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Chapter 14



“Rise your hand when speaking in class.”

The Greeks thought something we have too.

“I mean to keep you innocent?”

“Okay it will be well spent how much dowry money?”

“Spartan like conditions and all that because the ladies are not at home.”

“They are receiving while the daddy does the children”?

“No it was never my dad it was my other dad.”

“I will explain such matters to your father.”

She behind the curtain raising her arms this and that. The good father asking price is higher or lower? She behind the curtains asking price is higher his beard is older than her dad’s but she is now not into social graces higher or lower. Well if he is away for how long? It will mean lower.

In the Greek wars this meant they had the crises because family life had been belted they did not care to be in doors anymore so all the men spent their time discussing the democratic situations which meant they got democracy done. Yes after Pericles then they ceased to behave with any intentions towards democracy.

He was a man who behaved ill with their way of thinking. After twenty years of behaving with democratic fervour. They all went and did not share out, that in fact democratic thinking no longer popular.

Being a Turk I have been taught to dislike the Greeks but having met a lot of them have confirmed my suspicious that they love culture and dislike me too.

Sometimes they pretend to be Turkish in order that they might enjoy a friendly cessation of them fires so we can enjoy the delights of conversation but they dislike the meaningless words I do and say it brings in no money and we split. The thing is thinking has died in Greece because of that money became the major commodity and nothing else makes sense to them. Like we modelled ourselves on the Greeks have we not?

“My cousins love the Greeks they go and have a good time there.”

“The Greeks always say this is not Pork and it is I love their pork.”

Most of the ill ignorant did not even realise this how anything could but bad. That the aristocratic said we must be in another school so we must send everyone to this land to learn Stoicism. This meant to them well what it must be fun. They sent their best sons and daughters to learn this new trade and when they went to find out how they did? Well did not like to say.

The university did not tell us it was part of the course work. What is? They are now fighting in the nudes. Naked yes it is behaving in the stoic manner. So it makes them stand wind and rain snowstorms and all that weather reporting?

Then they can discourse on what they had for the winter sporting festivities. This increases their stoicisms to the highest levels of elevated feelings which brings out their freedoms.

Pericles had been a bit stern with the clothing industry? Yes he said we should wear togs at all times underneath our other garments. Most unusual? Yes he said it meant we less beastly.

Not disappointed with democratic thinking. No what they said was now they had to become Spartan or something? Stoic added to this. The literary department had to make money so they spent their time rethinking what got their fathers famous. They had a lot of the authors who got done better. They are now in our languages too? Yes Freud got there first.

So they did a continuous print run. Or rewrites of the great masters then they got the money and did it better being stoic. Because the human mind does not learn when naked it does something like the animal minds do when one watches nature programmes. Same as they all do at Hollywood when they too naked. The human mind is the same beastly mind as and where they are placed naked of course it sounds sweet and good and useful but is it? The teenagers all naked together and what did happen was they rewrote what their fathers had and got it into the same speed their own creativity was never explored.

When they got home the wife had something else as well. Why not be faithful to the old chap? I mean because I had seven children from various women does not make it that you should go off me.

“I am still your husband.”

In fact they all lied which increased their appetites. I mean having the concealed society within the things. They got expert advice on being advocates of the poor? Whoever pays they got the advocacy.

He lied to me he always has to. He is married to her.

It is the first law the canon of the law society that money is the real democratic thinking.

“Being poor is making me angry.”

“Perks of being well.”

“A wall?”

“No not a wall.”


“You might be peed on.”

“Spied on.”

“Peed on.”



“Go and sleep now.“!

“I am misusing the English language.”

“By God you are butchering it.”

“I meant no harm to anybody.”

“Well the Queens English has become debauched.”

“Sully it less.”

“Of course we mean no harm to anybody.”

Now we do it better. They thought too that it was the whole world but we know it is through science that it is not because we also know geography. But of course someone a man said when one hurts it is the whole world.

“Difficulties in bearing difficult decisions?”

“We all have difficulties.”

“Yes it is very difficult to be in that difficult situations.”

“Yes we are bearing it well?”

“It is being in the difficult situations which makes us different.”

“Yes just like them Wife at the Indian ocean rich heiresses.”

“They got the prisoners do the work then they burnt the heirs.”

“Yes their dishonesty was a shame.”

“Yes they burnt the whole of the islands.”

“They disliked to be working while the heiress who were half bloods made them blood lusts.”

“Men in their under garments while the beautiful girls?”

“No use looking further.”

“He can kip for the night?”

