I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 7


I entered the bathroom to see myself, I looked into the mirror to see how was my hair doing then gasp at what I saw, I felt my breath hitch. I rubbed my eyes thinking that I was just hallucinating, yet again, I saw it or should say... I saw him. The horror crept down my spine and I shivered feeling really sick. I saw a tall man, looking at me from the bathroom window. Weren’t we on the third floor?

My eyes widened when he tried to open the window so I had done the only reasonable thing to do. I screamed, at the top of my lungs seeking help from Julian. After a second or two, I heard banging on the door. ” Stella, what’s wrong? ” Julian’s voice boomed into my ears. The banging was so loud and strong, he almost knocked the door from its place.

I gazed at the man and saw him smirking down at me as I tried to open the door. I kept on staring at him. I didn’t lose eye contact at all. Who was he? My hand missed the key due to lack of concentration. ” Open the damn door, please” Julian yelled in frustration, knocking me out of my unfocused thoughts.

As I opened the door with a shocked face, the man disappeared from my sight. When Julian was in, he looked for any source of danger. Yet he found none at all. He turned and pulled me into a tight embrace that was filled with warmth and coziness. ” Stella, what’s wrong? why did you scream like that? Are you hurt ? ” he asked in a quiet tone that reflected anxiety and care.

I never had a male to care for me like that, except for my dead father.

I looked into his honey eyes that were filled with worry and anger.” I s-saw a man ” I stuttered, then I wrapped my arms around his waist, feeling the warmth and safety. This pull was even stronger than my thoughts about ‘I just met the guy’. It was so strong that I couldn’t resist it at all. It was like a magnet pulling me towards him.

He arched his eyebrows with a hint of ire ” What man?” he asked. I know he was not mad at me, he was mad at the man. Right?

" A tall man, he was standing right outside that window, and he tried to open it ” I pointed at the window, then I remembered his sly smirk. I shivered with fear and fright.

Julian stroked my hair with his large hand gently. ” What did he look like? Could you tell? ” He asked in a soft tone that made me relax in his hold.

I nodded, my head was on his broad chest. ” He had short blonde hair, black eyes or dark brown, long jawline, big, buff body ” I replied, ” And I saw a big scar on his neck .” The moonlight reflected the man’s image, that’s why I was able to describe him like that.

Julian looked like he was thinking or arguing with someone and the debate was heated. That can’t be possible. " Julian, ” I said, grabbing back his full attention to me.

He put his hands on my shoulders. ” Huh...Oh sorry, but I think I might know him ” he cleared and my eyes widened.

" Really? who? ”

" Uh... if I showed you a picture of him, will you be able to recognize him ?” he asked and I nodded, fast if I must add.

I’ll help him.

Julian led me out of the bathroom. ” Alright, you sit on my bed and I’ll get the picture ” he said then got out of the room.

" Okay ”

" Stella, look at this pictures carefully. I couldn’t find just one picture of him, but I found these two and he is in each one of them, ” he explained then I grabbed the pictures from him. As my eyes landed on the first picture, I saw him standing next to Julian and some other guys that I saw when I broke into his house. I looked at the second picture and saw the very same man, standing next to a middle-aged woman but he was younger.

" This is the guy ” I pointed out at him. Julian looked at him then growled real loud. Okay, that was not human.

" That son of a...I should have known ” He commented and I wondered who was he.

" Do you know him? ” I asked in quiet tone.

He looked at me then nodded, his eyes were dark brown, almost pitch black. ” Yes. He’s my cousin, ” he replied and I stood in my place.

" Your cousin? So you’re not in good terms with him? ” I asked again. I needed to know.

" No, he’s bad ”

" What do you mean by that ?” I asked, then sat back on the bed facing him.

" Well... He’s sly and, um ah wants to take over the alph- Umm family business, ” he replied averting any eye contact.

He was hiding something. But who was I to judge? I didn’t know him, heck I was not sure if he was my friend yet.

" Oh, okay ”

" Don’t worry about him, I’ll take care of it tomorrow morning, I’ll talk with my dad. So if you woke up and didn’t find me, I’ll be with dad. ” He said and I shook my head.

" But I don’t want to stay here... I didn’t see any female figures here at all, all I saw was more than 20 males and I don’t feel comfortable with males, um... you know why ” I refused, clinching the bed sheets tightly.

He put his hand on my knee squeezing it. ” Oh don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on leaving you here alone with them. It’s not that I don’t trust them, it’s just like what you said ′ I don’t feel comfortable ′ that’s why I’ll send my mom to stay with you. Don’t worry. ” he replied with a soft tone that made me feel at ease. I nodded my head, then I felt my eyes close on their own.

" Sleep Stella, I’ll be here ” Julian reassured me then I put my head on the pillow and sleep took over again.

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