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Chapter 13

It is like the advert skittles when the chap says to this girl that the skittles are not catching when it is all over her face. That it is caught in this lie is not obvious to the girl but we all know she has caught the skittles and it is overdone. Not at all he is without shame says with aplomb no you do not have the skittles on you and shrugs.

So now we have the battles which states we are all to be servants or slaves or masters of the universe because we are all working away to sell something like us. In fact that they Syrians have a head start that the Africans had theirs done.

That the Indians too got in and now we are doing the Arabs as the newest craze on slavery. We will make the rest of the populations slaves that is it.

We had the Greeks do it with their Oedipus and the Ajax.

“But we are now not dumber we are smarter than ever before because of mathematics our children enjoy mathematics now before they disliked the subject.”

“That is exactly what Turkish mothers say about their children.”


“That the subject most important is mathematics and therefore the child is taken care of.”

“No other core subjects is there?”

“Nothing doing.”

“I beg to differ.”

“We do not differentiate that is now because we have become less smart.”

“We use the smart meters.”

“Yes we do.”

“We know exactitude and longitudes?”

“Of course we do we can read compasses we can measure longitudes and latitudes as well.”

“That is being clever!”

“That is being hexagon.”

The war that went on for ten years and cost them dearly because they had the wars they went to war and they forgot their families they forgot themselves they forgot their very existence with wanton sirens out of the skies that they all had happy times away from their wife or children was no concern. They went to war mated with them who were demoniac and had the way of the flesh to their concerns.

“I mean to keep you innocent?”

“Okay it will be well spent how much dowry money?”

“I will explain such matters to your father.”

She behind the curtain raising her arms this and that. The good father asking price is higher or lower? She behind the curtains asking price is higher his beard is older than her dad’s but she is now not into social graces higher or lower. Well if he is away for how long? It will mean lower.

In the Greek wars this meant they had the crises because family life had been belted they did not care to be in doors anymore so all the men spent their time discussing the democratic situations which meant they got democracy done. Yes after Pericles then they ceased to behave with any intentions towards democracy.

He was a man who behaved ill with their way of thinking. After twenty years of behaving with democratic fervour. They all went and did not share out, that in fact democratic thinking no longer popular.

Most of the ill ignorant did not even realise this how anything could but bad. That the aristocratic said we must be in another school so we must send everyone to this land to learn Stoicism. This meant to them well what it must be fun. They sent their best sons and daughters to learn this new trade and when they went to find out how they did? Well did not like to say.

The university did not tell us it was part of the course work. What is? They are now fighting in the nudes. Naked yes it is behaving in the stoic manner. So it makes them stand wind and rain snowstorms and all that weather reporting?

Then they can discourse on what they had for the winter sporting festivities. This increases their stoicisms to the highest levels of elevated feelings which bring out their freedoms.

Pericles had been a bit stern with the clothing industry? Yes he said we should wear togs at all times underneath our other garments. Most unusual? Yes he said it meant us less beastly.

Not disappointed with democratic thinking. No what they said was now they had to become Spartan or something? Stoic added to this. The literary department had to make money so they spent their time rethinking what got their fathers famous. They had a lot of the authors who got done better. They are now in our languages too? Yes Freud got there first.

So they did a continuous print run. Or rewrites of the great masters then they got the money and did it better being stoic.

When they got home the wife had something else as well. Why not be faithful to the old chap? I mean because I had seven children from various women does not make it that you should go off me.

“I am still your husband.”

In fact they all lied which increased their appetites. I mean having the concealed society within the things. They got expert advice on being advocates of the poor? Whoever pays they got the advocacy.

It is the first law the canon of the law society that money is the real democratic thinking.

Now we do it better. They thought too that it was the whole world but we know it is through science that it is not because we also know geography. But of course someone a man said when one hurts it is the whole world.

Because it involves you as the whole of you. Of course when one is a pain and in a painful agony it is embarrassing and all that. How could the woman do such deeds because of what he had done to her. So it snowballs?

I am still on to that man with the seven illegitimate children by various women. He must be edgy or something? No he is into the relaxed postures.

And geology which says if we do the oceans in and then shipwrecks? The half? The population? What popular not ones with the vote? No one is voting any elections at present. We now the right governing bodies all out. Everyone satisfied with the Syrian government? Yes he got in by popular voting. Okay so why has it created a crisis? It meant nothing to anyone at the time? Well is it because he is doing the popular demand? I think not? Well why if nobody is buying the herds coming in that? The poor and young being herded like cattle’s? Of course they are we want to go this way add this barrier they do. No one minds at all? No they go wherever we lead them.

Then we can sort out our sexual appetites and throw it to the sea, In fact it is obvious semen or whatever is dead in the oceans. In fact if the whales are not happier than ever we would not be feeding the fishes instead of being fed by them.

I mean the Arabs did it much worse they forgot the arguments and did exactly as they did before but called it protecting the innocence of the young girls. That way they had as many as they liked but had to go to war to make the troubles great.

The more they killed the greater their appetites would be and they could protect more innocence. Their household then made of stone and would be richer with food and so everyone had plenty.

As this huge household could also share the jobs. They did everything in complete and then they had to pray and do the observance which took them the whole day.

This spent their energies to do evil. Then they raced with their swords to do better deeds so they could do great things. 500 years of warfare meant they had to do a great deal of observance and thinking and contemplation to gather such energies and make away with the world.

