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Chapter 11

If one has enough of the psychotic drugs one becomes a psychotic.

We are now full of Triumph he is the one running for the American Pie in the sky. We will be overjoyed and under applauded if we do not have another wall. We also want alas a good supermarket where we can undo all our stresses and forgive the bank manager for misdialling our or misdirecting our details to the fraudsters.

“I am very pleased to see everyone.”

I mean the bank managers have too many do’s so can’t be able to handle all their things in one day.

I mean the hand picking of the mishandled goodies and the bagged mistresses who do it that way.

In playboy the moment the woman gives birth she is able to do it next. In that way she is the best deal.

No deal the best deal the better deal. Now honey mind the girl who goes to sleep with a one year old it is odd that? I mean having a one year old kid and trying to sleep too she needs plenty of rest as she has a one year old. He is tossed in love with his sex drives honey what does it mean?

Look this poor young man has a young one year old and does not have the right attitude. His woman girl friend does not give him enough of it. I mean him being the proper father he does not say shit I am more important than anything and it does not happen to me every night? No he goes out and has the other things who do it for him. It is right is it? Of course honey it is manly. Of course of course it is also manly to be alone when you are older dear? What for ? Well womanisers are dearest.

Unless of course he is one of them. Donald Triumph is never alone.

Do no go to America as it is now Donald Triumph land we are not easy on that?

“Why too much beans ?”

“Yes we are farting about having the fourteen girls in one night we are hell to be with and hell with to be.”

“My to thank our lucky stars we have the good exemplary man of the man.”

“It is man it is man.”

“Rounds of applause and again and again.”

“He is the best shit we have.”

“No one else like Triumph?”

“No he is hot on wheels.”

“He is the best American advertiser.”

“Yes sure we love his way.”

“No need to speak to the poor.”

“Bloody hell no he does not give a damn.”

“Will walk over you and stop your benefit money. He is sink or swim damn capitalist.”

“Deep pockets he has.”

“Deeper than anything?”

“Yes he will say rude and be ruder and you are stricken.”

“Off his Christian charities.”

“He does not like rudeness.”

“Any better than the rest of the world”?

“He is on the same golf course committee.”

“You are a loser.”

“I am indeed sir.”

“Never be rude to your betters.”

“That is what they all say.”

“Now we got the hottest American President of all time.”

“He times his eggs while boiling them. Exact right timing.”

“Yes he does.”

“All the time that’s why the egg timers were invented.”

“To play for the time.”

“His timer working?”

“Timing his eggs.“?

“Yes he has perfect eggs all the time.”

“With his timers.”


“His wives are the best advertisers of what good taste means.”

“They spend money like water. Nothing under cut about him.”

“Drown the poor.”

“Give them not much to make them see that their brains do not add up.”

“Give him play boy.”

“Give him another blonde this one has aged since last year.”

“But he was all round her?”

“That was last night since then he and she had the rows.”


“She did not wear the right bra.”

“We seen her bra what was wrong with it?”

“Did not show her right cleavages.”

“So he did not look right with it?”

“Yes it shamed him.”

“Disgraced him.”

“Unmanned him.”

“His hair is standing on end she has since slammed that door in his face.”

“His eyes have watered it does not look well he is now smarter than a crocodile.”

Well honeys go to hell and take to the bed because you are all bores down the moors and down the Triumphs which is the good American President who will give you the good times you all deserve, We must all be like him. Yes we are like him. He is our president. We love him he is dealing with our needs to look like him.

He will take care of our needs he has opened a golf course and it takes such a money to get in. We all want to go in there it is where the social beings get to and we are all into social climbing, As he is now our president and he has the first place he is what we are and we must go to the golf course to take an interest into what everyone is doing.

He went and did Scotland too and to hell with men like you all of you. Cowboys and too much into that thing between the dickheads and all that. I wash my hands off the Americans who do the hot ashes all the time and takes away the romance of life.

So to bed boys where you will be in the good toys tossed between the penis and the penis and good Triumph can make you all the lookalikes. Time to go to bed dear boys with the penis. Off to the hot spot to make the good Marilyn world, See you in Playboys dear boys to thank you all for the bras size under fifty.

Does he wear make up because in America a male make up thing has appeared it is because of his gorgeous lips that I seek advice on what colour shade he must wear?

How did you catch your husband honey? I went and had the boob job. The way he wanted it. I asked him what size he wanted and got that size. How sharp is that? Lady you are in the playboy again.

What again? Yes again? Triumph honey I am in the playboy again. Just so leave it out. Of course. He did not mean to go bare. I kept on my panties I said to the lawyer.

We are playing for the keepers and we have the humped wheel there when we can dial a fortune and get a million shoes. It keeps on getting better how many friends need shoes?

