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Here's a tip for you if you want to live in peace: Watch your language in front of her, don't swear, and do NOT eat her Oreos because she'll chase after you. Imagine this ~ You think that you are sleeping in your comfortable bed, next to your 3-year-old brother, who's so cozy and warm. Still, you open your eyes to see 3 hot, charming, and good-looking guys staring at you... but the worst part is that you are in a moving car lying on their laps. 19 years old Ariel O'Connor is sassy, sarcastic, funny, caring, and confident, and she loves to have fun. Also, she's smart. What will happen when she wakes up in the wrong place in an unusual situation? What will she do?

Romance / Humor
Nadine Abu Treef
4.8 237 reviews
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Chapter 1


" I’m back ” I called once I stepped foot into my lovely sweet home. I have been away for 3 months studying medicine at a well-known university, I haven’t seen the family that I missed so much all this semester. Yeah, we would Skype and text but it was not the same thing when they are near you, in flesh. And Christmas was on its way to Canada, Hamilton so this was the reason why I was back home.

" Dad, Hunter, Adrian, she’s back ” I heard my big brother Davin inform my family, I waited then I heard footsteps, fast footsteps. That was never a good sign. Oh boy. Bye bye, my ribs. Rest in peace. ” Ariel! ” Once my dear brother saw me, he showed me his brightest smile ever and he held me in a bone-crushing bear hug, I hugged him back while giggling but feeling the pain of the tight embrace. My poor ribs, they were screaming for help and some space.

" Can’t... b-breath ” I slapped him on his back then he let go of me with an apologetic smile. ” Sorry Bluer, I missed you so much. It was quiet around here when you were not home ” he cleared with a smile, then ruffled my -once was neat- long brown hair.

You see, the reason he called me ′ Bluer ′ was because I had a very bright and rare shade of blue eyes and I loved them, they were the feature I loved the most in me. Don’t get me wrong, I was not like those girls who try their best to look perfect, I was just a normal 19 years old who was content with herself, with how she looked like.

" Yeah Davin, I missed you too ” I hugged him again but this time it was a lighter embrace. Davin was a handsome 24 years old lawyer. He had honey eyes and dirty blond hair, he had a beautiful smile and his dimples increased his charm.

He placed a soft kiss on my forehead, then he led me to the kitchen yet again to be squeezed in another bone-crushing bear hug by Hunter, my other older brother. ” Hey princess, how have you been? ” Hunter asked me before I could see his face because my face was buried in his board chest.

" Can’t... b-breath. ” I slapped his back with my free hand to let him know that I was dying, he looked at my face then let go.

Déja Vu.

" Sorry, but I missed you, princess. I was so bored without you here ” He reasoned with a heartwarming smile that could grab any girl’s heart. I loved it when he called me Princess.

Hunter was also handsome and strong, he was 23 years old high school gym teacher. He had bright blue eyes but a different shade than mine, he had dark brown hair and was taller than Davin by an inch or two yet Davin was still tall or I was just too short? ” Awe I missed you too, hell, I missed all of you... and to answer your question, I’m great after seeing you guys. I feel the love ” I replied, then grabbed a cup full of water and drank it in one gulp.

” Looks like someone is thirsty, you will choke if you don’t slow down. Easy ” Davin pointed out with a soft smile. How much I missed his... not so important comments.

" Yes indeed, I was thirsty because I had to ride a taxi cab for 4 hours talking to the old driver. ” I replied annoyed because I remembered the driver and his conversations, he never shut up. He kept on talking even when I closed my eyes to try and sleep.

I looked around the kitchen, then frowned. ” Where is my fluff bear? ” I asked Hunter. He shook his head. Then I looked at Davin and he also shook his head as he didn’t know. ” Fluff bear where are you? ” I called for my cute 3-year-old brother, Adrian. He was the cutest, sweetest most adorable kid ever, in my eyes of course... and the family’s. He inherited mom’s and Davin’s honey eyes but a lighter color and blond silky hair, don’t forget his amazing dimples on both cheeks. He was the definition of adorableness.