Crusaders of the new magnificence the holy wars that took away the classroom and made their heads of states startled. We dislike the wife indoors what to do about it? Go on crusades.

Then when they got home they married to keep other girls innocent as well.

It is like the advert skittles when the chap says to this girl that the skittles are not catching when it is all over her face. That it is caught in this lie is not obvious to the girl but we all know she has caught the skittles and it is overdone. Not at all is he without shame says with aplomb no you do not have the skittles on you and shrugs.

“The comic said come let me have it and the little girl does she lets him have it.”

“The common facts are these when a woman is that unkind when she let them all have it in their kindliness and good wealth but lack of sense. She saw the opening let them all have it the way it is was she did not want to marry and was forced so she let them all have what she dished out was murder that is what she had learnt and that is what she gave them,.

The skittles of murder this massive good sense and tastefully clothed body was housing that unkindness. She meant well she said because he was unhappily married to nana and she let them all have her death. Then the kid with the hand he always was taking bread and ruining it for others so she did not put yeast into the bread and he sewn off his finger and thumb. She then had this deplorable things happen which she said was tastefully furnished rooms which she did not like.

She let them have it there too the clothes all out and the people inside. When to dress. No bath or shower she is young still. But she continued in letting them all have it and there is nothing else to do but to let the world have her brainy manners of looking at life. Someone else lost her wits in this unkind let them have it.”

So now we have the battles which states we are all to be servants or slaves or masters of the universe because we are all working away to sell something like us.

We found that our common interests is to make the well behaviours outside of our house and mend the children’s minds to give them a better deal to make them smarter by far. To make the childish laughs to bring happy thoughts to make them less beastly to breast feed them us our information and give them the right formations to make them laugh.

To make them sane and bring them hope and happiness to bring them in line with the current thinking. That we are the best place to be in. That we have now the cures to all to end all cures that nothing is a problem.

That we have resolved destitutions and all that is immaterial in the truth of being the career minded and we do nothing but think straight to the wage pocket. Pocking our money ourselves. We take the bridal underwear to see how it will fit our girl friends. If we do have a baby she is the first one we share the information with as she is going to baby sit.

If there is a problem we want to see how it is the problem. We do not share the informal matters such as a female round? This is meaningless as females are not wanton nor naughty. Nor bad.

That the females might have something to hide? Is nothing. They have nothing to hide at all. That a baby was in the motor cycle helmet, was she with Kermit the frog? How old does a baby have to be to fit into a helmet?

The helmet was crashed? What the helmet was crashed to such an extent?. Dad could not wear it anymore. Luckily he got the helmet cheap. They stole my foster father’s bike. They stole it went on this joyous ride. You see adopted mum. My real mum’s sister or best romance take it as you will? They did. Want him to share this information with anyone least of all with the police. But he was not listed as listening. He had his bike stolen and there is not much evidence? He said look paid for the damn thing only other week. Did not even get to ride the bike properly.

My adopted foster father said me fate waste than dead. He sorrowful all and forever having got the damaged bike reported and me found in the crash helmet. He did not mean to do anything of use. You see if he did not report the bike as stolen they would not be looking for the damn thing.

I did say he means sod and he was a sorry thing to make it through with. He had no joys in his life. Child dropping was not his thing. So mum went off with her second husband to make it through the wifely thing would never be accepted when the baby was not the husband’s.

He did not even make scenic scenes. He absolutely dismayed.

It destroyed his day it did. I mean wedding bells and me not theirs. The album made the mistake the thinking was me out of the picture made perfect sense. it is like sense and sensibility. What to do with reasonable cause and excuse me?

The judgement came at a price the gainfully employed said me not allowance made and me mummy better writer than I ever will be.

It came with the bike. The motorcycle bike of course and me mum sat behind there with a baby in arms.

Unhappily the baby was her child from a married man. She did not like to think what her reputation would mean. I mean she a virtuous woman. Now lost her virtue and to think the man her lover called her names.

When she had been waiting for him constantly making him a pass word. He married but she a virgin and she had to be with him. When he said flatly no.?

After sexual interferences? Yes she gave herself to his keeping. He said well it is mine you said it was? The virgin gone out. She did not know. He did not like her like that? He said he did not like to be followed until he dropped.

I do not know how they all fit in there. In the bike you know. I mean how can I fit in the helmet? I had been riding high? Must have been because when they made the drop the helmet was crashed. I do not know why a helmet can crash out like that?

And had her ear drums explode does not mean anything how did she get there in the first place? A motor cycle accident with a baby in the crash helmet? Why?

Let them have it to have it to help me live this life said grandma that she from my love and bosom can turn out so unkind that she can turn out like this. She cried all the time she set eyes on ma. She could not help herself.

“I want a kid my own kid ma.”

“So grandma let down by her let her down. Set the doctor the family she set on the march of doctor to and set her eggs on the blink. There that is your rewards. I have let her have it. No more children for you.”

“I will let yours have it ma.”

“I will keep her in this kid shape and make her work for nothing ma.”

“I will set my fangs onto her spreading rumours and ill will.”

“What for ma?”

“For what just happened she took my eggs from me.”

“Now go away lass just go away.”

“Why what has happened?”

“I let her have what she deserved.”

“The angry movements told me nothing.” I am in my teenage years and they seem softly spoken.

The hiss and the hissing startle me. The cauldron of their designs has come to pot. Pot goes the weasel.

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