I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 8


As much as I love to stay with my beautiful mate, I had to deal with my cousin, Joey. Joey was 24 years old, he was the soon to be Beta of my pack, but he started acting like a total douchebag when his needs and interests took over and stopped caring for his own pack. Then he met his selfish and evil mate and things started deteriorating with us, and she was his final whisper to turn against us all and aim for the Alpha’s title.

I, of course, didn’t let that happen. At the time, a war was waged against us. A war against his mate’s pack, The Silver pack and my powerful pack, The Graymod pack. Eventually, we won after I gave him the big scar, that Stella saw on his neck.

That was from last year.

Now he was back for revenge.

If he knew that Stella was my mate, then I had to take him down no matter what. And I was 99 percent sure that he already knew. So I’ll do whatever I can to protect her innocent soul and tiny body.

I didn’t realize that I was so engrossed in my own thoughts when I saw my parents’ house at the end of the road. I pulled over, got out of the jeep and headed to the front door. It was 5:40 am, early I know but I was sure that my parents were awake because they love to run at 4:30 for an hour every day, so they should be here by now. I knocked on the door and waited until my mom opened it and greeted me with her soft, heartwarming smile.

" Good morning JoJo, what brings you here this early in the morning? ” My mom asked, confused but not in a rude way. She can’t be rude, even if she wanted to. She was too nice. I frowned at her nickname, she always called me JoJo whenever she was happy - which is most of the time - but it was not the time to complain about that. My mate was way more important than my complaints about a stupid nickname.

" Good morning mom, is dad around?” I asked after I gave her a tight bear hug which she happily returned. I loved my mom so much. And, how can I not when she was the one who brought me to this world and gave me the chance to meet my mate?

" Yes dear, he’s eating his breakfast in his usual seat ” she replied then patted my back and we entered. I walked through the house until I reached for the kitchen. The smell of my mom’s famous waffles filled my nostrils and I got hungry all of a sudden. I saw my dad, sitting in his usual seat, eating those mouthwatering waffles that I wanted to eat badly.

" Good morning, dad ” I greeted with a smile, he looked up and smiled back at me.

" Good morning Julian, want some? ” he offered, and I couldn’t say no to this heavenly flavors. No one could.

" You don’t have to tell me twice” I sat beside him and started chewing. Mom sat across from us in her seat with a cup of coffee in her hands.

" So, what brings you here this early in the morning? Is it to eat those waffles? ” he asked humorously and I laughed at that.

" you got me ” I laughed but then shook my head. ” No, I came here for a serious matter. I’ll tell you when we finish eating”

" Mom, dad...Yesterday, I found my mate ” I dropped the news when we sat in the living room and waited for their reaction. Mom had the brightest smile ever and dad was content, he had a smile on his sweating face. I guess he hadn’t got the chance to take a shower, since I came to visit, unnoticed.

She stood up and walked to me. ” That’s great JoJo, what’s her name? Describe her for me” Mom got excited. Too excited then she hugged me like her life depended on it.

I smiled remembering her every small feature.” Well, her name is Stella and for as much as I know, she’s human and I met her yesterday. She has dark black wavy but soft beautiful hair, gray eyes that can pull you into her own world and you can get lost there for hours if not days. Her skin is flawless and it’s so smooth. She has a small body, which is perfect for me which makes me feel like she needs my protection and her voice is so sweet when ever she speaks. I hear her voice as an angelic melody that can lighten me up and she is kind of shy but polite.” I explained genuinely and sighed with satisfaction and total happiness.

My parents looked happy and very interested in her. ” Well son, she sounds kind and I wish you all the best with telling her that you are a werewolf. ” Dad patted my shoulder with a tight smile. He can be sarcastically mean without even noticing.

" Yes, finally. I can now rest in peace, knowing that my dear and only son has found his mate. I want to meet her and soon ” mom exclaimed with a serious but happy tone and I nodded without a second thought.

" Well, that’s what I was hoping for you to ask because I need you to stay with her for the day. I need to talk to dad about Joey. ” As soon as I said his name, they turned from happy and delighted to serious and angry. Mom nodded firmly and dad nudged me to follow him, to his big office.

She waved us goodbye but then opened her mouth to speak. ” Don’t worry Julian, I’ll stay with her. Can we go shopping though? ” Mom asked and I nodded.

" Yes, actually... she needs new clothes because...ah, um, basically I didn’t meet her like a normal person. ” I countered averting any eye contact with them. What should I say? My mate was abused?

′ Yes ′ Peter decided to make an appearance and comment. His unnecessary comment.

‘You, shut up’ I replied then blocked him without giving him the chance to protest.

" What do you mean? ” Dad asked with narrow eyes and arched eyebrows, mom stepped closer to me and placed her hand on my shoulder. After a lot of debating and thinking whether to tell them or not, I told them everything really quick, how she was abused by her own brother, her only family without going into too many details. My dad got furious and my mom looked like she wanted to break something, maybe my mate’s brother’s bones, and spine.

" That creepy, abusive douchebag, jerk will not lay a hand on her ever again, if I ever see him... oh, he’s so gonna get it. Bye for now ” Mom reassured me then headed to her car and took off at full speed. My parents can be super protective if it was about family and Stella as an important part.

Mom was a car racer. Cool, right? She just races when she feels bored. In addition to that, she’s a strong warrior. Means, she can fight 5 strong men at the same time. I can count on her for my mate’s safety for sure.

" Now, Julian. Shall we get your Beta, Cody, mine’s too and the pack’s warriors? ” he asked and I nodded in a firm manner.

" Let’s go ”

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