" I coming ” He replied from the top of the stairs. I laughed at his grammar but it was super cute. I ran to the stairs and saw that he’d reached the last two steps so I opened my arms for him to jump and he did.

” Hey buddy, I missed you too much. You still have those chubby cheeks that I love to pinch ” I cooed while hugging him and kissing his cheeks, his soft full cheeks. Adrian looked at me and laughed showing me his adorable dimples. God, how much I missed those dimples.

" I miss too Ariel, I want you to play with me, okay? ” He asked with a sweet quiet voice. Who could say No to that?

I nodded with a smile. ” Of course buddy but after dinner, I’m starving and I haven’t seen mom or dad yet ” he nodded his small head and went to the kitchen. After a minute of standing near the stairs, I heard running footsteps on the stairs. I looked up and saw my dad. ” Daddy ” I called then ran to him as soon as he reached the bottom. He held me real tight and spun me around while I was in his warm strong fatherly arms.

” How is my baby girl ? ” he asked with a contagious cheerful smile.

I smiled back. ” Awesome but stressed. Life at the university is hard but I will survive after seeing you guys, I missed you all” I replied when he put me down on the floor.

” We missed you too, ” he said then kissed the crown of my head. Dad, his name was Simon O’Connor by the way, was 45 years old, he was a successful CEO and owned a big marketing company. He had the same shade of blue eyes as my brother Hunter and had light brown hair, he wore glasses when he read plus he was also tall and well built.

Then, I remembered the woman who gave birth to me, the only woman who could provide a special love. And might I add, the only other female figure in this family. ” Where is she? I haven’t seen her yet ” I asked looking around the house for her.

" She went grocery shopping, she will be here at any minute ” dad replied with a knowing chuckle. As we entered the kitchen we heard yelling. So we all turned our gazes to the kitchen door and waited for my mom in silence.

” Where is my beautiful girl? ” mom asked in a loud tone while rushing to the kitchen. She was holding an abundant amount of bags.

“Right here, ” I said with a smile as she saw me, I dashed to her arms and hugged her, but thank God mom had a gentle touch, unlike the boys in the family.

” How much I missed you in my arms sweetie, you don’t know how hard it is to live here with 4 annoying males alone, it’s so stressful. I miss gossiping about boys and fashion with you, you are the only one who understands me ” She sighed with relief reflecting in her beautiful dark honey eyes. I chuckled at her last comment. Mom was a beautiful 45 years old fashion designer, her name was Rachel and she was well known around the world for her magnificent work. She had dirty blond short hair and a body like a model. She was the perfect mom in my eyes. All of my family members were perfect in my eyes.

" We are here, you know? ” Davin, Hunter, and Dad remarked in unison. Annoyed at my mom’s last comment.

” Yeah we know ” she and I replied at the same time and we all laughed.

" Mommy, I hungry ” I heard my fluff bear whine for food and I did the only thing I could do for him. As a mature 19 years old sister. I looked at mom with serious eyes. ” Mommy, I’m hungry too ” I also whined and that made Hunter laugh and the rest chuckle. We all had a strong bond that couldn’t be broken, ever. I loved them so much.

After we ate and talked for hours and I played with Adrian, I went to my room to rest my body and mind, I needed sleep. As I stepped into my bedroom, I noticed that nothing had changed since the last time I was here. I pulled my warm black sweatpants and a soft red oversized hoodie. I decided to take a quick shower then go to bed. No Mr. horse you cannot eat meat, you will die from food poisoning, I can’t afford to lose you no, I love you. I then looked at the ice shop and ordered ice cream with vanilla and Oreos.

I open my eyes from my wild dreams, feeling a weird thing next to me, I looked under my covers to see an Angelic fluff bear, Adrian. I wrapped my arms around him then pulled him closer to me and with that, darkness took over my mind and I was snoring in La La La land.


