I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Special ch.4


No one touches my pups! Peter yelled and I sighed. Logan and Joy were five years old when a seven years old boy pushed Joy on the sand in front of her brother, just because she was a girl. Logan didn’t like that so he bit him hard on his forearm and the fight started. All that happened while I was buying them ice cream a few meters away. Stella was resting because she had a fever so I decided to take my babies to have some fun outside.

It’s not so fun now, isn’t it? Good luck with telling Stella! Peter exclaimed as we approached the kids and I gulped at the thought of telling my beloved mate. My babies were glaring at the older boy and I saw his mom walking towards him with a scowl on her face. I sighed and grabbed both Logan and Joy in my arms and waited for the mom to speak. I had a feeling that she’d give us a hard time. “Dada, I did nothing wrong. I help Joy!” Logan whispered in my ear and I smiled at him.

“I know baby, don’t worry.” I replied and Peter agreed.

The mom gasped. “What did they do to you?” She asked the boy who was pretending to cry. That little imbecile. He was a little evil liar. “Why is he crying? Your monsters did something to my baby!” She yelled and I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to calm down. That lady was talking nonsense and I couldn’t handle it. Where is Stella when you need her?

“Hey, my angels did nothing to your baby that didn’t deserve doing, do not call them monsters. Your kid pushed my little princess so her brother defended her. Your kid started it!” I countered in a firm tone that meant -You don’t want to mess with me- and glared at her.

She scoffed and held her kid and pointed a finger at me. “Apologize to my son, immediately.” She demanded but I wasn’t fazed at all. “Dada, why she yelling at us?” Joy asked me in her innocent voice and I kissed her forehead.

“Because she’s crazy,” I stated, loud enough for her to hear. She gaped at me and her eyes widened and I smirked. “What did you say?” She asked and I smiled.

“You heard me.” As I said those words, she tried to kick me in my sensitive area. I dodged her with my babies in my arms and took a deep breath. The worst part was that she was a woman and I couldn’t hit her. As she wanted to attack me once again, I shielded my kids and waited for her blow, but it never came. I looked up and saw my beautiful mate holding the woman’s leg that was in midair. I let out a deep sigh and sat on the sand.

Stella glared at her and pushed her back. The woman put her son down and stood up. “Who are you to hit my man? He couldn’t do anything to you because you are a woman and my man is a gentleman. But, I, on the other hand, can hit you. I will hit you if you don’t flee from here right this instant.” My wife yelled at her and the woman showed fear in her eyes. I grinned at my love and kissed my angels’ heads.

“Mommy’s cool,” Logan and Joy said in unison and I agreed with a nod. The woman grabbed her son’s hand and walked away. Stella came to us and hugged us real tight. “Are you okay?” She asked and we nodded. “Yes, thank you, love. How did you know though?” I asked as she sat next to me on the sand. She took Logan and placed him on her lap and I did the same to Joy.

She gave me her famous smile and kissed my lips real quick. “I felt that something was wrong with my babies, you included.” She answered and I laughed. “It’s a mommy thing I guess, and a mate bond as well,” she added.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked referring to her fever. She smiled and kissed my lips again. “Much better after this,” she replied and we all laughed.

As we were chatting and playing with the kids, I saw a man approach us with the same woman and kid that ruined our mood. I stood up and protected my family from any possible harm. “Your kids hit my kid! And your whore pushed my wife?!” The man asked in a deep voice and I felt my eye twitch when he called my mate a whore. It was like he lit up something in my head that made Peter growl. It wasn’t that audible but he heard it alright.

The man didn’t see me coming when I grabbed his collar and lifted him up from the ground. He was stunned and shorter than me. “Say that again about my wife and I will murder you in front of your family. Besides your kid started all that. You should raise him well.” I shouted at him which grabbed a few passerby’s attention. I didn’t care because I was too furious. Let me claw him! Peter begged but I ignored him. That wouldn’t be a pretty sight to my babies.

He was shocked for a second but then regained composure and tried to sound brave. “What’s so wrong with calling your wife what she is?” He dared to say and I didn’t waste another second. I punched him square in the face. He fell on the sand and grabbed his bleeding nose. I smirked at the sight and then looked at his wife.

“Take your prick of a man and get out of our sights. If I see you again near my family, I will not hesitate to break more than your nose.” I threatened in a calm tone that made me sound more intimidating -According to Peter- that is. They all backed down and ran away. “Let’s head home so I can cuddle with my best creaturs ever.” I pointed out, then tickled Joy and Logan who laughed like there was no end.

“Let’s go home, dada,” Logan announced and we walked home. Ever since I was blessed with those amazing babies that I was so proud to call mine, my life had been perfect and I didn’t want to change anything in it. A blessing was a blessing.

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