I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 4


Me and my pack males - the ones who haven’t found their mates yet, including me - were watching the football game of the year. And it was amazing. We were winning.

" I’ll be back, ” I told my Beta, Cody and he nodded while focusing on the tv. I went to the kitchen to drink some water but as I opened the fridge, I heard an angelic voice run through my head but the words that followed didn’t come to my liking.

It said “please help”

The angel sounded so frightened. So, I got out of the kitchen to smell the most amazing thing ever. It was lavender mixed with something that I can’t put my hand on it. What was the other smell? It was so good and mouthwatering.

I walked back to the entrance and saw the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She had black hair, it was pitch black and long that reached her mid back. I looked at her face and it was so enchanting. She had captivating gray eyes that were filled with emotions plus long lashes that made her look adorobale. Full soft pink lips that were meant to be kissed and her cheeks were chubby which were the cutest thing ever. She was perfect. Too perfect for me.

I breathed in, to absorb her scent and my wolf, Peter, got very excited. ′Mate′ he yelled in my head and I nodded with delight and pleasure.

‘We have found her, our beautiful little mate’ I exclaimed to Peter and he howled. I looked at her once again and frowned at her outfit which was not an outfit at all, her torn shirt and no pants showed that she was in a crisis. A big one too.

" ....You fucking bitch ” As I approached her, I saw a man standing in front of her, holding a big rock and aiming it at her head. He seemed mad and crazy. I shivered with rage and madness, I had to do something to protect my precious mate, so I blocked his hit from her petite body that was meant to be in my arms. Safe and warm arms.

" What do you think you’re doing? ” I asked in an angry tone that laced with authority. The man looked at me then at her and my mate glared at him like she wanted to kill him.

He’s not good, bad news ′ Peter said and I rolled my eyes. Of course, he was not good.

" She’s my sister, I want her home, ” the man replied and I couldn’t help but feel very protective of her. She was mine. She will not go with him. If he was her brother, why was she wearing like that? and why was she here?

She let out a laugh but it was not humorous at all, you could sense the anger in it. ” Sister? Home? You’ve never considered me as your sister, you were about to sell me. And I never did and never will consider that building that I’ve lived in for 18 years as my ‘home’ now go away ” she yelled at the top of her lungs. I was so shocked at her statements.

Did he treat her like that? He will pay for it.

I turned my gaze to her brother. ” You heard her, now move. ” I said and pushed him out, but he swung his fist and wanted to punch me yet I stopped him then shoved him to the ground. I took that as my golden chance and punched his irritating face. I was enjoying beating the crap out of him. I had a feeling that he did not treat her well and that raised my fury and continued hitting him.

As I took a glimpse at my mate, I got angrier. My pack males were looking at her body and she was a clueless little angel. ′ Turn around right this instant, she’s my mate. She’s mine ′ I yelled through the mind-link with total possessiveness and they were surprised by that statement and turned around so they were facing the wall. I was so caught in the mind-link that I didn’t notice him escape. I will get someone to chase after him. ′ Cody, take someone with you and chase after that prick’ I ordered through the mind-link.

′ Yes alpha

I walked towards my mate and warped my arms around her body. Her cold small body. She was so perfect in my arms and it felt so right.

Our beautiful mate′ Peter sighed with delight and I nodded agreeing with him. She raised her head and looked at me with her enchanting gray eyes. The look on her face made me want to mark her right away but I couldn’t do that. I can’t scare her away and I won’t.

“Mine” I growled, warning the un-mated males, which meant - all of them. The mated males had their own homes. They lived near my house, their soon to be alpha’s house. As my father always says. We were in the pack’s house.

She shifted in my arms and opened her small mouth. ” Um-no... I... don’t think so ” she tried to wiggle her way from my grip but I couldn’t help but tighten my grip on her. She will not go anywhere.

I smiled at her. ” You’re mine and no one else’s, so all of you men go do your business and don’t you dare spare another glance on what’s mine. ” I demanded in a firm tone and they bowed their heads then walked away from us.

She looked at me bewildered by my speech, I guess. ” I’m yours? ” she asked looking as innocent as ever.

I wanted her. Forever. But she seemed clueless about our kind. She was not a werewolf, I didn’t smell her wolf but I didn’t care.

She glanced outside with concern and fear reflecting in her gray eyes. Maybe she was afraid from her brother!

" You’re all mine, ” I said in a statement.

She turned her gaze to me and tilted her head to the left. ” What’s your name? ” she asked me with her sweet and soft voice.

" Julian Woods, what’s yours? ” I asked with a smile. I wanted to add ‘beautiful’ but I didn’t want to make her think that I was a creep or something.

You told her Mine, that’s creepy enough′ Peter commented and I blocked him out totally ignoring him.

" I’m Stella ”

Stella was a wonderful name for the wonderful mate. My mate.

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