“When difficulties costly?”

“They burnt the whole damn island.”


“They did not think it fair when the beautiful half naked and they did the work and then not even a cuddle after the sex.”

“Yes high and hoity.”

“They said plain as plain they needed them at certain times.”

“Not when they at home when they out.”

“Prisoners not with reason.”

“No they made off without reason.”

“The men misunderstood?”

“Not right is it.”

“I mean Jean Rhys knew what was what being a writer.”

“She had not been with a cook?”

“Like her own mother.”

“Took the rapes herself.”

“Told her to take whatever and leave.”

“Sent her to school then Paris and almost made her the gravest of authors.”

“Had to powder herself whiter than white in order to earn.”

“Yes her colouring would never do.”

“No her being blacker than black in colour meant disgrace.”

“Her authorship would have been doubted.”

“Authors do not write when in that way.”

“In what way?”

“No way.”

“She did not write better for it?”

“Well how she go to scholarships?”

“And high jumps.”

“What is it for secretive that is what is it for.”

“They must have found out?”

“What her secret?”


“No she covered it with face powder white as white. Sometimes more white than at other times?”

“Sun tan?”

“They did not have divorcees in those days.”

“So they killed their spouses.”

No they did not over hear about divorce in them days it was widows.

So it snowballs?

I am still on to that man with the seven illegitimate children by various women. He must be edgy or something? No he is into the relaxed postures.

“Meant no legal standing. No school.”

“No start in life. In fact nothing much.”

“Nothing at all.”

“Nothing to be nowhere to go to.”

“Nothing comes from nothing.”

And geology which says if we do the oceans in and then shipwrecks? The half? The population? What popular not ones with the vote? No one is voting no elections at present. We now the right governing bodies all out.

Everyone satisfied with the Syrian government? Yes he got in by popular voting. Okay so why has it created a crisis? It meant nothing to anyone at the time? Well is it because he is doing the popular demand? I think not? Well why if nobody is buying the herds coming in then? The poor and young being herded like cattle’s ? Of course they are we want to go this way add this barrier they do. No one minds at all? No they go wherever we lead them.

“Beg the question does that mean the beginning of being poor?”

“It means being a beast.”

“Get reading all the time and then leave it alone.”

“No scholarships no easy jets and nothing like the good concourse it is rough all the way.”

Then we can sort out our sexual appetites and throw it to the sea,. In fact it is obvious semen or whatever is dead in the oceans. In fact if the whales are not happier than ever we would not be feeding the fishes instead of being fed by them.

I mean the Arabs did it much worse they forgot the arguments and did exactly as they did before but called it protecting the innocence of the young girls. That way they had as many as they liked but had to go to war to make the troubles great.

The more they killed the greater their appetites would be and they could protect more innocence. Their household then made of stone and would be richer with food and so everyone had plenty.

As this huge household could also share the jobs.

They did everything in complete and then they had to pray and do the observance which took them the whole day. No it meant they so refreshed by the sermons they went to hell and back again. They built cities in one go. Enthused by new thinking yes it sent them energetic thoughts. Uplifted and well it was very well. They had to share what they felt.

Which spent their energies to do evil. Then they raced with their swords to do better deeds so they could do great things. 500 years of warfare. That was between themselves then the crusades to make the thing sink.

This meant they had to do a great deal of observance and thinking and contemplation to gather such energies and make away with the world.

Crusaders of the new magnificence the holy wars that took away the classroom and made their heads of states startled.

Civilisation which was smarter than the rest of Europe put together their only fault was the Persians who got too civilised with the mad people sent them to the theatre and destroyed the whole thing.

I do not know why it happened but the mad people did not create more theatre they created less? It sent everyone mad? Why because the Europeans in the middle ages did not concur they said black death better to keep the numbers.

The Persians were very sensitive and collected all the Greeks.

We dislike the wife indoors what to do about it? Go on a crusades.

Then when they got home they married to keep other girls innocent as well.

I guess they got carried away by being too good.

When in this world one makes enmities one is hopelessly lost. I mean Jean Rhys she had Paris. Her disguises and her life tales of being into prostitution. Of course she had not said it out loudly she lived on the relationships which set one cause after the other. She lived in the reality of being a woman who lives in Paris with no money.

The reality of behaving in such a mean statements made her when she became a giant an embarrassment.

She reached eighty when she won for her work a Noble Peace Prize for Literature and she startled came up on top and said it came too late.

