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Chapter 18

Mr Erturk from the good Turkish publishing house of the Turkish mannerism came and he said.

He said he would publish my book which I had been writing he said he knew a publisher in Istanbul and would send it along to them. He said he needed to go there. He never sent the book to the publisher although with him five years.

“He would make me a star in my own published world.”

He had not sent my manuscript to Istanbul he never even made it right he never took the time to be anything but this old man with the ideals which said he had to have the party. Then do not cross the line with the grown ups who make the letters who make the work who do the brain work. Women like you never make it except in the bed and that is why they like you.

“That was the guru which made the Turks think?”

“That was the true guru who made the Cyprus wine, dine and make the good living.”

“Look everyone here bored out of their minds nothing Turkish going on with them broods of English roses and looking like anaemic and he lent us colours.”

“My family adore him.”

“He made us all red.”

“They have photos with him. My auntie was even in the same show with him showering charities with the droll money,”

“No most definitely that was not him?”

“My charities she would say why him my dear friend with his Nadine.”

“Oh my dear friends oh my dear friends.”

“The show of charity why he is so good to them old women he gives them bread and makes them have seats when they fall they go to bed and die,”

“Why it is the best method of getting rid of grandmothers.”

“Keeps Cyprus tidy.”

“Yes makes less work.”

“Means tested.”

“Better then killing them by injections as they used to do three in bed which is Mrs who? She is about to be operated on it is not her it is the other one this one is her sister’s wife I did not say that”

“Why she is into being killed the wife has put the notes wrong way round look nurse mummy did say they did them things look now it is legalised.”

“Why she is over fifty?”


“No longer able to be with child?”

“She can learn to knit why in England that is what they do when they are over the hill?”

“Where do we find the wool?”

“Sheep. Here they are supposed to have sheep.”

“Look this woman is past it.”

“Well do you want to die dear?”


“There she said did not want to die.”

“My dear woman why interfere.”

“Look it is just so that we have the misfortune to live almost to a certain age if you kill this woman I will tell them wives and they can have it out with you?”

“Why shout?”

“Mum do you know what this woman is?”


“Her other partner is having her killed off .”

“Not true.”

“But what did she say?”

“This woman is having the wrong operations.”

“Which is ?”

“It says her age is past seventy she does not look that.”

“No that is me she is fifty.”

“Why is she seventy and not fifty in her notes.”

“We must have mistaken her age.”

“Well what else have got it wrong?”

“I spoke to her the other day she had said not fifty three she now has aged twenty years.”

“Look where is the patient to be operated on?”

“Oh how handsome the doctor is?”

“What is the matter with the patient?”

“I think she said we made a mistake who to operate on?”

“Where is the notes?”


“Just so it is wrong.”

“We could have amputated her leg and she has goldstones.”

“Most unfortunate mistake.”

“The other day I operated on the wrong leg which was even more unfortunate.”

“Where do we get these morons?”

“Did you save the leg?”

“Yes the doctor worked over time otherwise we would have been sued.”

“There is nothing in the bank or we could never have done it.”

Did he just say that is he a comedienne.

“No it was me.”

“Oh the one from the mad quarters.”

“That explains it.”

“He is related to a high society family all the women after him.”

“Yes quite a catch.”

“Quite the catch.”

“How busy it is here?”

“Yes we are knitting our wedding trousseau just in case.”

“Well whoever knits the fastest must have him?”

“I will go and make a start straight away.”

“Bedpans are not ready.”

“Something more important has come up sister.”


“She has urgent call of nature to see to?”

“Well hurry up with it.”

“Yes sister I will be as quick as anything.”

Five years later she came back. No it must have been longer because I was about forty then. When my uncle had the drip drop by someone crocheting and not attending to his drip.

He could have died of dehydration. He went to Turkey but died anyway. His family spent all that money for nothing? Yes they could have mended their homes and painted it too but they spent it on going to Turkey so he could be looked into. They cured what he had gone there too but he had something else which killed him.

Who we all are? Guess is good as mine we are living in the region of London we are paupers truth be told open to question we are all criminals. I did not go to school it felt right criminal. I could be placed in a home. I do not want to go there. My sisters were going to be in a home too? Yes they would have turned out better I hope. But in them days thought would be fine if they stayed indoors. And went to school. Otherwise said the social services they would be taken to a home where they did things properly.