" Come on guys, ” I said to my 3 best friends, and we got out of my black Lamborghini. ” Why do I have to go? ” I heard Owen whine from behind. I turned and looked at him with a roll of my eyes, he was putting his arms behind his head. ” Because you, my dear friend, are going to sneak into the house and open her window for us. ” I grinned and he sighed in frustration.

Owen was 20 years old singer, he wore glasses, had dark blue eyes and he could be a pain in the neck sometimes. ” But why me though? Why not you or Noah or Aaron? ” He asked again with crossed arms. Couldn't he just do it without asking?

” Because you’re the only one how can sneak into the house without making any noise, you have good ninja skills ” I explained. He looked at me with a smirk blasting on his face. Yes, he was buying it.

" Well, if you say that... then, I’m just the only one who can go inside, uh-mm I have pretty awesome ninja skills -” Owen starting babbling nonstop so we did the only thing we could do to make him stop talking. We raised our palms and slapped his head. ” Ouch, what was that for ?” he cried, holding his head in his hands.

” It wasn’t that hard. Come on dude go, we don’t have the whole night it’s 2:30 am and we have a flight to catch ” Aaron, Owen’s cousin and manager pointed out with a tired expression displaying on his face. Aaron was the kind one between us... I guess. He had dark brown eyes and black hair. He was 21 years old and he was also a songwriter.

" Yeah he’s right, now go ” Noah nodded in agreement. Now, Noah was the youngest of us four, while I was 19, he was 18 years old. He was a senior in high school. He loved to have fun and had green eyes with short light brown hair, you could say that he had a baby face.

" Fine ” Owen replied like a 5-year-old kid with a stump on the floor. He was an idiot, but he did have the skills. He better hurry up.

We watched him try to open the house with a credit card and it freaking worked. Then, he entered without making any noise. After he closed the door behind him, we turned around the house and stood under her bedroom window, it was on the second floor so we had to climb up and that was not a problem for us. We waited for about 5 minutes then we heard a click and the window was open. ” Come on ” Owen whispered. We began climbing with the help of the side tubs. I was the first one to enter after Owen, then Noah and finally Aaron.

We looked around admiring the room and hell it was so big, we saw a queen sized bed in the center of the room and spotted her sleeping on it peacefully. We approached her on our tiptoes, making sure she didn’t wake up. ” Guys... We have an obstacle ” Noah whisper grabbed our attention.

” What? ” I asked then he pointed at her... well not exactly her, he pointed at a little boy in her arms.

” Awe, look how cute he is ” Owen cooed and we nodded. He was so cute. I loved kids but it was not the time.

” And she is beautiful ” Noah commented and we all looked at her face. Studying it carefully. She was a beauty indeed. She had long brown hair and a perfect jawline, her skin was flawless and her pale lips looked so soft. ” Let’s carry her ” I suggest and they nodded. We grabbed her hands softly making sure she didn’t wake up nor the baby boy. We released her from the boy and I carried her on my shoulder carefully. Then suddenly...

She slapped my back. Real hard.

I groaned in pain without any making any sound, but the boys started to panic thinking that she was awake. ” That’s my Oreos, you beast. You cannot have them, understood?” She muttered making us jump from the surprise. ” She’s... Sleep-talking? ” Aaron looked at her behind my back and chuckled. She was cute but she hit like a man.

“Come on, give me the rope, ” I cleared to Owen and he handed me it. They helped me wrap it around my waist then I handed the top of the rope to the boys. ” Okay, I’m going to get down with her, hold the rope tightly and help me. Do not let go ” they grabbed it then nodded with sweat starting to form on their foreheads. I started getting down, tightening my grip around her waist, I didn’t want her to fall because A- I will face the wrath of my boss, and B- she was a human being, she would break her bones if she fell.

After 3 to 4 minutes of struggling, we landed safe and sound, then I was followed by the boys. ” Did you leave the letter on the bed? ” I asked Aaron since it was with him.

” Yes I did, now let’s go ” he replied and we all got in the car then I drove off to the airport.

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