right! I love you so freaking much.” He whispered, his eyes were filled with love, lust and need and I just melted at his emotions.

“I love you too, can’t wait for Friday” I cleared and we got to our home.

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