Proper terrified I had been.

I think the Calais is about the black terrorist who want to terrify us into getting children abused. You see in Africa they get the money for being in such a situation because they are terrorist their jobs are being a terror and they are the mercenaries.

Who do this as the good life. They are into that is how they are paid, they mean business they mean the mercenaries to make and break the borders. The shipments the shipments on them borders is the good. To disrupt trade to make it horror and to gun sling and to batter to make the passports the deeds to lands diseases.

They transit make and they cross and cross coming because they are the mercenaries.

They get paid for doing this.

That is what they do and that is why they are terrorists. These men and women are terrorising the borders because they are into being mean and they disrupt the borders. Mercenaries soldiers or even that it could mean that, mercenaries soldiers making their options and coming and going adding the consequences of being there on the borders without the fear or anything they here and there.

Because then the abuse can happen without the controls. They do the disruptions and make the borders one of hurry and rush with the children going in and out as if they transported.

They did so in Spain as well as Italy they go and do it anywhere there is small troubled not Mafia and they go there and installed the good president. If only the Italian president had been left alone then we would never had the Pop exposing his liking to the common mankind.

You see the one with the delicate tax problem now we have one without any such problems at all he is so white the Pop is constantly applauding. His just work, his justness, his goodness and he had not even been an MP before. But he did win them votes so he now the permanent President which means the Pop with him in his riding car and thanking the Gods for such a goodness as he has had.

“My children this is the age of incest when parents can shag their own children because it is the best meat. Why have architects when your children can make you a house for your own use.”

To make them children the super rich who can go to their parents for sex advice and get it showed them for free. This is how it is done this is how we made you this is how we got it done and under the stairs down the tables the side walk then your daddy got married to me.

Look we made the wedding we might enjoy their honeymoon as well. Look mummy why are you still sleeping in our bedroom? No my dearest your dad is snoring too much to feel young breaths is more the thing.

Money mummy? Tell your daddy I can’t work out the sums.

“How much do you make a year?”

“My expenses are thorough.”

“My I have arranged for you to be kidnapped so that we can enjoy our splendid lives it won’t interfere with your school because I have sorted it out. Your grandma did it the same way with me that is where I learnt to dance and became quite good at it. If it has not hurt me then it won’t hurt you.”

“Did it hurt one of the aunties?”

“She did not have the same sense of humour she got quite homicidal.”

“The other one?”

“She went and wrote about it.”

“Then went and shat on the toilets of the good hosts who had been hot for her. The hostess waiting for it outside and she shat inside. It made the good host mad? Why his wife had to clean it up. He involved with his sons growing pains so the wife had to do something about their ways and means she joined the fun.

The wall papers the things she had all the smell of shit?

How long did you not shit?

“Nine days.”

“No more shitting the toilets blocked.”

“I can’t do it on the floor more coming out.”

“Locked the door.”

“Look come out the shitting must stop.”

“Look I can’t stop now”.

“Look why still outside?”

“My wife is most has cooked the burgers it is getting cold.”

“Oh good I just wait and flush the toilet?”

“No I will do that. We have the food handy.”

“Okay will we stay here tonight?”

“No we are going out.”

“Oh I do not want to interfere is there another party?”

“Yes my son’s friends have their engagements arranged.”

“How nice is your son still gay?”

“No my son is not gay. He will be a man.”


“I will show him.”

“That might make you gay as well?”

“No when fathers do so the sons are not gay.”


“Because they are the fathers and giving love.”

“Oh that is not true it is in the Bible that is more sin still.”

“We do not think about the Bible.”

“Why ?”

“It is Christian not in the Koran.”

“Well that beats the lot of it does it not? Because....”

“Never discuss them things when you just shat the place up.”

“I never discuss things at all. All I do is shit.”

“That is right.”

“Are you going to go to some place to shoot then?”

“Yes we will go and shot the pigeons in the hay market.”

“Where is that?”

“In the hay.”

“Where the stables are which where they mate when with the maids?”

“Sharps are there too?”

“Oh you mean the pitchforks and this and that?”

“No such things?”

“Then how do they pick the hay then?”

“Ask your mother these questions she knows more than most.”

“What she know did uncle send her really to the strip clubs I always thought he had.”

“Not he.”

