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Chapter 9

I am a really racist woman a woman whose a racist because it is a racist world without meaning to be so. We are supposedly charitable and all that we make the friendships and we do the jokes but when it comes down to it we are all very mean and bitchy.

North Korea due to not being allowed to eat dog meat has now taken to re-launching the nuclear missiles as this will make them not feed on poison fish. Which is more difficult to cook than dog meat and takes skill and ages. Someone in the Victoria Derbyshire said he will never do this? But of course they are making the dogs go loosely to America and have not been benefited.

Nowhere to place their mouths. So off to the nuclear war zone when the world can be less pissed and missy and young gentry in the North Korea can have it all.

We have re-launched our missiles asking for this world to be less cagy.

“This world is not what it used to be.”

“We do not have any hot dogs?”

“Or the ear of the dog?”

“No dogs anywhere?”


“Dogs being taxed out.”

“Due to everyone asking their release.”

“How might dogs become not eatable?”

“It is the customary manners of Koreans North that is.”

“We are never going to become the new gentry if we are not obeyed.”

“World wary we are not going to be nicely fed.”

“All male under forty no dog meat between us?”

Back in England we did not know how affecting Battersea has been the re-homing of dogs our main priority. Fosters outside waiting with the hammers.

This is the new plague? The worst black plague of all time.

“This is not income related?”

“The man who has been herding the whole show looks menacingly at the cameras. He appears familiar to me. I shudder to feel now he is in N Korea why them dogs won’t stand a chance.”

“It is no need to camp outside in the kennels?”

“The dogs have had their inoculations.”

“Who paid for all this?”

“The young woman with the winning smile.”

“Her whole purpose is to make us all well.”

Does it mean now all are not well? Saying such things as that to the whole world which we are hearing in our sat down rooms. We do like to think they said in a month more dangerous world.

We won’t be done out of a thousand dogs in one meal. We had to inject the dogs and send them over to America which means we can’t do it repeatedly. This is the most dangerous world is it not? If we can get the nuclear missile as small we can go through and then we can undo the missiles off to America.

The thing is we are not nice when we don’t eat. Nice very nice baby. Look I loathe that dog. But it is now able to be happily in there sunning itself with the sunshades adding to the blissful behaviours of all dogs.

“The fish can kill us.”

“If not properly cooked?”

“We now middle class and do it well we must have some dog dinners.”

“Dog dinners are out.”

“Have some fish proper food.”

“Cooked in the mama’s kitchen.”

“A trained nurse hygienist.”

It is not official has it? The thing is not ever been in the know? We are not here there and everywhere? I do not believe this at all. We are doubting the evidence of our eyes. The North Korea has not been with a nuclear bomb. A word of caution we are all going on parade. Them who that knows it is it not nice likely to launch the Miss UK?

The BBC has told a lie.

“The Koreans would never say that.”

“It is not what they did ?”

“They said we all now into nuclear bombing from North Korea.”

“We will open a dispute.”

“To see who is telling the truth.”

“We are not amused.”

“I prefer the Amazon non profit organisation who does not give me any parcels.”

“Says me money not into their pockets.”

“I do feel bad about it.”

“Yes I believed they were nicer than the others.”

“North Korean said nuclear bombing ahead ?”

“Yes according to the BBC.”

“A man who looked like A Mafia said so.”

“So how does he know?”

“He is running the show including the BBC.”

“So it must be the horse’s mouth?”

“I do not care to answer that.”

Having the nuclear Newton Bomb must be good I got chills they are electrifying and I feel so good. Next to nothing on? We are the Newton Bomb to chill out we mean to have a man who can make me satisfied.

Now we have achieved the right gay married life. We are over the priviledges of our wonderful mates. Who are all doing well. A woman had to work in a adult sex life to make ends meet. The men are all going to get married? Never mind.

“I got chills they are electrifying and I am losing control.”

“Dearly beloved.”

“Mother Hubbarb went to the cupboard.”

“Old mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard to find the cupboard bare.”

“No? Wife did not get the children right?”

“When she off went her rocket.”

“Flew down the socket.”

“When the piping hot mash man came out.”

“Smashing bangers and mash.”

“What impact will it have?”

“Mr Foster from Exeter an expert said it will impact on the South Korea. ”

“In case you are all wondering it is in Young Byron site.”

“The quality and according to the experts quantity is nicer and brewed nicely.”

“But it is directed at America it is different geography?”

“How can it be directed to America when it is South Koreans who will have it?”