It came too late not true surely I wrote the book some thirty years before spent twenty years refining it then said things about it then lived off it. The works of masters are unique and this distressing mistake was to give me this nobility in the end.

Which made the journalist want to find out what she felt. Sheer surrounded by them young men. She said it made her feel stranded when into the grocery shops so sent them over to get the groceries, Small minds you know.

Having got there pay for the groceries as this would give me such a thrill. She spent hours cooking good food and did it best when in company the whole neighbourhood smelt her cooking and made off with the best of the deals they had a great woman writer who sent young men into the groceries who also had possibilities to their own off spring. You see it meant they got into show business and could read up articles and get one the clever beasts in them shops could get the stories out of our great writer. It meant they all into industry?

Well not much articles got written. But some got into good hooking shops in the up markets. You see when in there someone would see this young girl or boy and send for the limousine. That meant now into limousines all day.

Some even said Royal Royce. Someone did not share out that kind of information and took it in badly. Jean Rhys could never understand why feelings came into it. You see she thought it like a work or work in progress which gave her a professional manner.

She did it like clock work did it well and better then went to the next man shop who would foot the bill.

Someone even went to far as to hint she a sex pest. Of course not she never did. She avoided that young journalist for being lack of tact. Not into such a snubbing bitchiness or into loathing about. When a young man is not that unkind as to hint her mind on other things.?

“And I would have liked to give him an interview if he had not said them words.”

“In fact the editors said flatly go after the woman.”

“She loved to be chased.”

“Probably had practical know how to avoid the pimps and pay rent?”

“Whores always have to pack mum said which landlord agreed with in one minute. They lived in a tent like fool proof building works which left the moment they fled.”

Constant reminders of how well everyone is behaving well away at their tones and vocals singing in the rich dingy without a parachute with all the good wives of the good baths having the right songs. We are singing like there is no tomorrow and this is making us happier eggs then any other times. This is the best times to be in. We are so good now we live longer have best hygienist and have the right treatable diseases.

This makes us go on the pill and have it off if not into good memories we might not even have the slips. That the sixties brought us the best pill ever is great. We now no longer involved within the house the house we can change and mart when we come back from earning. Why we can earn with a decent song millions who needs to do any catering? When we are catered for?.

It is a simple tune look anyone can say the words. But it is how you say it that is great it is not what we meant? Well how does it sound again. Let me sing it better with the older woman.

You say the nicer them words now honey. Yes I say them better when I am now more educated in musical scores. How many scores did it take to do the right notes? Well honey I had to work night and day for the damn right sounds, You know how the music industry is. It has to have the perfect pitch and the sound must sound like artless and be arty at the same time. You were in the nude? We thought endlessly what to wear when we figured that so in love meant nude. Yes then we had the total thing in one shot. Why? The thinking was to say a statement which meant something. That they so in love and into each other that she sings her song in the nude and then the gang rapes her. Well she is carried away in her nudities and then has the best time outside the stage door. Them had to fight to have which part of me first. I mean the arms and legs then one got in the right place. He was the one who was directing the thing. He paid. So it meant business. ?

“She enjoys her work?”

“Yes it takes her right to the highest places.”

“So proud of her work to the singing industry.”

“Yes without women like her we would not be done.”

“Yes she is so good at behaving like one too.”

“Yes sure the thing is she is so generous with her time and energies. She gives to her friends and they give it back.”

“So popular ?”

“Yes she is the most popular thing in the whole business.”

“Her husbands’?”

“They want to monopolise her.”

“Yes hardly went out with the last one.”

“For six months had to be tied indoors.”

" Yes sheer out of work actress and singer losing precious industry time. ”

“Yes her husband dogmatic to a fault constantly jealous.”

“Very much not involved said he might as well have it along with the shit she had as friends.”

“He said what?”

“Gutted with it she was to be compared to shit when she made more money.”

“No one heard about the other woman?”

“No sheer hell it is to be compared to shit when one is famous for other things.”

“Rough it was the divorce was settled when they miscarried their baby?”

“Yes she said not well after that?”

“Her words not nice with the man?”

“No she hardly said a word about that dogma which says one is this legend and then to come out as the wanton in a play on words. The worst is she loved him thought he loved her.”

“What happiness to know he had never?”

“No he said mistakes happiness and all she had was not for his keeping.”

“Then he landed with someone just the same on the game.”

“So what had happened ?”

“He must have fallen for this other woman.”

“He had never lied to her?”

“Yes he had.”

“The fault is in our stars he had made a mistake then remarried someone worse?”

