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When things can go right for the young they mess with it they do not want to leave it alone they must tinker make much more there is no concerns for themselves or their loved ones happiness. We are not young anymore but remembering when we were must be a solace that the beacon of fires which swept me along now are mellow into a rage and this is the book which sets me alight and that to set me into a flame of activity. These are the things maturity is not the only answer work and more work to catch the light and go where the beacon leads.

Romance / Drama
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Rat poison is placed so that the rat is attracted by it. It is obvious that the rat is dirty and has no table manners and is a contagious plague infested vermin. That our DNA is similar to the rat’s is a joke is not it?

That most of the experiments which are psychologist ground work is carried on rats. That even our behaviour is similar and perfect in every way. That the rat breeds indiscriminate numbers same as we do and they don’t clean after themselves. That a rat has the possibilities of having fifty children in one drop.

The thinking is there so why worry when the doctors think we are rats? Shipman forget about him he did nothing wrong he just had too many patients and got rid of them. He only got caught when someone left her savings to him. You see that is going too far. So massively the thing is you can’t keep the important things in check because savings are more important and relatives do notice when their money is stolen.

That human beasts or beings are dirty unwashed that there was gin houses in the poor districts and that in every six houses there was the tavern. That women and men were so into drink that they would lay it all bare. Then the puritans came and swept it out. They took the gin city and made it a God fearing nation.

It was a disaster for the taverns and all manner of entertainments had to be stopped. Most of the forefathers then were airlifted to America where there they could sing the hymns and do lords business in the peace and quiet of the splendid building merchants. Here in England and in the nether districts people were sent over to America as a punishment.

In ships so with rats that they were chained and ganged up. That the ships were not fit for their punishments that they disliked the slave or the penal shipment they were in and wanted nothing better but to knock down the captain and become pirates like their ancestors in Queen Elizabeth times. But there was a change in the atmosphere nowadays drinking was considered bad and they were shipped to do what behave and make a example of themselves. Rats had more fun than they did.

They were the forefathers who got America started.

I have always been interested in the motives behind human history and was wanting to know this and that. When I went to night school as a teenager I was in this class which had another bearing on what constituted humans. At school the humans were considered abnormally brave and did all manner of brave deeds but once outside the school they became dogmas and this and the other and did strange beastly things to each other. I had not realised how far it would impact on my own writing and thinking the schools I went to.

The cull of mankind said the teacher was that they should enjoy child bearing and having children and when they over populate they could be killed off and die quite happy. This is the German Teacher in a night school who would have been the only resource for me as a unhappy teenager. I could not imagine anyone wanting to kill mankind and what is the reason when they are happily having babies and eating out of the larder should they then be killed? Of course mankind cannot support the ever increasing numbers soon they would have to be culled again.

“It is not right Miss.”

“It is right because that is what we have been doing this small planet cannot sustain so many mouths.”

“If someone went to the moon and we could colonise the moon?”

“I don’t think in our lifetime it can happen.”

“I know this is a brain thing you have as many children as possible then the cull.”



“To us this is natural and normal.” She added.

“To cause so many deaths?”

“I know facts a number of us would perish civilisation would perish if the weight of the starving could cross them barriers and come over here and then what would happen?”

“What would happen Miss?”

“What would happen we would starve too.”

“That is what would happen we would all starve for the life we have no matter what we do we need food and water.”

“Shouldn’t we have less children?”

“One can’t stop creating babies mothers and fathers always want to cement their relationship with such a offering.”

“But is there no other way to show someone that you love them?”

“No.” She said and finally she added.

“The reserves in the areas which have been causing crops to fail is the ones where the erosion is such due to over exploitation.”

“Now there is nothing to ask but to say that is what it is the cost of land erosion is the price of over ploughing that means there is too many things going on that land and should be allowed to have a fallow time. That is when it makes sense?”

“Same with the human fertilities?”

“Did you just say fatalities?”

“No I said fertilities.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means when one is having babies.”

“Yes that is what it means because when one does not have children one is infertile and a waste of space.”


“Some children are best not to be born.”

“That is what everyone thinks.”

“But my dear girl.”

“Don’t dear girl me I know what everyone is saying about me. That I am infertile and a waste of space.”

“Dinner is yours.”

“I am not a waste of space. I am a woman who likes to live.”

“We all know that because three doctors will see you and pronounce you dead and no longer here at Christmas.”

“Before they switch you off.”

“Yes they need three doctors to do that?”

“Of course they do.”

“They can’t pronounce you dead before that?”

“No it has to be at Christmas.”

“Best time for bad news.”

“No the humans don’t like to lie fallow the beauty of having a child one loves more than oneself is no great price to pay. Parenthood is the ultimate joy.”

“But that means than one has to kill several million in order to keep the numbers down.”

“A small price to pay.”

“This does not make sense.”

The whole class start to laugh.

“But it does not.”

“I respect your wishes.”

“But it is not my wishes it is the wishful thinking of this diabolical thinking.”

“Look it is the way it works.”

“What is it about?”

“We all love babies politicians kiss babies they love babies so we have babies then we mass destruct the planet in order to make room for more babies.”

“That is right.”

The Fabian society said that there is a debate on whether to have sexual intercourse with babies was okay.”

“In the seventies it was said so it was in the newspapers.”

“The Sun.”

“Harriet someone was dismissed and allowed to escape by marrying.”

“There was a huge joy at the ceremony.”

“We all cried buckets of tears that a woman had to give up something in order to marry and not be allowed to do public life.”

“But now she is back we are all okay?”

“Definitely we all feel justified and better.”

“Like drinking a glass of cold water.”

“We now know we have equality.”

“Of course we all know this for a fact.”

“Has nobody read Animal Farm?”

“Everybody has it is a classic.”

“I just wondered that is all.”!

“We are not given a right to choose or to ask why?”

“No need to ask anyone’s opinion this has been going on forever and there is not much else to think but to think well of them people who do have babies.”

“Their lives ruined by the child’s birth.”

“Ambitions thwarted.”

“Not allowed to be with adults.”

“They all have to say ta.”

“All the time.”

“It makes us think less well off.”

“Have another glass.”

“No I will go to the toilet all the time if I did.”

“It is just there.”

“If they love their babies then it is alright but how many babies can one love?”

“There is 29,000 boys and girls ready to be adopted. Why does nobody adopt them?”

“Because they can’t have sex with them; they will be caught.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course.”

“That is the reason they are not adopting them?”

“Of course it is.”

“One can marry a adopted child.”

“No one will allow it there is society to consider and society will never condone such behaviour.”

“We are evil society.”




“There is the system all out to abuse those who do not have the money to pay for the surcharges.”


“To sir with love.”

I gave up I did not understand anymore and we went back to German and this did not make sense either. German language is perhaps not to your taste? I had been reading a Latin book and this made me sense the teacher was getting rid of me. I was a little hasty I suspect but left that night I was a little over awed at how the haste they had got to discover flaws in me.

I was a Latin school or scholarship material? It made nonsense of my own knowledge that when one is older the protection of the school is left and one is at the mercy of the imbeciles and the conceited and the thing is one does not like every teacher. And most of them dislike being in that class. For it is their night off from real work and they dislike the thought of this extra teaching when they should be marking real essays.

Real essays and the whole class laughed as I left it.

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