“Torah says that equal measures have to be enacted there is not much we mean when we say we pay 200 billion a year for food which makes someone’s son leave school and help his family as his way of making the work which gives us the food so cheaply on this table. What we now got? The produce is that we are consumers and we consume. We can eat anything. We are the consumers and we consume billions in your pocket.

Where? I looked after the family a mad man a mad woman who retired at fifty two and that was fair and equal otherwise why be bothered. ?What bothers me is because of this no one finds me interesting. I have not much to do but to think well done and well done where is the wealth in that? What did I contribute now nearing sixty? Where is the life I gave the food that cooked the things that got cleaned the shop ship shape and them sisters laughing at me for they are beasts the extensive family doing the same we fooled you. HA- and more HA. Nose day pig day we pigged out.”

“Ha ha.”

Whenever wherever we are going to believe in- us. We believe we are taking care of your needs. We are the right thinkers. The consumers the generation of the consumed. One lump or two it does not matter to us. The right thinking there is not much else we do.

We are without meanings.

Our money is our meaning otherwise we cease to make. We are the shop keeping generation and we think shopocholics all the time. Wonky floor there is nothing but cloud on the magic carpet and we ride into the bullions. Another thing we are the consumed by the Midas touch gold finger the ring round the roses. We do behave like no other in that it is global this is global we do not cease to matter as we drop into single deficits. Cheese with it? No single figures take your daughter to the auction and hope for the best. The rest is upset.

“It is chronic?”

Do not upset the master of the house as your daughter now numerical and clerical. She has the book keepers job one of many in the palace of her designs, Bright girl number wife seventeen. Very bright indeed soon she will deal with romance and write about it. Brighter if she gets her grammar right. No need for the sub editor to do a twist, and a twirl. Brighter than ever bright as a button soon dropped not as bright. Another one catching him on fire and then this other thing too. His numerical women have now come to their senses and mean to incarcerate him inside the house where he will be semi invalided out. Bright women wives a plenty soon into this cessation of hostilities girls we must make him merry and into wine and he might grow and crumble. That way we richer than Midas. Good girls.

“We have behaved so well.”

“Nicety and good sense.”

“We did everything for his well being he is now in the house hoping to find the key.”

“Bright as a button what an idea.”

Our job is to make your securities. Our self imposed task is to believe we are the do goodies we are the do goodies who do good. Our job is to do well. Our life is doing well to others. Our smooth talking is these aristocratic personages do well. We do well because we are aristocratic peerages.

We make the difference count how you can look so gross. It must be mad when we have superimposed ourselves on you to reject our way of life. How can you reject a Duke? A duke highly sought after would have made you right with us.

We would have been impeccable with this? A duke is the one thing every girl is after. After that come the marquise and the earls. NO not eels. Where did she find the eels from?

“Pie and mash shop?”

“Common has muck it closed down. We can’t have that sort of thing.”

“That type of illness is bad for one’s society to think that equality will exist in the future makes my blood boil but until then there is this society fair to the fair and be aware there is nothing fairer then we are.”

“How do we fare?”

“Move over to the next page and I will be your page.”

“Look there is nothing wrong with being rich and behaving like badly?”

“We are unequal to the task of explaining to you what we do mean and if it takes the whole of this session I will try it is about survival we do not need to exist on handouts when we are working we do feel worthless when we live in the skies and nothing is repaired and we are urinated on and there is no policing there is no justice in that unkindness.”

“It is not our fault?”

“It is not yours at all none whatsoever it is that the idle rich do nothing but swear they are over worked and we are not and that makes me mad. We work longer hours for far less and we are able to be shitted on and nobody cares. The idle rich only has to moan about a certain place when they are said to be enslaved to imbeciles and idle poor. There is nothing idle about being poor.”

“Hung out your washing line?”

“There is no line I would not cross to speak the truth as I see it you might see it differently?”

“Is that the question or the answer?”

“Both I fear.”

“My fair weather friend.”

“Yes I am here.”

“When the friendship ends I fear.”

“The thing is it is never going to end the maids are here in their French gaiters and they do dance so divinely.”

“They are not poor?”

“Offspring of the poor.”

“Look where did they get them bosoms?”

“They have indigested more food then was good for them.”

“I fear it has not agreed with their bosoms?”

“Their bosoms have gone to their ankles.”

“Hah the friendly society does care then?”

“Look I am getting cancer from the operation.”

“Has it burst?”

“Look keep it on.”

“We can’t find in England the females who had had the operations as they have all ended up in French soil.”

“Here is it.”


“A poet who wrote about daffodils and is considered the third greatest poet ever.”

