I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Help this book?

Hi guys, how are you? (I want serious answers :)

So, as you may know (or not know), I’m a university student, and soon, I will start my second year (wish me luck!!)


I have been thinking about publishing this book for quite a while now, and I even began editing the first chapters on a new word document. However, I’m young, not dumb, and mostly broke (Khalid, sorry for changing the lyrics;)
And I am writing this petition (is this what it’s called?) to ask for your support. Financial support... Hehe.

I have a page on Ko-fi, and I don’t usually use it, but you can sure do use it to donate a small amount of money, even a dollar will surely help. (Sadly, I don’t feel ashamed for asking because the academic tuition fees are freaking high each year, and I want to publish this book as well.)

This is the link to my Ko-fi page:


(You can write it on Google, and it will appear or just go to my inkitt profile and press the 'support me' button at the top of the page. Also, this website is completely safe, and the money will go directly to me... If you donate :)

If you want to feel that you helped publish I Broke Into The Alpha’s House, please donate. *gives a virtual huge hug*

I love you all for getting this book to 11M reads, and I really hope we can all hold it in our hands soon :))

I wish all the best,


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