She loved that man then it turns to hate like all lovers he spent his love on the lovers he showered with the things she wanted. She lost him because of her musical ability and he then lost her he lost her. Did not miss her? He did not even mention how. He sad but went on doggedly went on dogged even duff his hat towards her?

Yes duff grey coats and all that. It did not hang onto to him. They lost out in sheer spites. Spiteful to such a degree it cost her cast her outside. She a singer a singer a star but to him not true? No he treated her as this wanton. Made eyes to all the whores. In case he did not take it full on. He cost her. He cost her.

“Yes her agent sort of engineered a marriage which catered for that sort of husbands the ones who have no idea.”

“So that she did not feel unwell and was showed to be not nasty.”

“It is known as public relationships.”

“To make such comparisons. Well it must have looked better to be so stitched up?”

“Yes it did her a power of good went on sole exhibitions.”

“I do not know what happened to him?”

“Probably not as talented?”

“No he was hardly. I do not know what she saw in him?”

“Nor did her agent?”

“Worried agents are the worse things.”

“She went out for a time.”

“Then came back newer and better than ever.”

“Did he come back for you?”


“She had new routines and made for her family who always reinforced her.”

“Yes having the best family acts she then took a cost effective cure. They loved her. The family? Her family said something faulty with them beasts. Her family so they mended her?”

They feared for her best interests. They wanted to make the highest things greater than got bad advisors they said to make it solid and soluble. They had to give the best aspirin for the headaches.

“The heartlessness of the throbbing hearts.”

That such hells do exist in the co world of the code whores. That he has the habits of a lifetime and spent it on ? What did it make the world as we now know it?

We are morality itself. Of course highly sexy appetites and to order the right world? We have the right exchanges. Credit cards and all not stolen goods? In sheer bad manners ? We did not mean bad manners.

Polite to the hilt. We give to the hilt. We are the givers. We give to this world. We do not have bad manners. We are what we are all well behaved. The Jaguars out the lioness to the beats. Beating hearts calling heartless lands.

We did it wiser than ever. We the wise men who do not bring them the right wise things. Betrayal of the good? We do not harm anyone. We can’t behave we never can. It does not affect our emotions.

We are never heartless we do it for the art. We make the greatest arts. What else is on offer? Special offer today? Who is on the offer today look at the menu? We mean well the menu is off today?

Everything on the menu is now off. Gone stale.

They had the undesired things which worsen to bad failures they did not take it badly? They got the worse cures for the damnations. That man behaves in such a unequal manner saying one thing and meaning the other. To think of not much but loving words they needed the good ammunitions they went out got just the right weapons of massive destructiveness. A thin woman with the vagina so big with the healthy dress sense and a hugely popular manner.

A child like elfin being who did it best for the male shag. Shagging away and being nice with it.

Our world now is much healthier he now watches while she eats. Elfin to such a degree. Feed her as much as he can she is thinner than ever. What a child he does not know what to do with her weight.

He is now concerned a husband who is in love with his new wife. The prettiest words he says she answers him with loving words smiles at him looks at him enjoys him. He is so fond of this world. She is never lost.

He has the house he designed. A good solid bricked one with the door knobs. A great architect has built our home. Yes his money paid for this house. Yes a gravity set in. The thinking is such a dependable thing.

Yes he is now holding her in his arms as they make happy. Then they can land on the Oscars to complete their show case. Working to the hilt? Over come by emotions yes they are over worked couple. How happy?

Yes happiest when working. Day and night. To make the moves which you all enjoy we even been and watched the film made on the honeymoon. We thought why waste that sort of love? Highly paid it is? We thought why waste anything of him? Gorgeous she can eat him. Luckily so thin. He worries she is too thin.

Yes anyone is welcome. Except the poor, they are not welcome at all as they don’t have the right people after them and their names are unknown. To mark all the service man who lost their lives we need a list of these people to mark the poor now we need a list in the church to commorate the way they die on the streets after relationships have failed after their family have thrown them into the streets and nobody says this is cruel or evil it is he lost his way because his family and he did not get along. This is a new crime of thinking why throw someone into the street so the wife can shag someone else? You see nobody thinks this is strange at all. This is a acceptable way of getting a home a man and a wife or something the harder one falls the more money one had.

He has the hot passions over the moon pub pudding. He has taken to drinking his sorrows. He now in the pub sorting himself out. We did it best this time? Yes just the way they like it.

“Of course they said in such good tonal languages which sent the high rate of heartbeats. The little heart beats which makes the highest best songs. We will give as good as we got.”