“Not the sunflower?”

“No that was a painter!”

“Well who was he man?”

We do not know which you would dally after. Then we co wrote the daffodil, a poem by Wordsworth.

We despairs make the thinking is not right why are you different?

“Princess what do you think is she a lesbian?”

She does not know she thinks affection is the warm feeling yes she is. Affection she never had only sex so seeing me affectionate she felt it was sex. Love is all about sensuality. What else does give one the hump? We are not into other feelings. We feel sex all the time. Not to be confused with sex love is about sex all about sex? We are sexy beasts Freud said so. He psychologist said so in true meanings we are into Freud he said everything is about sex.

Nothing is done others not even us there has to be at rock bottom sex. Freud said he even had feelings for his friend after dining with him for thirty years that is when he fled Germany and came to London. It being war did not affect his decision and he having been a cancer patient only meant he did it in time. He was treated for his cancer free of charge for his services to clinical psychology. After her came unreasonable behaviour and money laundering made legal. She is now highly closeted lesbian.”

Do make differences that make others think. We are always impeccably dressed we are well educated and we do make others well. We know the right code of grammar there is not much less we do we are almost always in the good books we are highly sought after at parties we do the opening ceremonies. We are the star attraction all stare at our noble mane. We know several languages. We are not into dullness our eyes always in the right shade. We wear our mascaras so well they stand out do not stare.

Our figures are the right size under sized and not over we are well into making the showers and we do almost gallop wherever. Our handbags are stuffed with the right cleaners self wipes. Our most carved out things are eggs and hope it is not too much calorie in- take. When we were children both sisters had interfered with each other while mum had been looking after them. Two and three years old. They had become a couple. Soon afterwards I had been rejecting mother.

“Liars.” I shouting all the time saying it is her fault for doing such a thing. But mother was now cross she said it was what was nice and wholesome. In this world one did what one wanted to live by. She had the right of way because it is her own domain. It is my own domain this is where I am. A woman can do what she wants in her married home. I am wife and mother not you. I can do what I can to teach them what is good what is the way and what to do with themselves.

“Faith is all that is what this got me.”

“Who are we speaking to?”

“No one.”

“Our faith is not to interfere with the faithful.”

“The way of life.”

They had got together and to become permanent.

Me had over the age sex and this meant I am beast not should be shut down, no sex.

“The cost of faith is never the price agreed it is a pound of flesh always and bloody it is bloody.”

The cost of this was heavy on me on us on the family. The sisters thought this the best thing ever. You see society meant they would be looked at closely and be criticised. This meant they did not feel like they had done the good things. This is what school meant to my sisters being constantly criticised.

They blamed this on me because me having made them go to school by doing the documents now they went to school because they now registered as school age and could not get out of it.

Mother had not gone to school because she had been too old now the scholars looked lost.

B was ever more angry about this.

She said me behaving in superior fashion and making them feel dirty and cheap so to make her happiness.

That now we are in full view and everyone would ask us things.

Mum she asks the doctor who had the difficulties in the homeland to come and do the deed as she gave her consent. As now she had the authority to do such things as this meant she got her religion back. Sheer religious she got into yes she now so high on religious fever she went mad with it.

Having become religious she said it shattered her that I had become this dirty girl and needed to become normal and domicile and into behaving like other girls.

“This me who had the same things to do as me.” I looked round there was nothing there nobody there nothing for me nothing at all there was only this fiend which nothing deterred and nobody wanted.

The doctor looked a bit shifty in the room I tried not to behave not well. I did not know why me feverish when he came. He sat down on the bedside and said soothing this and that. Then he went to the boy downstairs as he was a grammar school material. His mother was prim and out. He was his wavy boy. He so slim he could not stop thinking about him.

“I despaired he found the energy to think of things.”

His bag went with him? I did not take a look at his bag but sometimes the reading of my heart was very heavy work B said he not a doctor? Why what is he? He never is a doctor a doctor has something to read the heart with I seen it on television. But he is the same one as in the surgery? Look I can prove it? You can?

“Let me prove it?”


“He went disappeared?”

“I think he was half way there when he had to stop.”

“When it did not happen?”

“When did it not happen?”

“We are not doing it again?”

“No we can’t.”

“Mad people our mother is mad?”

“No it is our father who is?”

He said is this okay to do? She said plain as plain it will make things easier for the whole of us.

Our joys will be many and all that.

He came several time injecting me. I do not know what this meant it meant me being constantly into being injected he said it made it smart.

The smarts came frequently with the injections.

She had me circumcised so that I would never enjoy sex.

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