I Broke Into The Alpha's House

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Chapter 9


I woke up at 7:30 and found no sign of Julian in his room. So I wore his sweatpants and shirt, they were extra large on me but it was okay. I liked large clothes, I felt more comfortable in them. And the fact that I didn’t have any clothes didn’t give me much of a choice, I couldn’t complain.

I headed out of the room after I did my morning routines, I walked through the enormous house for a good amount of time until I reached the best place ever, the kitchen. I wanted to drink some water but the smell of a homemade breakfast melted my heart away and my tummy screamed for the tasty food. I entered the big kitchen, and then I saw a pretty young woman, who looked exactly like Julian, except the fact that she had light freckles and dark blue eyes. She was either his sister or his mother.

" G-good morning ” I greeted after a long time of admiring her soft and calming beauty. She looked at me with a big smile that made me relax, and thank God that she was a female figure. I had to pass some males to get to the kitchen and it was awkward.

" Oh good morning dear, you must be Stella, am I right? ” She pulled her hand out for me to shake, and I gladly did.

I smiled a small smile. ” Well, that’s me ” I felt shy all of the sudden. She gazed at me for a minute or two then she leaded me to the kitchen counter. She handed me a plate that was full of delicious food.

” Eat dear, we have a long day today ” she said.


While I was enjoying myself, making breakfast for my son’s mate. ” G-good morning ” I heard a sweet quiet voice from behind me. I looked at the source of the voice and saw a very beautiful young girl, staring at me. She had beautiful, dazzling gray eyes, pitch black hair, flawless skin and a tiny, skinny body. Julian was absolutely right, she was stunning with every small feature of her’s. I couldn’t believe she went through abuse and suffered a lot. My son better keeps her safe and happy or I’ll rip him apart.

“Oh Good morning dear, you must be Stella, am I right? ” I asked her as I pulled my hand out for her to shake and she did.

She flattered me with a sweet smile. ” Well, that’s me ” she replied, lowering her head and averting the eye contact. She was so cute. Yup, she was good for him.

I led her to the counter chair and sat her on it. ” I’m Nancy Woods, Julian’s mama. ” I sat across from her and handed her the food. She grabbed a fork and started munching on the waffles and Omelets.

” Hello miss Woods, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She replied politely when she swallowed.

" Please call me Nancy, I feel old when you call me ′miss Woods′ okay?” I said with a grin.

" Okay, Nancy ”

" So Stella, tell me about yourself ” I pointed out after she put the food in her mouth and let out a joyful moan. I guess she liked it.

" I’m 18, I have no parents, I lived with my b-brother ” She answered but stuttered at the mention of her brother and I nodded trying not to get angry and scare her away.

" You lived? What about now? ” I asked. I know about her past but I need her to tell me, to open up to me more and not to think that my son couldn’t be trusted with secrets. He can keep secrets and a great man but that was her own safety we were talking about. She looked at me like she was debating whether to tell me or not. As I wanted to tell her that’s okay if she doesn’t want to say but she looked at me with such determination and anger.

" I ran away. In fact... I did that last night. That’s why I’m here, intruding on you. Sorry ” She bowed her head apologizing, I felt sorry for her and wanted to kill that sick man.

" Do you want to tell me why or... ” I trailed off to see her reaction.

She nodded, weakly. ” He abused me for more than 8 years, I lost track of the time so I’m not sure how many years exactly. He wanted to sell my body to some of his friends, but I didn’t allow it, due to that I ran away last night and ended up here. Under Julian’s protection, which I’m very grateful for.” She told me and I smiled at my son’s behavior. I raised you well, JoJo.

I came closer and hugged her, reassuring that she was safe with us. ” Honey, I’m so sorry for that. I bet you don’t have clothes with you, am I right?” I asked acting clueless about her situation her hoping for a yes.

" Well... I didn’t get the chance to pack anything with me. In fact, I came here almost naked and it was super awkward since there were more than 20 males in this house. ” She explained with a blush and I nodded, grabbing her arms and dragged her to the main door.

" Okay, we will get you something to wear. ”

" No you don’t have to, I’m not staying here anyway, ” She said and I chuckled at her innocent naiveness. She thought that JoJo will let her go away that easily. You can try, but it will never work.

" Yes, we do. And you are staying here, I’m not taking a No for an answer, now come on Stella. ” I opened the main door after she finished eating and then I opened the car door. ” Do you mind if we tag my niece along with us? she’s your age.” I asked her as we sat in my black Mustang.

" No, not at all. ” She replied then we headed to my niece’s house.

" We are here, let’s wait for her. ” I announced after I pulled over to her mates house, she was Cody’s mate - Julian’s Beta- and she was so sweet and energetic. I was sure that they would get along well together.

" Okay ”

10 minutes later, she decided to show up. I smiled as I saw her getting out of the house. “...No way ” Stella’s whisper brought my attention back to her.

" What’s wrong? ” I asked, concerned. She didn’t reply, she just kept staring at my niece. When she opened the car door and saw Stella, they both froze on spot.

" Stella? ”

" Skye” Stella stated, shocked if I must add.

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