No we are not into bingo too little and many times to stay in one place. We come out in one piece anyway the Germans have got the wall down and now we can have it planned in America. He said he has the rights of it as he has made billions.

He has money sense and is sensitive as well. Well he has that little table still waiting for me. He said my boyfriend had wanted to pay me for me 2 million he was paying twice that. He paying twice how much would that be? Totally did not get it? I mean they calculated it might mean 5 million? As much as that? Yes a table reserved just for you? Me just for me?

Why what is the reason? Mr is he not married? He does extra activities in his spare time when he in between? Golfing tournaments, he is very keen at that sport he meets all his wives there. I am not into golfing?

Well he has other plans panned for you. Other plans what is that? He is not saying.

He is renowned for his courtesy and politeness. I do swear so I’m I too.

When a lesbian lady can have a hunk and keep on not doing any dinner.

She says singing and dancing he says my child’s name so good. It is a mother’s heart to pick them he does it best when he says the child’s name. I like it my cousins come over to help me out.

Now honey no use for sentiment.

“It is good feeling sentimental.”

“Women are never sentimental they are filled with money problems that is why they work all the time now.”

“Their pockets are not deep filled?”

“None in their means they are in their towers hoping the gasman will never arrive.”

“No use thinking such good thoughts.”

“Where sex is involved it is just beastly.”

“Sentiment is a good deed?”

“When one cares for the man who is earning more than one is.”

“Now use being in such a raw emotional state.”

“Yes we are raw we do it raw all the time.”

“It is all about money is it not?”

“Men are more with means than woman so the woman chase them.”

“With their beauty and good looks and then they mate and then it is money please.

“Last love or the first?”

“Money please.”

“That is what prenuptial is.”

“What does it involve the prenuptial marriage and then the good wife and then the more of the same.”

“Forsaking others.”

“The husband must stay indoors while the wife does the same and then they can say nag and na.”

“Loving arms can help?”

“My best friend does that.”

“She understands me all the time.”

“Steady as rock.”

“We love all the time.”

“We love to love.”

“All the time.”

“Major is going dry?”

“Martini is.”

“Another car has got the bangers and mash.”

“No drive time?”

“He has it raw deal.”

“How fates have dealt him such a raw deal.”

“How could he not be like Triumph?”

“Does he have any parts missing?”

He did it best with fourteen girls now I have to sleep but then I need a lot of sleep my son is just one. My cousin and him slept together but she is family and it did not mean anything but him having fourteen sleepers is the dire necessity. We mean to have Triumph as he is the best example of what will happen to me mankind afterwards.

“Why we will become all presidents?”

So having the good woman at home writing poetry Ted Hughes went to do the other wife. He very fondly expected that this woman who went to Cambridge would fare better than any other as she so brilliant and he did not like to be with her.

He did provide for her in the posh house with two rooms and the kitchenette what else does a poet need until the day comes when the gas chamber set in. When she got too good to be true. When she began to remember her childhood because when in the hospital she had had electric shocks. Electric shocks mean memory loss. We do not share this information out. Of course doctor in the house?

Which meant her memory does not happen to be there. This young woman so barren and bizarre without a clue to what she had been before the lovable child which has a doctor for a dad.

So did not remember what her reality was.

When she found this other real her ? This woman with two children in this dingy situation without a man. A woman which had no man no mark her mark had gone her band of gold had been removed she now in this outlandish hell with what?

Without a man. A real man her man out with this other wife whom had him now. ?

He and she now into house- keeping.

He wanted a woman who did not keep house but spent the money like he did. Sylvia had this appointments. She had many visitors. She had this appointments and that appointments all ladies who desired to learn all about poetry and woman poets in particular.

Unlike Sappho Sylvia was not into all of it. She must have been in some of it but not all of it. You see when reality sets in? The climb down the real person who you are? The thinking was she had the brainwashed feel. She went to college which had girls who would marry man who had to hide their gay pride.

Instead she married the most glamorous of poets. They went to poetry do’s had the right social postures and did behave as if lovers. All the world their stage. They went into stages. The married life does stagnate. I am afraid having the things like money problems and dirty socks. A wife who is also into reading literature. She had been re reading the fables to take in the imagery. She read things like Greek languages or something.

She must have read dead Latin and did answer the question that is why Latin is dead but the branches took over. Her reading made the things. She had at degree level? Bringing it together language is the key to all this?

Yes she said it is the real languages which is what it was her mathematical degree was not the reality of her beings. She had not much in storages. She had lost her wits because she did not study the right degree. If she had she would have got through.

She said she wanted the images right to make the poems stand in the light and have the various shades of meanings which was her real stylistic work.

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