I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 6


I saw Stella fell asleep on my king-sized bed. I just stayed up and admired her captivating, enchanting beauty. What did I do to deserve such a wonderful mate?

I can lose my temper at times - that if Rogues were in the picture - and I didn’t want to scare her away. I’ll have to do something to make her stay here, with me. Forever. And I’ll have to introduce her to my parents and the whole pack members. But what should I do to win her over? ′Well... You could tell her about the werewolf thing and maybe, just maybe that you are her mate! Just a tiny thought. ′ Peter commented sarcastically, and I rolled my eyes at him.

′ I know, but she’s human, that’s why I should come up with a good speech to tell her the truth. You know for an innocent human, that can be creepy and scary and she might not believe me.′ I replied with a sigh.

You could just turn in front of her, that if she doesn’t believe you ′ he said and I thought about it for a second.

′ Yeah, you are right ′ I replied with a smile.

She is beautiful and soft, what did we do to have her as our mate? She’s so small and tiny, it makes me go overprotective of her, and we just met her today ′ Peter countered with love and affection and that was a first since he’s the wolf that didn’t show his emotions no matter what.

I chuckled at that fact. ′ Well Peter, that’s the mate bond for you, it’s so strong even you can’t avoid it ′ I said then he was in the back of my head. Sleeping with a smile on his face. I fixed myself on the bed so that she was sleeping between my arms and my legs were covering her’s. I felt calm and at peace for the first time in a long time. Being the only son of an alpha can be stressful and hard.

I looked at her face and saw an angel, breathing in a slow pattern. She was finally here. My mate, that I’ve searched for her in the most common places for werewolves to live in. I had the help of my Beta and best friend, Cody. I was devastated when I couldn’t find her, yet I didn’t lose hope. I just saved myself for her. Only.

I as the soon to be alpha didn’t help me with the fact that I was without the Luna. Some of the elders wanted me to marry some female member and made her the luna, but I refused. In the past, I only focused on finding her, but there were a lot of female werewolves that used to throw themselves at me, I shun them all and didn’t spare them a second glance because I believed that it wasn’t right to sleep around while you have a mate who was waiting for you.

The elders were so annoying, they kept on telling that I needed a Luna. It was known that in order to be a powerful alpha, requires a strong Luna, a Luna that cares for others. A Luna that has a gentle heart that’s made of gold and pure innocence.

I was glad that I waited.

Stella will be the perfect Luna for the Graymod pack and a wonderful mate for only me. I was very happy that I didn’t do the mistake that other male members did before they found their mates. Trust me when I say that, it didn’t end well for most of them. Some of them were rejected and that was a disaster for them, the others were forgiven but not so easy, they were forgiven after a lot of time later. I was talking about months apart, and that was not good for mates and their wolves. They will die one day without each other’s support or love. They will drain like a flower without water or the sunlight.

As I was lost in my thoughts, I felt Stella move under me, she was not awake. She was having a nightmare, I thought. I motioned my mouth towards her ear and whispered soothing words. ” Shhh... don’t worry, it’s just a dream, Stella. You are safe with me now. Do not have any fear angel. ” I whispered and she calmed down. After a minute or two, I felt that my eyes were closing and I lost my will to stay awake, so I decided to sleep for a bit.

“... Julian... Julian, wake up ” I rubbed my eyes like a baby, then opened them to see my beautiful mate looking right at me with confusion reflecting in her mesmerizing gray eyes.

I didn’t move. ” Yeah? ” I replied with my hoarse voice.

" Why I’m in your arms? ” She asked and I then realized that I was still holding her tightly and I didn’t want to let go of her.

" You were having a nightmare, ” I told her with a sad smile. I didn’t lie, she did have a nightmare. But it wasn’t the only reason why I held her.

" Oh... um, can you let go of me now?” She asked in her sweet voice that sounded like a lullaby to my ears.

I frowned ” Why? ” I asked hoping that she’ll stay in my arms.

She blushed before she answered, ” B-because I need to go to the bathroom” she stuttered in a cute way hiding her face in her soft hair.

I smiled ” Sure but come back to sleep it’s -” I looked at my phone to see the clock. ” It’s just 3 am, you need sleep ” I countered and she nodded. I guess she was being comfortable with my company. Hopefully.

She got out of my bed and headed to the bathroom. I laid on my stomach and my face was buried in my comfy pillow. After 5 minutes of waiting for her, she let out a loud scream that made me hop from my bed, alarmed.

" Stella, what’s wrong? ” I banged on the door, it was locked and Peter growled really loud.

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