“I think then they sent the whole brigand in.”

“Flooded the market with the good things.”

“To mean such a lot to everyone.”

“Yes to bring such great films to give as we have given to the world.”

“Yes our world the right way round.”

“Yes to make our happiness the constant which they can set the thermometers on.”

“It is constantly on high.”

“Yes it is.”

“He at the pub taking it in.”

“To settle with himself how highly it is rated?”

“We are never over rated?”

“No we are what it is to be Hollywood.”

“Them off the menu stale beasts?”

“We do not go in there.”

“Filthy and unhygienic.”

“To think of such poverty of ideology to make us not the sought after.”

“His pub nights now many. Just like the film Touch of Mink.”

“Yes there the men always at the drink bar waiting for the nights to cave in.”

“Yes they totally in there waiting to mate.”

“He is still in the pub. Why is he still in the pub he now married?”

“He is still in the pub.”


“He is still waiting to grab attention from the women.”

“Well he has thousands chasing after him.”

“His fans are everywhere.”

“He is still in the pub.”

“Why has he no one?”

“No one.”

“Leave the poor old ones behind.”

“Yes we are the new age.”

“Thin she is so thin her coffee not drunk yet?”

“We partied too much last night when did we get to bed?”

“Not before four or five.”

“Yes to seek out the right drinking partners is what makes a true marriage.”

“Yes they now the most lovable couple in the world.”

“Cutest things on the cast.”

“Let us destroy the whole scenes.”

“Not with them in there hot and shagging it is married life?”

“Yes he and she adding to the reality of being married in their scenes of passionate embracements.”

“Yes it is highly effective that scene?”

“Well as Doris said it was real.”

“You know when she said about her tears but we did not weep in them scenes.”

“No we were doing something more interesting.”

I could not do the right curtsy you know drop down in the proper manner which set something not right. The curtsy not right? She is not doing the right curtsy, does not kneel the right bendy manner. Her cursty never going to take on.

We shan’t be able to do anything with her. Not right curtsy. She does not curtsy right in the right way? Not in that way. Her curtsy not the thing? We can’t say do it again? You see it never do.

The failure of such a curtsy? What is the matter with her leg? It does not do the right curtsy. To think of it girl go and practise the curtsy so that you can move on and get on. Is there no leg room for the curtsy?

Where is it going to? That leg has got too long for curtsy? What is the sham do what is the matter with the girl not doing the right curtsy. We might as well move on to something less difficult with more diffidence and who wants to make it in the society.

Sociable less so? Untrue to the calling? What is the meaning of this disaster is struck? We do not mean to move on are we? Less said then less said. We must not think ill of it nothing of the sot. Ladies out of sorts. Smelling salts? There the tongue like. We like? But the falings of the destroyed? She has not the right dress ordeals. This makes her.

“Her waste of time.”

she says,” What we wasting her time?”

“We are wasting her time she said so.”

" Look Miss?”

she does not even want to listen.

“Twelve years old. Older she is?”

“Most odd why does not her mum tell her who is her mum? A good question someone dumpy a cook.”

Well so it seems where did she get you from the stalk or the pigeon?

“Look it is Bedlam out there.”

“Where is Bedlam?”

“They pulled it down so you won’t be able to find it.”

It is now Boston Tea party? We now believe in what we say. We do not care for that story? Why no one is sorry? We destroyed the whole world in oder to make the romances right? We can’t all be democratic. We are all anti democratic? Do not behave in such a silly way. What is the matter with the child.?

Does she not realise who we are? King George the 1. He got German measles. No he was a German, the second George he alas? He alas, he got mumps. That is not right. The third is the best he died in the toilet of blue-shit.

How distressing the child has got red blood which is revolutionary. It might be revolutionary behaviour nip it in the bud. To make such mockery of our ancestors. Where is the descendents? We did not set her on us. Sheer bad behaviour what is she doing? She is okay in the library. Quiet is she? Yes she is re reading the Jewish parts.

Has taken it quite to heart. She has also run amok with the quiet good reads has taken care of re reading all the good pamphlets set in the library has taken all the little details of the sheer useless informant and all that? But should that be a barrier of him taking you out and taking you in? I mean we do not learn anything from anyone but still we pursue the art of learning. We go to parties according to Fleming to Espionage and there is nothing but that in his writing and nobody is any the wiser but James Bond he finds all he needs screws the women and there is nothing left for him to do but jet back to Penny weather.

Lovely she makes bad time then? Yes as confused as we did.

No wonder we missed the second Russian invasion.