“Of course he had she was fourteen when he did so she could not have known because she had been in Cyprus and did not have a map. Nor a compass nor the television she did not even know about the BBC. So where did she hear about it?”

“From us.”

“Whores know these things.”

“You remind me of someone?”

“Do I ?”

“Long John Silver.”

“Who was?”

“Someone with one leg.”

“Who had something like gold.”

“Shut her outside.”

“Don’t eat them beans.”

“The eggs can I eat the eggs.”

“Just eat and go away.”

“Yummy the chips the best of things.”

“Oh my God she is actually enjoying the cold food.”

“Look the table is ours and the car outside is also.”


Dad went to see. It is true the registration my car is here you said towed away. The table was second hand?

“Cost a thousand pounds.”

“My television here also,”

“Is it?”

“Oh something else too?”

“What ?”

“My vases.”

“They not expensive surely.”

“Them silver candles as well?”

“Well the stereo too.”

“My did not they do well?”

“Is your cuddly toy here too?”

“No we did not steal that.”

“Look saved the cuddly toy.”

“He would be tucked in?”

“No we thrown him into the bin with the rubbish?”

“You silly woman why did you do such a thing he would be dirty now he won’t sleep a wink at all. Nasty nerds. I f I do not see him I will shout it out to the whole world that you stole my teddy from me.”

“She is mad. Get them out of here she is mad.”

“Heck madness runs in their family we have been saved.”

“We have the room ready.”


“We rented the other room to tenants who are respectable and working now on holiday in Turkey.”

“How long have they been here?”

“Who are you going to marry when you grow up?”

“Six weeks?”

“Already tired out?”

“A student offered.”

“He has to learn?”

“Newly married to each other?”

“No most no.”

“What else did not happen?”

“Happiness did not happen.”

“Who else.”

“No they are respectable and quiet.”

“How silent whispering quiet?”

“Yes they have led a sheltered life.”

“Been imprisoned in some dungeons?”

“No them quietly studying?”

“The markets?”

“Yes they are into stock markets.”

“That means they are into some stock and marketing are they selling stockings?”

“No they are selling themselves?”

“That means they are quiet respectful and never say an unkind move or word.”

“Yes they are tutors at the immigrations and are into taking the good courses in the Turkey so that they can speed along. These English courses take too long and if you pay the Turks they take half the time. Even less.”

“They speeding the system then?”

“Yes we must have more workers so they have to do so that we can increase the immigrations into work forces so they have won the bursaries and have to do the courses in order to get the work which is already theirs. They need a place to stay. Which is here.”

“They never gave me any work experience?”

“They are quiet and discretion is their middle name.”

“Oh the corrupt ones. I knew they had a catch somewhere. You mean the nod nod wink wink and never say die and if you pay someone something they leave the door open while you leave by it.”

“That is it.”

“I knew it was.”

“How much do they pay you.”

“They never paid me not yet employed.”

“Oh then how did they get to Turkey?”

“They flew by the stock exchange.”

“So they knew the travel agent then?”

“No they could not-not been here long enough.”

“As it happens they went there I took them to it?”

“He drove there?”

“No we went by bus.”

“Oh not in daddies car?”

“No we had to take it to the mechanic?”

“Maybe to get new registrations? Did not have it then? Probably did not pay enough so the mechanic did not put it on? Because I saw one nearby. Did it come off then?”

“It came off from another car which has since been towed away.”

“Most unfortunately his cars always being towed away.”

“No it has since been in the garage where I will rebuild it.”


“Because these two people will need it they can drive they have a licence?”

“As well as a marriage licence?”

“Yes. Because they are not useless they mean to make money.”

“I did not know that stocks flew unknown corrupt persons.”

“Yes it is a new line.”

“I thought it had something to do with tights.“!

How tight I am with the truth? Yes it is nasty thinking to hide facts from kids we must all air everything to children in that way the mad house would be full. Paedophile kiddos are the very worse to bear. I can’t bear them anymore selfish and self centred nothing but themselves on record. Like a old record going on about their endless selfish selves. The point of the needle stuck in the centre of their being. Beasts.

So one wife drove the other wife cuckoo this is what it is about is it not? To sum up one wife is rich the other poor and that meant the rich wife had to be married in the church and be with the bridesmaids and all the luxuries and the other being poor had to remain in the downstairs capacity doing the washing and the bringing up of babies. See simple.

Au pare and that is all.

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