“What has there been one?”

“Yes there has been you all asleep?”

“Yes the good Freud I blame it on him.”

Does not take care of the poetics? Does not reason and rhythm does not think that rhyme is poetry. Has nothing but useless logic and knowledge. Uselessness to the teeth does not connect all them together adds to not much.

“How to sell ads.”

“The commercial implication of pregnant women smoking increases weight loss.”

Little girls are just as mean as little boys.

Why is it so? Because Miss said little girls are sugar and spice and all things nice and they turn out when they are groomed into thinking such good opinions about themselves that they are never nice but the nastiest bitches on this land.

Anorexic and ill minded and they do it in gangs this table turning and chasing one to a early grave they ignore and make someone madder than ever and they do not like someone who does not fit into their opinion of what society should be and if one does not fit in then they chase that person away from the group as they think fit and they dislike one and destroy the very foundation of that someone’s life and if that someone has the husband of that person then that someone has to be within the group for the group to accept the new arrangement if not they have the high hysteria and think it matters to get rid of the odd one out and so they chase and chase round that person until that person is not fit for purpose and they are doing this because they are justifiably annoyed.

A good breakfast should help?

“They dislike eating.”

There is not much anyone can do when a relationship has failed and the wife is still chasing the man when she has twins to support adding to the injury the twins are not his.

It all happened when she thought she could marry and go elsewhere and have her cake and eat it equality and all that between the sexes. The thing was she had been fifty and did not think she would become pregnant when she went and roller coaster in the library with someone. I meant no harm she said read too many books that was it.

“So if you smoke while pregnant you lose weight?”

“No your baby does. Same thing.”

What I have been feed useless information? Me a little girl.? I am going to read all the right books so that I can become information most good and true. In that would make me a better person than all of them put in there. Spare parts that they were.

To Miss teach me and take me for education mistakes. I will re read all and think if good or bad knowledge. There it is not right when every writer is not saying what is the truth behind all. So if the teachers are also lying? This means me must read all and see the true meanings of what is actual and real otherwise I might make mistakes. Pointed mistakes the ill informed the things are never right in their thinking?

Take a thinking cap on he is sure to follow or mislead. I am being led down the garden path. I love the garden paths. It is a pathology of lies and misdeeds. It makes teacher suspect right away. Suspect teacher on hand to hand out bad banned advise.

So shitty teacher follows a good teacher the more teachers the worse it gets. Technical failures of ill information. Look teacher go and have a drown. All children are from God. Are they? We all follow on this?

It is a lie? It has to be because she is shaking like a leaf.

“Not like a blanc-mon custard?”

“What is that?”

“A kind of custard?”

“No it is a mountain?”

“A custard mountain?”

“No she might say like moon cheese?”

“What no cheese on the moon?”

“You actually thought?”

“She has gone grey.”

“Well when Armstrong was on the moon he did not look like he on cheese?”

“He never got there?”

“On the moon he was not there?”

“Why that is a lie when me sat watching it for seven hours.”

“No ?”

“It is true and all so if he not walking on the moon and it is cheese what was he walking on?”

“Blue moon cheese?”

“Not drinking?”

“Yes he walking on the waves?”

“Like Dolphins?”

“Look it is no use.”

“What dolphins are useless”?

“I saw dolphins they move so beautiful in a ship when my dad tried to throw me over board but just then I saw the dolphins when a man tried to kiss me. It was ever so romantic.”

The same man came over to meet his maker when the girl next door died. He seems to be constantly in and out with his moustache seeking the right dead girl. He was what? He was on that ship when me sixteen. He also there when me next door neighbour dead and dying of the cancer. He came with papers a file long he did. Yes his filing cabinet must have come with him.

Now in there too when me aged fourteen coming to ask me out for a birthday party. I sadly thought about this and said he did not look like he baked. Cakes he did not look like a baker no he looked like a sex addict. Into porn films and all that.

All this happened in one go? Yes in one go it happened. I am so into multiple experiences right away. So one hand tried to kick me over board. The second man tries to kiss me and the dolphins came to torment me with their beauty.

In the night on this ship ferrying across as if in the waters of the damnations while the two sisters got it on with the mother as she said she now dead.

Well I am not I answer? I was not dead I was dead beat but not dead. So it was not right information was it? How unkind to make me out as if dead. Dead to all feelings that was. I mean how could anyone mistake a girl a teenage girl as dead? I was so angry I went purple.

They all look whiter and startled. The sister come clean and brighten.

“I can’t get a word in.”

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